The Wish by Eden Winters

July 20, 2012

Paul and Alex don’t see eye to eye but will a familiar ghost help them see what is right in front of them? The Wish by Eden Winters, available from Dreamspinner Press.

At his death, Byron Sinclair left behind more than just his much older partner, Alfred Anderson. The couple helped raise their respective nephews, and while Paul Sinclair and Alex Martin are now adults, they still have some growing up to do, particularly when it comes to getting along with each other.

If they refuse to be in the house at the same time, how can Alex be so sure Paul is an opportunistic suck-up with the morals of an alley cat? Paul isn’t impressed with aloof and arrogant playboy Alex, either. Both swear they know all they need to about the other–and about themselves.

Byron’s dying wish is for Alfred to help Paul and Alex see how perfect they are for each other. But when the boys stubbornly refuse to acknowledge what’s right in front of them, Byron must get creative–though it’ll be difficult without hands, or a voice, or a body….

2nd Edition

Length: Novel
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal: Ghosts/Spirits

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Phoenix Rising by Theo Fenraven

July 12, 2012

Love and murder collide as Artemis investigates a serial killer. Phoenix Rising by Theo Fenraven, available from Dreamspinner Press.

New York City homicide detectives Artemis Gregory and Rachel Wayland are first on the murder scene of a beautiful young gay man, the third victim of a serial killer dubbed the Moon Killer by the department. Their investigation leads them to Talis Kehk, charismatic lead singer of the rock group Phoenix Rising. As the next full moon approaches, Artemis and his partner uncover clues that lead straight to Talis—even as Talis, exhibiting behavior Artemis finds strange indeed considering the circumstances, uses every means possible to keep Artemis close.

Artemis could never fall in love with a murderer, could he? Innocent or not, Talis has a secret… and it’s about to change Artemis’s world forever.

Length: Novella
Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Fantasy/Paranormal

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Skin Deep by Adrienne Wilder

July 9, 2012

When Taylor’s love is no longer enough to sustain Joey, he’ll have to decide what he’s willing to do to survive. Skin Deep by Adrienne Wilder, available from Dreamspinner Press.

A Gray Zone novel

Taylor Simmons has everything he’s ever wanted: a decent job, a nice apartment, and Joey Martin, his perfect geek boyfriend. But all that is about to change.

First Joey gets sick. He’s feverish for days, starving for food. Finally a terrified Taylor calls EMS only to be told there’s nothing they can do. Joey’s body is changing, and he’s not going to be Human anymore. He’s a Lesser-Bred.

Suddenly Taylor, who has always taken care of Joey, can’t even begin to fulfill his needs. Joey needs to eat—to feed. And that means he needs a sexual connection with Gabriel, a Lesser-Bred being kept by a Kin named Pavel. Stripped of his job, his cushy apartment, and his connection to the sweet, dorky Joey he fell in love with, Taylor struggles to maintain a sense of identity—and humanity—in Atlanta’s Gray Zone, where Human dreams become nightmares. Suddenly it’s Taylor, not Joey, who needs to be protected. Because the people around him are dying, and if Taylor doesn’t open his eyes, he might be next.

Length: Novel

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal, Bittersweet Dreams

Series: Gray Zone

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Wolf’s-own: Incendiary by Carole Cummings

June 19, 2012

Fen’s adventures continue in the fourth installment of Wolf’s-own: Incendiary by Carole Cummings, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Book 4 of Wolf’s-own

Fen Jacin-rei finds himself again on the run after discovering the reality of what he is and why the gods won’t let him go. His one source of support, Kamen Malick, is suddenly unavailable, and now hounded and chased by ghosts who want to drive him into insanity and keep him there, Fen will have to face life all alone.

…Or maybe not. Old enemies and new allies seek to control Fen, now known as “Kamen’s Untouchable.” It’s going to take everything Fen’s got to figure out who he can trust—and who he should fear. It might take more than what Fen’s got to discern who is even real.

Length: Novel
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Series: Wolf’s-own by Carole Cummings

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Warders Vol 1 & 2 (Print Only) by Mary Calmes

June 12, 2012

Mary Calmes beloved Warder Series now collected and available in paperback from Dreamspinner Press.

warders volume 2 may calmes

Most humans live in blissful ignorance, never dreaming of the frightening surprises and paranormal danger that lurks in the night. Most… but not all. These few who stand against the darkness are the Warders, men who fight demons and square off against all kinds of creatures from the pit with only their brothers-in-arms and their lovers—their Hearths—to strengthen them in the unending battle of good versus evil.

