Who are these masked men?

May 23, 2011

Well, first of all they don’t really wear masks.

Even though they live extraordinary lives and have a very unusual job they’re really average guys. Each one comes into their relationship with his own hopes, wants and dreams like all of us.

A few centuries ago many courtships and marriages were carried on and kept alive through correspondence. People wrote to friends who became lovers then partners. In a way the internet has taken us back to the days of letter writing. Todd and Nick had no contact with one another until the day Nick turned twenty-two, that’s when they officially met.

Before that, however, they saw one another from a distance and were able to exchange letters. So, they come to their pre-arranged lives as master and slave with some knowledge of who each other are. Like anyone else they’ve developed opinions, expectations, hopes and wants. They know enough about each other to know they want to learn more.

They don’t know so much that they aren’t a little unsure of how things will go once they’re together for real.

The master/slave relationship is very complicated. Todd is not simply Nick’s master. He wants a partner, someone who loves him and whom he can love. Nick has a very special talent. He needs a home, someone who he can call family and someone who will help him use his gift, not abuse him. They’re paired up and bonded as master and slave when both are young children. Those who decided on the pairing had very specific reasons for putting these two guys together in life. Neither has a choice in their path through life. They need to work together to make their own way, a life together and find happiness.

Todd loves to cook, which is lucky for him since Nick loves to eat. He’ll freely admit that Nick might be the slave, but he’s most definitely not the only one owned.

Throughout the story Nick struggles against an upbringing which taught him he was a disposable person and would be replaced if he failed.

Contest #2!

Todd gives something to Nick on their first night spent on the road together after leaving Nick’s village. For a free copy of the eBook version of Marked Yours, what is it?

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  1. Jason says:

    Candy? Beer?

  2. Beatrice says:

    Sugarcoated candies! :)

  3. catsalot says:

    pull over sweater

  4. Midia says:

    sugarcoated candies

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