Inspiration for Final Encore was easy at first….

November 19, 2010

The idea to write Final Encore came to me while I was watching the Country Music Awards three years ago, almost to the day.  Being an avid country music fan and having been raised around quarter horses, the story line just seemed to take off and the plot developed quickly.  The hard part was letting the characters live their own lives and not the lives I wanted for them.

People, places and things in my life are often weaved in and out of my books.  Being a Louisiana native, New Orleans seemed a natural a place as any to start the novel. It became the hometown of Billy Eagan, one of the main characters.  Of course things quickly moved to Nashville where Billy meets the dashing record producer Ian Dillon and dreams start to come true as the wonderful songs and lyrics of country music found their way on to so many pages.

On the other hand, characters, unlike places, take on a life of their own – often unplanned in the initial outline.  The hardest part is letting them develop and letting go of what you think you know about a person. I am learning to listen to my imagination – because that is where the story lives.  For example, in Final Encore an understanding, supportive woman named Jean is the catalyst for the romance between Ian and Billy.  Her character is based largely on my mother – and while the character’s warmth, compassion and beauty do indeed reflect my Mother, she became all together a different person (although no less admirable) as the story developed.

Anyway, I have a new respect for the truth behind the disclaimer that authors frequently add to their books, ‘the characters in this book are figments of my imagination’

I found letting go of what I know to be only slightly easier in my second novel, Wings of Love, now in the editing stage at Dreamspinner Press and due for publication in February 2011 but, it’s getting easier with my third book –- Treasure of Love – on which I am slaving away between blog posts.

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