Worth the Coming Home by Lisa M. Owens

October 26, 2012

When all of their secrets and fears are exposed, Dane is determined to protect Josh, even if it means leaving him behind.  Worth the Coming Home by Lisa M. Owens, available from Dreamspinner Press.

For Josh Brooks, it’s a summer of wishes come true. First he gets his dream horse from a rival trainer. Then his brother’s Army Ranger buddy, Dane Keller, comes to work on the ranch and Josh meets his dream lover too. Dane is hot, competent, and fresh out of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Everything would be perfect—except nobody knows Josh and Dane are gay.

All Dane wants is a quiet life in a less claustrophobic closet and a ranch job where he can earn a living. But when his best friend’s little brother, the one who wrote the letters that kept their spirits up in Afghanistan, turns out to have grown up in all the right ways, Dane can’t help wanting more despite his fear of commitment.

While Dane and Josh are busy trying—and failing—to keep their hands to themselves, someone else is watching, biding his time. Then he strikes, first at Josh and then at the prized horse. When all of their secrets and fears are exposed, Dane is determined to protect Josh, even if it means leaving him behind.

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The Law of Desire by Talia Carmichael

October 17, 2012

Brian may call the shots, but Vic will make sure things go his way. The Law of Desire by Talia Carmichael, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Brian Holmes has been too busy building the fire investigation unit he heads to think of getting involved with anyone. But when he meets rancher Vic Masterson in the middle of an unexpected shootout, he’s drawn to him just the same. Brian doesn’t know what he wants, so he decides to wait it out. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t explore a few kisses in the meantime.

Vic is willing to go along with the experiment, but he wants Brian for keeps. Let Brian call the shots; Vic will make sure things go his way. Each moment they spend together makes Vic more certain there’s something special growing between them, but for the experiment to be a success, he has to make Brian see they’re a perfect match for the long haul.

Length: Novella
Genre: Western
Series: Encounters by Talia Carmichael

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Jess’s Journey by SJD Peterson

October 9, 2012

A car accident left Jess confined to a wheelchair, but Collin is determined not to let that be the end of Jess’s life. Jess’s Journey by SJD Peterson, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Sequel to Conner’s Courage Whispering Pines Ranch: Book Five

At an early age, Jess Jenkins learned to take care of his family and friends and put their needs before his own. He dreamed of finding the same simple happiness his parents had and followed their example. Then Lorcan James broke his heart and an automobile accident broke his independent spirit. Now that’s all Jess is: a broken shadow of the man he used to be, still confined to a wheelchair after six months.

Jess is finally forced to put himself first and accept the help he needs on his journey toward recovery. Though pain, frustration, and depression leave him bitter and eager to push people away, his friends refuse to allow him to wallow in self-pity. Jack has only glimpsed the man beneath Jess’s angry shell, but he takes it upon himself to prove Jess isn’t broken. And Collin is determined to bring back the sweet man he once knew. The simple, happy life Jess has always wanted is there for the taking—all he has to do is open his eyes and see it.

Length: Novel
Genre: Western
Series: Whispering Pines Series by SJD Peterson

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Chase the Stars by Ariel Tachna

September 10, 2012

The gay bashing that nearly ends Chris’s life could instead be his salvation, if he has the strength to take the offered help. Chase the Stars by Ariel Tachna, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Sequel to Inherit the Sky – Lang Downs: Book Two

Twenty-year-old Chris Simms is barely keeping his head above water. After losing his mother and his home, he struggles to provide for himself and his brother. When homophobes attack him, he thinks his life is over, but then he’s rescued by jackaroos from a nearby sheep station. He’s as stunned to be offered a job there as he is to discover both the station owner and foreman are gay.

For Chris, Lang Downs is a dream—one that only gets better when Chris realizes the jackaroo he’s crushing on, Jesse Harris, is gay and amenable to a fling. Everything goes well until Chris realizes he’s falling for Jesse a lot harder than allowed by their deal.

Jesse is a drifter who moves from station to station, never looking for anything permanent. Convinced Chris is too young and fragile for a real relationship, he sets rules to keep things casual. Watching the station owner and his foreman together makes Jesse wonder if there are benefits to settling down, but when he realizes how Chris feels about him, he panics. He and Chris will have to decide if a try for happiness is worth the risk before the end of the season tears them apart.

Length: Novel
Genre: Western
Series: Lang Downs by Ariel Tachna

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The Legend of the Apache Kid by Sarah Black

September 5, 2012

Raine’s quest for the perfect family might be the very thing that tears him and Johnny apart. The Legend of the Apache Kid by Sarah Black, available from Dreamspinner Press.

English prof-slash-cowboy Raine Magrath knows Johnny Bravo is an airhead. A beautiful young Apache film-making genius airhead, but still. They meet in a hot tub during Johnny’s first film festival, but he bolts before his work is even shown. When Johnny drifts back to Taos a year later, they slide into a slow cowboy two-step so easily Raine starts to think Johnny might be the one. When Johnny’s young cousin Weasel joins them, Raine’s life seems complete, a ready-made family to love and protect.

Raine is sure that with his gentle guidance, Johnny can achieve the sort of worldly success Raine turned his back on years before. But Johnny has his own idea about what he wants his life to become. Too late Raine remembers that Johnny runs when he feels a chain tightening around his neck. Raine’s quest for the perfect family might be the very thing that tears them apart.

