Back! With an excerpt…

August 15, 2011

I’ve made it back with a brief excerpt from John and Bryan’s story. You can actually read the complete first chapter on the purchase pages through the Dreamspinner site, but this is a bit further in. :)

John slept like a log that night and woke up early Saturday morning feeling better rested and more refreshed than he had all week long. Typical, he thought. The one day of the week I could sleep in, and I’m awake at dawn.

Being up so early gave him a chance to do one of his favorite things: go down to the beach and watch the sunrise. Beth wouldn’t be awake for at least another hour, especially since she was still recovering from whatever little bug she’d had the day before. Meghan would be up around eight to head into the restaurant, earlier than during the off-season.

Moving quietly so as not to wake them, John slipped into swim trunks and a T-shirt and pulled on socks and sneakers. Sliding his keys, wallet, and cell phone into his pockets, he headed toward the water under the lightening skies. The clouds from the day before had disappeared, and it promised to be a gorgeous day. Probably hot too, but they’d be in the air-conditioned comfort of the Marine Science Center part of the time. John planned to invite Bryan and Jeremy for a walk out on the pier and maybe along the beach once the kids got tired of the animals. The center was small, but Beth loved the touch tank, where crabs, small rays, and other marine life were available for kids to pet.

Crossing the last street at the edge of the island, John climbed the wooden steps leading across the dunes and onto the beach below. As the water came into sight, he could see two figures standing ankle-deep in the surf, boards under their arms, talking about something. After a few seconds, they both waded out farther, dropping the boards and climbing onto them, stroking out toward the breakers.

John smiled as he settled on the bottom step to watch. Surfing wasn’t common at Tybee, since the waves weren’t anything to write home about, but John knew Kai liked to go out sometimes. He couldn’t tell who the two men were for sure—at least, from here they both seemed to be men—but one of them was about Kai’s height and seemed to have his broad, muscular build. John had no idea who the other man might be but watched as he turned to catch a low wave, rising to his feet, gliding across the water. It wasn’t a long ride or a fancy one, but it was smooth and steady, and he dropped back down to the board with an easy grace as it moved into shallower water. He slipped off the side and stood up, turning back to yell something to Kai before gathering up his board and walking up the beach.

Between the increasing light and the man’s proximity, John could recognize then that it was Bryan. As he watched, transfixed, Bryan shook his head, throwing off droplets of water in all directions, then wiped his face with one hand. He bent to grab a sports bottle that sat in the sand next to a pair of shoes, and John’s mouth went dry as the move stretched Bryan’s swimsuit tight over his ass. Bryan came back up and tilted his head back to pour water into his mouth, and John couldn’t look away.

“Holy hell, he is hot,” John murmured.

Almost as if he’d heard him, even though John knew he was too far away, Bryan froze in place and then turned, catching sight of John where he sat staring. Bryan grinned and waved his free hand, bending to set his water bottle back down and then walking in John’s direction. John fought for composure, but watching Bryan’s muscles flex as he moved, bare chest still glistening with sea water, wasn’t doing much to help him get himself under control.

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  1. Sharon S. says:

    squeeee! my m/m senses are tingling ;)

  2. Beatrice says:

    Oh yum. Gotta love a wet, almost-naked man.

  3. Nikyta says:

    Oh, this one sounds great!! Will there be other excerpts today?

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