Ascension by RJ Scott – *A Brush of Wings* anthology

March 21, 2010


I am so excited to be included in the anthology *A Brush of Wings*, with *Ascension* my first ever submitted story. I think I am still in shock! I am in amongst so many awesome authors in the anthology and I wonder how long the high lasts!  I thought I would post a glimpse into the world of the angel Sabrael and his mortal Adam Riley…

A Brush of Wings

Ascension: an excerpt

“You can have that,” a voice came from the back of the shop, and Sabrael turned to locate its owner, wondering how a mortal had managed to see him when Sabrael hadn’t even sensed he was there. He looked down at the book in his hands, the last of the readers’ responses making his eyes tear. He was always stunned at the range of emotions the written word could conjure up in people’s minds.

“Thank you,” he responded simply. “How much do you want for it?”

The owner of the voice that had suggested he keep the book moved into the light, flooding in through the wide lettered glass store front. Sabrael blinked at the man with the deep voice—he was tall, so very tall, his chestnut hair worn short and neat, his eyes the hazel of fall greens and browns, and his body a trim build. “Seriously, take what you want, maybe donate something to charity, if you want to,” Adam James Riley said simply. “It’s all got to go.” His voice hovered on the edge of sadness, full of emotions that Sabrael hadn’t seen in this boy before: anger, distrust, and a choking fear of the future. The last leaked into his words, no matter how he hard he tried to hide it.

“Tell me?” Sabrael asked gently, losing his ability to form a full sentence as the man stopped in front of him and the sadness inside of Adam came, overwhelming, through Sabrael’s link to him.

“Tell you?” At first, Adam seemed confused, but immediately he snapped into comprehension. “Oh. The shop, you mean.” He waved his hand at the empty interior. “Usual story, I guess. We just can’t compete anymore, with website sellers and the book superstores, so we decided to shut down. Cut our losses while we could.” Sabrael listened carefully to what Adam wasn’t saying and the use of the word we, when he knew there was no we. Adam was the last of his family, the last child of the original mortal Sabrael had been tasked to watch.

That word said much.

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46 Responses to “Ascension by RJ Scott – *A Brush of Wings* anthology”

  1. Josieb1 says:

    Hi congratulations on being published. I am looking forward to reading this.

  2. Pippii says:

    Hey honey
    I´m sooo exited for you, you really do decerve this.
    ♥hugs and love

  3. Birdie McKillen says:

    Intriguing, really. Did I interpret it correctly that Sabrael doesn’t just read a book but actually reads the emotions of those reading it before? That’s kinda mind boggling, but really a cool idea.
    Isn’t such empathy completely overwhelming? I don’t know if I would want to have that gift… But I have a feeling Adam Riley will be quite grateful Sabrael has it. :)

  4. Pippii says:

    I would like to know how you got into writing this sort of stories in the first place???

  5. Sissi says:

    Hi Di,

    I’ve got a question: When you first started writing did you know that you would write gay romance stories? Or did you tried at first “usual” romance and it didn’t worked for you?
    Have you ever thought of another genre like fantasy or thriller? Or was it clear to you that you “needed” a lovestory in all of your stories?

    Hugs and greetings from Germany!

  6. Julie says:

    Well first of all Congratulations! I wish you well and am sure there will be many more to follow.I will be sure to buy this ..

    And my question is how do you decide to write one of your stories? Do you decide an outline and plan it out step-by-step,being all methodical,or do you get a random line of dialogue or plot, or a glimpse of a scene or person and work from there?

  7. Oh, intriguing atmosphere indeed! I have always had a soft spot for bookshops, and the stories than can unravel among their book-loaded scaffoldings. The idea of an angel in a bookshop – I must say I find the image endlessly fascinating. I am definitely looking forward to reading your story!


  8. Margaret says:

    I look forward to reading your story and I would love to know, where did you get your inspiration for these two characters from?

  9. bornof_sorrow says:

    Adam’s an interesting character – what do you look for in the heroes of your stories?