Length: Novella
Genre: Western

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Conner’s Courage by SJD Peterson

August 3, 2012

Conner and John’s love survived the prejudices of 1974, will it survive cancer? Conner’s Courage by SJD Peterson, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Sequel to Ty’s Obsession — Whispering Pines Ranch: Book Four

John Price and Conner Burnett have been part of the Whispering Pines Ranch for the past thirty-seven years. A loving couple who have overcome every obstacle thrown at them, John and Conner are a testament to the strength of true love. But now John is in the hospital with a diagnosis of cancer, fighting for his very life.

As his lover struggles, Conner looks back on when they first met. The early seventies wasn’t an easy time to be a gay man, especially in a small country town. Considering John’s pride, Conner’s need to be himself, shame, bitterness, and two stubborn natures, their love story almost wasn’t written. But they beat the odds, and Conner will be damned if he’ll let anyone take John from him now. He had the courage to stand up for what he wanted in 1974. If need be, he’ll go toe to toe with God himself to keep the man he fought so hard to love.

Length: Novel
Genre: Western
Series: Whispering Pines Ranch by SJD Peterson

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Love Means… Renewal by Andrew Grey

June 27, 2012

Will busy lives and foul play separate Eli and Geoff forever? Love Means… Renewal by Andrew Grey, available from Dreamspinner Press.

A Love Means… Story

Eli Henninger is stretched a little thin.  He teaches riding classes, conducts therapy sessions, takes care of his son, and helps manage the family farm. He’s tired and overworked, especially because lately, no one else seems to do anything right.  He and his partner, Geoff, haven’t had time together in so long, he’s beginning to forget what his longtime love feels like.

Geoff is just as busy with the farm, the business, and working through a complicated land purchase. He and Eli labor from sunup to sundown and then some. He knows taking care of their responsibilities is preventing them from taking care of each other, but he doesn’t see anything he can do about it. To make matters worse, they’re accused of behaving improperly toward some of the children in their riding programs.

Then Eli becomes ill and the investigators suspect foul play, forcing Geoff to reevaluate his priorities and hope fate will give them another chance.

Length: Novella
Genre: Western
Series: Love Means… by Andrew Grey

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A Foreign Range by Andrew Grey

June 15, 2012

An attempt to connect with his Western persona leads Wilson to a chance a love. Can he hold onto it? A Foreign Range by Andrew Grey, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Stories from the Range: Book Four

Country singer Willie Meadows is a fake. He’s never ridden a horse, and his “Western” gear comes from a boutique shop in LA. No wonder Wilson Edwards, the real man in those fake boots, is suffering creative block. Determined to connect with the music, Wilson buys a ranch in Wyoming to learn the country way of life, even if he has no intention of running the business. Then Steve Peterson shows up desperate, destitute, and hungry, having just escaped a gay deprogramming hospital run by his father’s cult.

Steve was supposed to train horses for the ranch’s former owner, but the job is gone along with his would-be employer. Luckily Wilson has a temporary solution: Steve can ranch-sit while Wilson does business in LA. But when he comes back, Wilson barely recognizes the place. There are trained horses in the paddock, and the ranch is in great shape. Suddenly he finds himself inspired not by the cowboy lifestyle but by Steve himself.

But the cult is still after Steve, and Wilson’s fear of scandal means he’s still in the closet. Coming out could kill Willie’s career—but denying his feelings for Steve could kill the only part of him that’s real.

Length: Novel
Genre: Western
Series: Stories from the Range

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Eden Springs by Ada Maria Soto.

May 24, 2012

Can a telescope, a whorehouse bathtub, and a cup of Chinese tea change Aaron’s stars forever? Eden Springs by Ada Maria Soto, available from Dreamspinnerpress.

In the boomtown of Eden Springs, someone is spilling the blood of children. Desperate, the sheriff calls in ex-Union scout Aaron Byrne to stop them. For the lawman for hire, it’s just another job—until he meets Jonah Mann, the town’s Oxford-trained astronomer-cum-schoolteacher. Aaron never stays in one place for long, but a few stolen glances from the eccentric professor begin to test his resolve to move along once the job is done. Now a telescope, a whorehouse bathtub, and a cup of Chinese tea could change Aaron’s own stars forever.

Genre: Western, Historical: Americas
Length: Novella

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Bencher’s Crossing, TX by A. Soon Donim

March 12, 2012

Will Clinton take a second chance at love? Bencher’s Crossing, Texas, by A. Soo Donim, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Murder, Murder, Everywhere!

Sheriff’s Deputy Clinton Greengrass meets Texas Ranger Ed Givens over a dead body. It’s a decidedly inauspicious beginning. When one body turns into three, the investigation—and the attraction between them—heats up, but Clint misses his chance when they close the case before he makes a move.

Three years and a promotion later, Sheriff Greengrass is out of the closet and working on the case of another string of murders, murders that bring Ed and all the sexual tension back to town. Despite the circumstances, Clint is happy to get a second chance, but a lawman’s job is never done. Can Macone County handle the two of them as partners on and off the job?

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Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Western
Length: Novel