Enlightened Release Party: Brian and Jamie interview J. P. Barnaby

March 14, 2011

[Brian McAllister]: Hello, my name is Brian and I’m here with my boyfriend Jamie <sweet smile at the mention of “boyfriend”>  and the author who so graciously agreed to tell our story.  Say hi, Jamie.

[Jamie Mayfield]: Hello <small wave and indulgent smile at Brian>

[Brian]: J. P., our series of books are your first with a traditional publisher, before that you were self-published. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

[J. P. Barnaby]: Hi Brian. Hi Jamie. You know, recently, we went through Enlightened and edited it for the re-release by Dreamspinner Press.  It was wonderful to meet you guys all over again.

[Brian]: Wait, you edited it? You didn’t cut out anything important did you?!?

[JP]: Nothing was cut from the original version, don’t worry. In fact, like we talked about a few months ago, the book is now 20% longer (about 10,000 words). Three scenes were  added along with bits and pieces through the novel.

[Brian]: That awesome! I’m sorry, I interrupted you.

[JP]: That’s okay, there’s really not much more to me than you can read in my bio. I read a lot, play video games and keep the writing precariously balanced with my career as a software developer.

[Brian]: Have you written a lot of books?

[JP]: In addition to the Little Boy Lost series, I’ve written two novels, a novella, and two short stories that are all published (except the novella which will be out with Dreamspinner in the fall) and maybe a dozen stories that aren’t. These are being loaded onto my website [http://www.jpbarnaby.com] as free fiction as they are edited.

[Jamie]: Where is the best place to find your stories if someone were looking?

[JP]: They could find everything under my author biography at Amazon.com  or on my author profile at Goodreads.com no matter where the story has been published.

[Brian]:  Okay, okay, enough about you… Let’s talk about us. <laugh> Where did the idea for Little Boy Lost come from?

[JP]: It came from you, and from Jamie. At first, you started just giving me bits and pieces, glimpses into your story. Then, we started to sit down and really talk – after that, it just flowed.

[Jamie]: Tell us a little about the first book. That time was so turbulent for us. It was hard, but at the same time…wonderful.

[JP]: For me, Enlightened is a beautiful story – but then I’m biased because I’ve come to care for you guys so much. We’ve spent a lot of time together over the last year.  The story is about love and loss, faith and fear, acceptance and persecution. It’s about two teenage boys who find solace and love in each other amid the hatred and bigotry of their small town.

[Brian]: Did you find our story difficult to write?

[JP]: In some ways, I did, but in other ways it was easy. The love and happiness were easy to write while the pain and sorrow broke my heart for you.

[Jamie]: Enlightened was originally released in March 2010, exactly one year ago. People have been waiting for the second book for a pretty long time. Is there an expected release date for Abandoned?

[JP]: Abandoned will be released by Dreamspinner Press on May 16, 2011. After that, the books are scheduled to be released every 2-3 months. One of the great things about working with Dreamspinner is that they have an established process. Each book goes through the same process on a clearly defined schedule.

[Brian]: Okay, can we get a peek at Enlightened?

[JP]: Sure. This is one of my favorite scenes in the book – your first kiss.

<Jamie reaches over to take Brian’s hand and smiles>

From Little Boy Lost: Enlightened

As I watched, his expression softened, the fear and the shock replaced by a different emotion. He kept his eyes on mine and leaned forward ever so slightly and then hesitated. If I hadn’t been watching him so intently, I wouldn’t have noticed that he had moved at all. When I didn’t punch, scream, or even back away, he leaned in a little closer—an unspoken question in his eyes.

Do you feel it too? 

I felt his warm breath on my face; he was so damn close. My heart rate accelerated wildly, and I could hear the blood pounding in my ears. He whispered, almost too softly for me to hear.

“Please… please don’t hate me.”

Then, in the lightest of touches, soft but unyielding, his lips pressed against mine. My eyes closed, and I felt a rush of emotion, sexual tension, something, building within me. As his mouth molded over the contours of my lips, we reveled in the untamed surge of passion that flowed between us. The kiss was delicate, sweet, and lingered just long enough to make me want more. I had waited my whole life for my first kiss, and while it wasn’t exactly how I’d pictured it in my youth, it was perfect. His lips were warm and smooth as they moved against mine, causing a swelling tension in my stomach. The rain continued to pound the tree house roof as my arms nearly ached to go around him. I was scared to break the spell that had enveloped us. It was everything that a boy’s first kiss should be.

Only it wasn’t with a girl.

[Jamie]: God, I was so scared. I really thought you were going to hit me.

[Brian]: Have I ever hit you? <strokes Jamie’s face gently>

[Jamie]: No, no you haven’t…  Okay, JP – if I promise not to tell anyone, including Brian – will you tell me if you gave us a happy ending? <Brian smacks Jamie’s arm>

[Brian]: There, now I hit you.  She’s not going to tell us that!  Uhmmm… Are you?

[JP]: Nope. We have a pretty long and dangerous road ahead of us, and I want everyone to enjoy the ride.

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  1. Tom says:

    I have read the 3 ‘Little Boy Lost’ books Enlightened, Abandoned and Vanished and am waiting feverishly to continue getting to know more of Brian and Jamie. The sad part for me, is I have NEVER known the kind of love they have for each other. Well, Maybe I did, but was too deathly scared to realize what I POSSIBLY had and was loosing, until it was to late. Now, time has past and sadly know such a love may never pass my doorstep. So, in a way I live this love vicariously thru the love portrayed here between Brian and Jamie. I just hope that they do not break each others heart and in the process, break mine as well. I know this sounds really lame, but as both Brian and Jamie can atest being GAY deep inside, is NOT a Choice. LOVING and falling in love, Lusting, craving and deeply desiring those we are told we can not have is the cause of great distress and heartache for which many of us are befallen which make us UNABLE to this breach this taboo. Maybe more so, for those of use that have been the victims of for many years of child physical and sexual abuse, where with our love languishes stuck in time forever between two worlds. A world were we or at least I can identify with Brian and Jamie the brutality, the pain and the self loathing.

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