Release Party! Prep Work by PD Singer

August 17, 2011

Good morning, everyone! I’m PD Singer, and I’m very glad to be with you here this morning. Today, my first publication with Dreamspinner comes out, so I’m very excited, and have some things planned out for our party.  Snippets and stories, a video, and a contest, so I hope you’ll drop by for the fun.

Prep Work

Celebrity chef Jude Marshall’s ditched his camera crew for the first time in a month—he’s been eating his way through local cuisines on several continents for his television show. No spider-on-a-stick this trip, thank God. Jude’s exhausted; all he wants on his London layover is a pint of beer and some comfort food. Stumbling into a gastro-pub, Jude instead finds haute cuisine; his grumbles bring him face to face with chef—and fan—Tommy Bell.

When Jude steps into the kitchen to autograph Tommy’s copy of his cookbook, he finds himself lending a hand, and discovers it’s possible to tenderize a hardened heart.

It’s here at Dreamspinner!

2 Responses to “Release Party! Prep Work by PD Singer”

  1. Dilo says:

    Just read the excerpt and I’m ready for more.

  2. BSnow says:

    Sorry I missed the party, I’m always playing catch-up with the DSP yahoo group, but congratulations on the release!

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