Length: Single-Author Anthology
Genre:  Fantasy/paranormal
Series: The Warder Series by Mary Calmes

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Sex Rites by Brandon Fox

June 8, 2012

Exiled and pursued, the freedom fighters’ quest continues in Sex Rites, third installment of Brandon Fox’s Pledged to Magic series, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Fox Pledged to Magic: Book 3

Victory carries a price. Thane and Ander snatched the promise of immortality from a tyrant’s grasp, but now the zamindar will stop at nothing to regain what he lost. Even the sex magic practiced by Thane, his lover, and his mage initiates is no match for an empire’s legions.

Exiled and pursued, the freedom fighters’ quest for ancient secrets leads them to exotic lands and to Dannel, a young warrior whose fighting prowess is matched only by his frustration. Journeying far into the deepest, most forgotten heart of their lands, Thane, Ander, and their new companions will discover lost truths and a single stunning hope for the future… the hope that may save them all.

2nd Edition — First Edition published by Leyland Publications (January 2001)

Legth: Novel
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Series: Pledged to Magic by Brandon Fox (Apprenticed to Pleasure, Conjuring the Flesh, Sex Rites)

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Chuffed by Tia Fielding

June 7, 2012

A shape-shifting romance between a werewolf and a Siberian tiger – will it last? Chuffed by Tia Fielding, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Finnshifters Book One

Mikael Jarvela may only be a half shifter, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be alpha of the eastern Finland farm-turned-sanctuary his father founded. Six wolves, a red fox, a black jaguar, and a lynx all think of him as the head of the family. But Mikael doesn’t have anyone to call his own until he comes across an injured Siberian tiger in the woods.

From the moment the animal recovers and Mikael and Maxim meet face to human face, the attraction between them is undeniable. They strike up a tentative relationship, but they’re both proud men, and their egos keep getting in the way. Just when it looks like their romance is doomed, an outside threat to the family—to Mikael—forces Maxim to choose between the life of solitude he knows and the love and companionship that could be his if he stays.

Length: Novella
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal – Werewolves/Shapeshifters,
Series: Finnshifters by Tia Fielding

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Servitude by Rebecca Cohen

June 4, 2012

Lornyc must master his magic in order to regain everything he loves. Servitude by Rebecca Cohen, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Lornyc Reagalos, future High Lord of the city of Katraman, enjoys his life as a student, even if he has to keep his relationship with Methian Hadral, heir to the throne of Xenetra, a secret. Unfortunately, Lornyc isn’t just any royal student—he’s also the grandson of an infamous magic user named Romanus Reagalos, and his grandfather’s wild youth is about to catch up with him. Unknown to anyone else, Romanus saw fit to sign his grandson into the life of a valet. Specifically, Methian’s valet.

The contract—and the strain it puts on his relationship with Methian—is just the start of Lornyc’s troubles. Though the Reagalos family was once famous for its magic, Lornyc’s father never showed any aptitude, and Lornyc hasn’t either—though that doesn’t make the next contract, the one that says Lornyc must learn to use his latent powers, any less binding. When Lornyc learns of a plot to remove his father from power, he finds himself racing against time. If he can’t master his magic and identify the leader of the plot, he stands to lose everything he knows and loves: his parents, his rank, and Methian.

Length: Novel
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal – High Fantasy

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The Darkest Midnight in December by Jana Denardo

May 30, 2012

Caleb, Agni, Temple, and Li are hired to save a village from mysterious demon attacks. The Darkest Midnight in December by Jana Denardo, available from Dreamspinnerpress.

The year is 1930, and something is hunting infants and young couples in Economy Village, PA. When a local priest begins to suspect a demon may be the culprit, the sheriff calls in a team of Soldiers from the Sun. Caleb, Agni, Temple, and Li specialize in demon hunting, but they can’t rule out an old religious sect as the true culprit. Prejudice, distraught parents, and angry townspeople don’t make the team’s job any easier. And if something goes wrong, they’re on their own, because by the time their backup arrives, it will be too late.

Lenght: Novella
Genre: Historical – Americas, Fantasy/Paranormal – Angels and Demons

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Strike the Bell by J. Tullos Hennig

May 30, 2012

Escape. That’s what drives Taran to join the Riverdrivers aboard Geillidh: escape from the farming and fishing village of his kin; the lure of adventure and, most of all, the presence of Merimac—Wyr-chieftain of Geillidh and Taran’s first lover. Though he might be Merimac’s cousin and lovemate, Taran gets no preferential treatment. He will have to earn his passage as full crew member the hard way—scrubbing decks and greasing blocks and pulleys—and surviving his first trip through the Strait is a rite of passage that brings its own reward in Merimac’s cabin.

Lenght: Nap-sized Dream
Genre: fantasy/paranormal

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