His Soul To Take – Excerpt

April 20, 2011

His Soul To Take by C.M. Torrens

Yep, I’m back again. This time with more treats to tempt you. Here’s a tasty little excerpt from His Soul To Take, available at Dreamspinner Press.


His mind wandered and his thoughts turned to Robert, the attractive dancer in the mock mobster outfit. The sway of his hips and the ripples of his body drifted through his mind like a warm dream. He could almost smell the scent of spiced musk that lingered on his skin. He couldn’t rid the memory from his mind. He reached into his pocket and took out the white rose Robert had tossed to him. The flower remained fresh and fragrant. Perfect petals in half bloom trapped with him in time.

How long had it been since someone had reminded him he was flesh? Reminded him he could want and feel things?

He suddenly had the urge to go see him again and found himself moving toward Robert’s home a few minutes later. Uncertain if it was the call or his own desires, he let himself find his way back toward the bus stop.

Hope. The luxury of such an emotion warmed the soul he’d thought dead. An invigorating yet unnerving sensation that twisted his gut and flooded him with energy. He found himself walking faster than usual, eager to see if Robert would be there. But what would he say if he was? And if he wasn’t, could he risk taking a peek at him again? The memory of bronze skin and white sheets sent a hungry shudder through him.

He rounded the corner to the bus stop. His heart sank at the sight of the empty bench and he looked down the road toward the apartment complex. He couldn’t very well explain how he knew where Robert lived if he happened to run into him there.

Disappointment bloomed. Another emotion that felt alien to him. The sharp sting of fading hope and the drop in his gut gave him a flutter of excitement. To feel again, even if it was such a grim emotion, was a thrilling concept.

Simon?” a voice called.

Death turned at the sound of Robert’s voice. Simon, the name was still a surprise to hear aloud.

He caught his breath as he took Robert in. Curls of dark hair falling around his face and eyes so alive with joy and life.

An unexpected surge of want seeped into his bones. To see him, touch him, to enjoy every inch of him. A knowing smile rippled across Robert’s lips, and Death pulled his eyes away.

I was hoping you’d show up here,” Robert said.

The plastic bags in his hand rattled, drawing Death’s attention to the groceries in Robert’s hands.

You left before we could talk.”

Death hesitated. “I had to work.”

Deliveries keeping you busy?”

No busier than usual, but I have deadlines,” he said motioning to the bags. “Would you like help?”


Death took half the bags from Robert and they walked toward the apartments down the street. He barely noticed the buzz of traffic over the excited flutter of his heart.

I’m out of a job for a while. Your place wouldn’t happen to be hiring, would it?”

Death winced. “You wouldn’t want my job, Robert. I rarely stay in one place long and it gets… very lonely.”

You just have to be more outgoing. Make some friends.”

Death said nothing and let Robert lead the way down the hall to his apartment.

Want to come in? You aren’t working now, are you?”

I’m always working, but I have a little time.”

Robert’s smile was infectious. So bright and open. Such expressions never fell on him. Such smiles were reserved for others. A deep ache hit Death. He had a job to do soon. For the first time he was considering what would happen if he didn’t. The world certainly couldn’t be any worse off if that smile stayed in it a bit longer.

Are you okay?” Robert asked stopping outside his door. “You have that expression on your face.”

What expression?”

That quiet, sad expression. You smiled, and then it was gone. I like it when you smile.”

I guess I haven’t had much to smile about in a long time.”

I’d like to make you smile more.” Robert laughed suddenly and pushed open the door. “Too corny?”

Death shook his head and stepped into the apartment, closing the door behind them. “No. Sweet.”

Robert stopped and turned to face him. “You think?”

He was so close Death could feel the warmth of his body. Intense, bright eyes stared back at him. Before he could think to stop himself, he closed the space between them. His lips brushed against Robert’s, soft and gentle, and the bags fell from numb hands. Robert’s eager lips opened to him, begging him to taste, and Death pulled him closer, his tongue exploring, devouring. The scent of him. The spicy splash of cologne mingled with a raw manly musk, so enticing. A deep ache of lust grew, spreading, building. Strong hands pulled him closer. He wanted….

Death gasped for breath and pulled away, stepping back from Robert. Clearing his throat, he took another breath to try and ease some of the hunger he hadn’t felt in so long. This was too much. He had to think.

I should go,” Death whispered.

Turning quickly he opened the door and left before he did something he’d regret.

* * *

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