Release Party: Offside–Excerpt 1

April 28, 2011

The first of three excerpts today from Offside.

THE team’s house (“Hacienda del Gateway,” Colin called it) had a shared kitchen and game room, but other than that the living areas were divided into apartments modeled on deluxe hotel rooms with a living room separate from the bedroom. “It’s right next to mine,” Colin said as he opened the door to Adam‟s space. “I know it’s not much, but that shouldn’t matter to you since you aren’t staying, should it?”

“Colin,” Adam said. “I told you, I’m in for the season.”

“Good,” Colin said. “I hope we won’t bore you too much before you take off.” There was no mistaking that Colin was still offended.

The last thing Adam needed was the only guy he knew in this city disliking him, especially not when that guy looked like Colin. “I know I’m coming off like a dick, but it‟s been a tough few weeks, so maybe you could just cut me a little slack, all right? I promise, I’m not always like this.” He thought of his father saying, “Your face will stick like that” and wondered if that applied to personality too, if being angry for so long and betrayed and fucked over meant that he was going to be unable to shake it.

Colin turned back and smiled, his cheeks pink. “You just need some settling in time. You’re jet-lagged and you’ve been through some tough stuff lately.” He patted Adam’s arm. Adam clenched his teeth so he wouldn’t grab Colin and start doing the things he imagined. Maybe he was wiped out. That was probably why he was thinking nonsense about his dad’s sayings. Thankfully, Colin stepped back.

“You have no idea,” Adam said, once he got his words back.

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