Excerpt #2 From Lorcan’s Desire

May 30, 2011

“GODDAMN sons of bitches! If one more of you nasty beasts breaks through this fence, I swear I will be holding a beef sale like this county has never seen.”
Quinn angrily tossed his tools back in his saddlebag and mounted Jeb. He was getting too old and too damn tired to be having to tend to an entire ranch practically single-handedly. Two months ago, that bastard Henderson had started rumors about Quinn‟s sexuality and offered his hands nearly twice what Quinn could afford to pay them. Since then, he‟d lost everyone who‟d worked for him except Ole John and his partner Conner. They‟d been with the ranch when his daddy had owned it, and since they had never hidden their preferences, he was sure Henderson had used them as his next attempt to shut him down.
The bitch of the thing was that no one had ever suspected him before. He‟d always been very discreet the few times he‟d gone over to Jackson to scratch his itch. Hell, he‟d only gone three times in the five years since his daddy had passed and left him the ranch. The only damn grudge Mr. Henderson could have against him was the fact that he‟d refused to sell him his daddy‟s land. The old fart had spent the last five years trying to run him into the ground and make him go

belly-up. It was now like an ugly obsession for them both, Henderson doing everything in his power to ensure Quinn lost the ranch and Quinn, in turn, doing everything in his power to prove the evil fuck wrong.
He couldn‟t begrudge his hands for going where the money was. Before they left, most of them made sure to let him know that they either didn‟t believe the rumors or didn‟t care, that it was purely for financial reasons. He couldn‟t blame them for wanting the extra cash flow. Still, no matter the reason, he was stuck trying to do the work of ten men and wasn‟t sure how much longer he could keep it up. Sighing, he reined Jeb around back toward the barn. No sense worrying on things he couldn‟t control. He had stalls to muck and critters to feed, and hopefully, when he was done, Conner would have him a nice spread on his dinner table.
When he reached the corral, Quinn swung down from Jeb, grabbed the reins, and led the horse to the barn for a much-needed grooming and some sweet feed. Jeb was a damn fine horse and hadn‟t let him down, no matter how much he‟d been demanding from the stallion lately. He‟d just cleared the side of the barn when the sight before him stopped him dead in his tracks.
Leaning back against the fence by the old water pump was either the most beautiful man he‟d ever seen or one hell of a big woman. The vision before him had fine, delicate features, a thin nose, and high cheekbones. Dark brows and thick lashes lay against golden, sun-kissed skin. Though the eyes were closed, Quinn was sure they‟d be as dark and stunning as the long chestnut hair that hung, braided, down the entire length of back to a firm, denim-clad ass. Quinn‟s dick twitched as a pink tongue darted out to lick full, lush lips. Jesus, he needed to get laid if just the quick flick of a tongue was enough to make his dick stand up and say hello. Maybe a little trip down to Jackson was in his near future.
Quinn took a step forward and cleared his throat before yelling out, “Something I can help you with?”
The man jerked his head up and straightened himself to his full height, nearly stumbling. He was definitely male. The sun glinted off

slight stubble on a narrow chin as he turned his head towards Quinn. If that wasn‟t enough to convince him, then the fact that Quinn instantly knew the man dressed to the right was a dead giveaway.
“Jesus, sir, you just took a year off my life.”
Quinn‟s blood rushed south at the sound of the deep, velvet-smooth voice. Oh, yeah, definitely time to head to Jackson.

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