  10. Christy says:

    You have an incredible imagination, very fertile. I’m happy to see you moving on to writing original fiction. This is a fantastic story.

    Even as well as you write it took a lot of nerve to send something in for publication. Your success thrills me! You are one of the awesome writers in this Anthology, you deserve this success so much.

    You never seem to run out of ideas to write about. Where do you find your best inspiration comes from?

  11. rjscott says:

    Hi… thank you so much for visiting… I am beyond excited… I hope you enjoy… HUGS XXX

  12. rjscott says:

    Thank you babe… HUGS XXXX

  13. clarelondon says:

    Congratulations on being accepted in the anthology, I’m looking forward to reading your story.
    Clare :)

  14. rjscott says:

    Yes, Sabrael is linked to items, has a sense imprint of emotions, part of his angelic array of skills… Thank you so much for coming on over… HUGS XXXX

  15. rjscott says:

    Hey you… hmmm… Supernatural was the one thing that got me into writing MM… but writing is something that i have wanted to do, and have been doing on the quiet, for many years. Way back to writing fairy tales when i was small. I love romance… every story I write, even any PWP I write, ends up dripping in romance… I hope you enjoy… HUGS XXX

  16. rjscott says:

    Hi Sissi… I tried the romances i had read, the *usual* het romances, it wasn’t until i discovered MM in J2 that i realised I enjoyed that writing so much more. I did submit one het story way back, but I didnt explore characters the way I explore in my MM stories. My writing ALWAYS needs romance, a love story, and the path to being happy, is the backbone of everything I write, because I love it so damn much. i guess the book I am writing, Oracle, which has a prologue set in Greece, that then moves to modern day, is kind of fantasy. A hero that is an empath and the power of the Oracle, but still with the core of love… Thank you for the question… HUGS XXXX

  17. rjscott says:

    I wish I could tell you that I sketch out characters and outline twelve chapters with details of what is in each but I don’t. I write a sentence and it flows from there. I guess that my characters evolve in response to what is happening around them and all of a sudden one sentence is 60000 words. With Ascension I had one scene of a dusty bookshop and then it flowed from there. With some of my stories I must admit I do have the end line in my head, so I guess that could be seen as working backwards! ROFL… HUGS XXXXXXX

  18. rjscott says:

    Hi Cornelia, thank you so much for popping by. I loved the idea of a bookshop, so I am glad I am not alone in that… and an angel in a bookshop… win win… I so hope you like the story… HUGS X

  19. rjscott says:

    Hi Margaret, I couldn’t begin to answer that one… they evolved… I didnt want Sabrael to be an angel that was etherial, i wanted him to be strong, experienced, wordly wise. Likewise i didn’t want Adam to be overwhelmed by Sabrael, I needed him to be strong too. You will see…

    As for the way they look… well… who doesnt love hazel green eyes and muscles… hee hee… HUGS XXXX

  20. rjscott says:

    Hi bornof_sorrow. Poor Adam, so lost, to be the one member of his family that has to end a century of tradition, i feel so sorry for him, at the sadness inside him. Still, I see a strength inside him; that he can make decisions… My hero’s always have compassion and inner strength, although sometimes they don’t feel they have either until they are put to the test. Oh, and also, all my heros are drop dead gorgeous… HUGS XXX

  21. rjscott says:

    Hi Christy, thank you so much for dropping by. You make me blush. My inspiration? I wish i could pinpoint where a story starts in my head. It could be a news item, or an article, or a song. It is only ever one tiny thing and then my mind just runs away with me, until i end up with the basis of a story. I don’t think I will ever run out of ideas until my imagination gives up the ghost! HUGS YOU XXXX

  22. rjscott says:

    Hi Clare, thanks babe, I am way beyond excited. Hope you enjoy the story… HUGS XX

  23. vambrace says:

    Hi! I am so excited for you! Do have an agent? If so, how did you go about getting one?

