Marked Yours by Elizabeth Noble–Writing and Concept

May 23, 2011

Hello, hello, I’m back. Really I’m still at work, but this site lets you set up posts ahead of time. How cool is that?

I’ll have my netbook with me and weather permitting I’ll sit outside and if the wind is blowing the right way I’ll try and pop in at lunch time. If not I’ll be here live after about 5PM Eastern Time, US.

Where did the story concept come from?

The idea for this book came from a few places, actually. I was reading through a community on Live Journal where people can post requests for finding specific stories or specific kinds of stories for a fandom.

One request was for stories where the two main characters were forced into an arranged marriage. It’s awkward for them at first, but eventually they learn to love one another. Sweet.

A few posts later on the thread someone was looking for stories where the two main characters always knew growing up they were meant to be together. Now that’s just awww…very sweet!

An idea took hold in my head, bit down hard and wouldn’t let go. Thus was born Todd and Nick Ruger and Marked Yours. I honestly can’t remember what made me think to use slavery. I wanted my story set in a different world and have always had a fascination for post-Apocalyptic sagas. So, I decided in order to set up the world I envisioned I needed to go to some future society different from what we have now, using a natural disaster that, if it occurred, would change the world dramatically as a jumping off point.

I love action/adventure and wanted to incorporate the concept of a group people I call Sentries. They guard society from threats natural and supernatural. There is not only a love story, but some ass-kicking, bit of monster hunting too!

How things get written:

A few people have asked me what sort of process I go through to get a book from idea to something that’s actually readable. I like to make my own worlds, world-building is fun. More importantly I’m basically lazy and a world created to fit the story is easier for me. I’d done a lot of reading up on what a post-Apoc society might be like and how it might evolve differently from what we have now. I also researched what would happen during and after this natural disaster and how the face of North America might be altered.

After all that I just babble to myself on paper—erm computer screen. I have notes and scenes and ideas stored on both my computer and in a notebook. Any ideas I get at work are hastily scribbled on scrap paper and kept in my pockets. I must look like some kind of bizarre chipmunk when I get home, emptying out all the notes!

A few good friends of mine are kind enough to often be subjected to my whining and carrying on about how I can’t work through this or that plot point and we brainstorm or they help me work out specific scenes and details. They’re also responsible for encouraging me to submit the manuscript for publication.

What’s on the cover and why?

Other than the two luscious men on the cover there are a few images symbolizing different elements of the book and that are important to the story. The first is a symbol that both Todd and Nick have on their chests. This not only protects them from some supernatural baddies they might encounter, but also acts as a sort of badge announcing to others they are Sentries.

The second image very prominent on the cover is an erupting volcano. There is no volcano blowing off steam in the story, but one that had done so in the past is very important to the world I’ve created.

Paul Richmond is the cover artist, and I can’t say enough good things about him or his art.

This brings me to contest #1!

I make etched glass mugs and to enter for a chance to win one with images from the cover on it comment below and tell me what real geologic feature caused the fictional natural disaster that lead to the development of the world of the Sentries? And where is it located? (Hint, look at the cover art and at my bio for the answers!)

The mugs are individually etched so between the time to make them and ship them give it about 4-6 weeks before it arrives. As long as you live on planet Earth and have a snail mail address I’ll ship it to you. I’m guessing anyone with internet access has a way to get snail mail. Those of you joining in from extraterrestrial colonies, I’m sorry.

I’ll contact the winner for their mailing address sometime Tuesday May 24, 2011. The mug won’t be an exact reproduction of the cover, but images from the cover and of course completely one of a kind.

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  1. Beatrice says:

    Is it the Yellowstone Caldera? In which case it would be in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. :)

  2. catsalot says:

    Volcano in Wyoming

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