Blind Items Book Party!

July 28, 2011

Hello and welcome to the book party for Blind Items. We’re doing this a day early because I’ll be traveling tomorrow. My younger brother is getting married this Saturday in Long Island, which is pretty exciting.

Speaking of weddings, the vote to legalize same-sex marriage in my home state of New York was the same weekend I was looking at final page proofs for Blind Items. The first same-sex weddings are taking place in the state this week, in fact, since the law took effect this past Sunday. I had to make a couple of last-minute changes to the novel to account for this, given that the book takes place in New York City. That wasn’t exactly a hardship, though.

So let’s talk about the novel a little. The title comes from those little gossip items that give you the scoop without naming names. There’s one little blind item in particular that gets our characters into a world of trouble:

Blind item: which über-conservative politician’s son was seen outside gay club Rooster’s last night, hand-in-hand with a cute taller man?

All three major players in the novel are dealing with fame of some sort. Our narrator Drew (featured on Reece Dante’s gorgeous cover!) is a writer, specifically a columnist for a gossipy alt-weekly, and he’s something of an activist, so he’s occasionally on TV as a liberal pundit. His best friend Rey is an actor whose star is rising; he’s a regular cast member on a popular nighttime soap and he’s just starting to get big movie roles. Rey’s cousin Jonathan is content to fly under the radar, but it’s hard to avoid attention when your father is running for president. The microscope under which all three of them find themselves is where all their trouble begins.

This book was a long time in the making. I started writing it almost four years ago, and it went through several drafts before I was happy with it. I think I’ve got it right now, and I hope you’ll agree. You can read the blurb here. Now that it’s finally here, let’s party!

I’ll have some excerpts up later in the day as well as a little trivia contest and I’ll be around all day to chat and answer questions in the comments. So yay! Party! And happy reading!

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