Campdrafting and tent pegging, what the…?

June 24, 2011

So. There are two main equestrian sports featured in Equilibrium. The first is campdrafting, which is, as Michael’s sister Jen says, “the thing where the horse cuts the cow out of the herd and then chases it around”. Which is a rather apt description as far as a  city person is concerned, but there is a little more to it than that, which the wikipedia link will tell you. And, through the wonder of the internet, I’ll be able to show you with a couple of videos that I’ve dug up. It seems that I can’t get them to embed, sorry! You’ll have to go to YouTube to watch them.

The first is a cute little introduction to a campdrafting DVD, which is very Australian, bless them:

Campdrafting 1

The second shows you just how quickly the horse can move when it’s trying to keep the cow from going back to the herd. This video is notable for the use of the word “strewth” by the person filming, which basically means that the horse and rider are doing really, really well (we don’t all sound like Steve Irwin, I promise):

Campdrafting 2

The third shows you just how quickly the horse can move when it’s herding the cow around the pegs:

Campdrafting 3

The second sport in Equilibrium is tent pegging, which is an old cavalry sport popular with cavalry regiments and mounted police in places like Australia, Pakistan and the UK. It doesn’t have anything to do with tents, or dildos, which is probably a good thing, all things considered. :) The video I’ve found for this one is very long; if you watch it all, you’ll see the full gamut of skill-at-arms equestrian sports, but if you just watch the first couple of minutes you’ll see the type of tent pegging that’s in Equilibrium:

Tent pegging

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