G.S. Wiley, joining the fun…

May 8, 2010

Hi! I’m happy to have my story “Bacon Bits” included in the Necking anthology. I don’t usually write threesomes, so this was a fun departure for me.

My story involves a nameless narrator, a bicycle courier in New York City, his Wall Street boyfriend and his longtime best friend, visiting from California…

Before Patrick, I was always a “fuck-em-and-leave-em” kind of guy. I figured I was young, I liked sex, why would I tie myself in knots by bringing “emotions” into it like some sappy old queen? Then Patrick Keenan waltzed into my life—or, rather, I bicycled into his—and suddenly I was thinking about shared apartments and joint bank accounts and a nice, tasteful upstate wedding with rainbow flag centerpieces and matching cufflinks. It was a hell of a shock. There were times when it almost sent me running in the opposite direction, but every time I got close to it, Patrick looked at me with those puppy eyes and I was rooted to the spot.

As soon as he heard Alex was going to be in town, he told me to invite him over.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” Patrick said, coming up behind me as I looked out the window. He smelled like Old Spice, something I’d always associated with grandfathers until I met Patrick. “I’m sure we’ll get along great.” I wished I had his optimism. Before I could worry myself any sicker over it, the buzzer buzzed. Patrick kissed me on the cheek and released me, and I got up to answer the door.

“Hey, baby!” Alex threw his arms around me. He was wearing a pair of painted-on jeans and a shiny red shirt, more suitable for an eighteen-year-old at a rave than a thirty-year-old having dinner with friends. He kissed me wetly on the lips and turned to look at Patrick. “And you must be Prince Charming.”

“Most people call me Patrick,” Patrick said. He put out a hand.

Alex shook it. “I’m not most people, honey.”

5 Responses to “G.S. Wiley, joining the fun…”

  1. Somehow, saying that Patrick smells of Old Spice says so much more than a whole passage of description – what a telling detail!
    I do like the sound of Alex already. What an interesting third to throw into the mix.

  2. gs_wiley says:

    Thanks, Josephine! Hope you enjoy the book! It seems like there are a lot of great stories.

  3. lenorejblack says:

    You had me at boyfriend and best friend! Can’t wait to read the story!

  4. Jana_Denardo says:

    I like Alex already. Looking forward to the rest of this

  5. I love Patrick – he seems very dry in his humour, I like that in a person.

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