His Soul to Take by C.M. Torrens

April 20, 2011

Will Robert overcome his suspicions about Simon’s true nature? His Soul to Take (m/m) by C.M. Torrens, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Simon has waited centuries for someone like Robert, but their first meeting is intended to be their last: Robert’s time on Earth is up, and it is Simon’s place to take him out of this world and into the next. Instead, Simon makes a split-second decision to save Robert’s life, though he is uncomfortably aware he has only postponed the inevitable.

Robert quickly falls for Simon, but when he notices the way Death seems to follow him around, his curiosity about Simon’s true nature turns to suspicion, all but erasing his memories of the man. Simon must fight to make him remember… and to stop Robert from making a grisly mistake.

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Genre: Fantasy/paranormal
Length: Novella

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