Undercover Sins: excerpt

March 7, 2011

“Ty,” Demetrius spoke gently and moved over. “You did splendidly,” he whispered against Ty’s ear. “I was amazed by your action. Do you not have any fear?” Demetrius put his arms around Ty and pulled him close.

Ty felt his body reacting to Demetrius’s: increased heartbeat, shortness of breath and heating skin. There was no reason for these reactions other than the shock his body had just gone through. “He’ll kill me,” Ty whispered without fully realizing.

“He won’t touch you.” Demetrius’s lips brushed Ty’s neck. “He knows you belong to me.”

“I don’t,” Ty stated, and Demetrius chuckled.

“You will if you want to live.”

Ty gasped and pushed Demetrius back. “You planned this.” He studied Demetrius’s calm expression. “You force me into being collared by you just to live.”

“If I wanted to own you, I wouldn’t need to go to such lengths,” Demetrius said evenly. “Hitting Arden was not a reaction I had expected. When I said ”bite”’ I meant with words.”

“Why are you after me?” Ty narrowed his eyes. “Your payment last night, the bonus, the suit, and the payment for tonight is all too extravagant. What are you after?”

Demetrius sighed and shook his head. “You might not understand, Ty, but being a man like me, you get very bored. You can have everything you desire. No one treats you as an equal. Do you know how long it has been since I had someone as brazen as you play a game of chess with me?”

“That game was hardly normal.”

“That’s my point,” Demetrius laughed. “You’re so different. You don’t seem to care about my status or the fact that if you anger me you’ll be gone tomorrow. I am most taken by that attitude.”

Ty shook his head. “You aren’t making a lot of sense.”

“If you please me tonight with the attitude and behavior I think you have, I want you to be as near me as Lee is,” Demetrius explained with a child-like smile.

It all seemed too strange to Ty. Was Demetrius truly this easy to win over? “You’ve never met anyone that treated you unlike a Greek god?”

“Arden hardly counts.” Demetrius seemed to read Ty’s mind. “He is my rival for ownership of the business his father runs. He is afraid of me because I hold no fear toward him.”

“Do you want to make me a pet?” Ty questioned. “You don’t partake in pets.”

“In title and outward appearance, yes; except you’ll have two lives like I do. In private you won’t need to behave like a pet, but in public I only need you to give the appearance of a loyal pet.” Demetrius leaned back and explained with a soft smile. Ty had never hated that smile before this moment, but now he saw how easily it deceived. “I still agree to no games,” Demetrius added.

As he saw it, Ty had two options: becoming a pet or losing Demetrius. He could remain close to Demetrius and gather the evidence he and his department needed to arrest Demetrius only if he agreed to be a pet in public. Of course, Lesley would not agree to it. A pet’s treatment was poorer than that of a whore. Pets were discarded by their owners at the slightest whim. Could Ty wander into Demetrius’s world as a pet and remain sane?

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