  24. rjscott says:

    Hi Vambrace, thank you so much for popping over… No, no agent, I submitted direct to Dreamspinner. They have these wonderful things call *open calls* and when i discovered the site i was intrigued by the open call for the *brush of wings* anthology. I wrote, checked and submitted in two days and was lucky enough to be accepted. Their open calls page is HERE… HUGS XXX

  25. sarah says:

    I’m intrigued – love the bookshop setting! Can’t wait to read more!

  26. Karen says:

    Congratulations on your first publication, intriguing snippet there. You have an excellent imagination, where does your inspiration come from?

    Wishing you lots of success, you deserve it and hoping to see lots more from you in the future.

  27. rjscott says:

    Hi Karen… Thank you so much for coming on over to see… Inspiration… the news… my own very weird head… and a lot of times songs I hear or conversations I have with my incredibly supportive friends… I hope to be writing lots more… writing is like a drug… a good one though…HUGS

  28. Trav Padalecki *snicker* says:

    *waves* The story was AWESOME babe. Now, a question. How did you choose the name of your story?

  29. rjscott says:

    Hello Mr T.P. ROFL… Thanks for dropping by… in answer to your question, titles are an odd thing to figure out… anyone who writes knows that sometimes the title can be elusive… With this one it was so simple. To ascend to being a mortal is what Sabrael is doing… and i discarded long winded titles, simply because one word titles are so punchy… nods… HUGS XXX

  30. Congratulations on your publication! This looks to be an interesting read.

  31. mandy says:

    So proud! I can’t wait to read it!!! <3
    Mrs. R

  32. rjscott says:

    Thanks Mrs R… and it was all down to the postman… he started it all… HUGS YOU SO HARD….

  33. rjscott says:

    Thank you… I hope you enjoy… HUGS X

  34. I’m amazed by the depth of emotion you were able to achieve so quickly. I already feel so sad for Adam. Can’t wait to read the rest!


  35. rjscott says:

    Hi Diana… wow… what an awesome comment to get… thank you… HUGS X

  36. sasha-dragon says:

    Hi there.

    May I say wow, I look forward to reading this it’s very intriguing start. Just my kind of story and I do have a question, I know it’s been asked before but. Where do you get your idea’s from, do your stories come from things you’ve seen or read. Or do they leap fully formed from your imagination?

  37. rjscott says:

    Hi Sasha-Dragon (interesting user name…) If you mean this story in particular… I just had this idea that the angel was assigned a family, that he would watch, a certain bloodline… and that was that… it kind of morphed from there… the whole ascension idea was a twist that came to me as I wrote… you’ll see… Thank you for coming on over… HUGS XXX

  38. Lori Toland says:

    SOOOOOO excited to read this. I can’t tell you!! *hugs*

  39. geek_hunter says:

    Hey RJ

    Congrats on publication \O/.

    The premise sounds great. I love angel stories and find it interesting that this angel will take human form for his human.

    Looking forward to reading this :) .

  40. kimberleyafc says:

    This looks like a great read. What inspires you to write?

  41. rjscott says:

    Hi geek_hunter… I must admit I am a sucker for angel/guardian stories too… I hope you enjoy when you do read it… HUGS XXXX

  42. rjscott says:

    Hi kimberleyafc, thanks for coming on over… What inspires me to write… i just love writing… i always have done since i was a small child. It can be a song, or an images, or something someone says, and I just have this compuslive need to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) immediately… I know, I am an addict! ROFL… HUGS XXX

  43. BflyW says:

    intriguing! I need to read the whole story! *nods*

  44. H.J. Brues says:

    My story in this anthology is the second short one that I have published, so I can relate quite well, and I can tell you it’s still exciting!
    I really like small book stores, so your excerpt has got me hooked. I want to read the rest!

  45. shel says:

    Late to the party as usual hun! Congratulations on being published. I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Your stories are always excellent and great o read. I wish you every success, love and hugs as always Shel xxx

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