THE BREAK-IN Release Party: Goodnight Excerpt from Aidee

June 18, 2014


Well, it’s been fun, but I’m signing off for the night. I hope you all entered my Rafflecopter giveaway. If not, click here.

To send you off, here’s one more excerpt from my new novella, THE BREAK-IN. I hope you enjoy it.

worth excerpt


THE BREAK-IN Release Party: Thoughts on Time Travel

June 18, 2014


It’s Aidee again, back to talk about Time Travel (since my story THE BREAK-IN features time traveling characters).

Time Travel holds a special place in my heart. It’s perilously close to being something that I just don’t believe in and yet something I want to believe in.

Scientifically, we can look into the past right this moment and see things happening decades, centuries, millennia ago. Just look up at the stars. That light had to travel all the way across the galaxy to get to us and it originated a while ago.

We also have photo, video, and fossil records to tell us about the past. All of those things can allow us to travel back in time in our imagination.

But what about the future?  We only have predictions and science fiction for that. There’s no real way to travel forwards in time right now or physically backwards. And if we did, would we somehow be able to kill our own grandfather and then negate our own existence? Or would we split off from our original timeline and be creating a new one, one where our grandfather wasn’t really our grandfather, and yet we were still born?


My favorite theory of time travel involves wormholes (fun fact – my favorite form of space travel is also by wormhole). Since a wormhole can connect two very specific places in spacetime, theoretically, you could pick both the place and the time that you arrive at–instant time travel.

Of course then you have the whole noodle effect (or spaghettification) that you have to go through to pass into and back out of a wormhole. Due to the gravity inside the wormhole, you’ll be stretched out like a long spaghetti noodle by the time you arrive. But you know, if I’m taller, I’ll be able to reach the shelves at the top of the cabinet.

Okay [rubs hands together] who’s up for Italian?


THE BREAK-IN Release Party: And Now For An Excerpt From The BREAK-IN

June 18, 2014

I thought you might like a short excerpt from my novella, THE BREAK-IN.

gun excerpt

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THE BREAK-IN Release Party: Five Quirky Things about Forbes and Oliver

June 18, 2014


It’s Aidee, again.

My characters, like me, are a little quirky, a little unique. Here are some things you might not know about them despite reading their first story “The Applicant” and the new novella, THE BREAK-IN.

Five Quirky Things About Dr. Forbes Pohle

1.  Forbes prefers to wear pants, not jeans. This probably has something to do with how he was raised. He was often put on display by his parents and therefore didn’t have a lot of casual playtime.

2.  Forbes finished his undergraduate college degree at 14 and had his second graduate degree at 18. He described attending classes as sitting next to giants who looked at him as if he was the experiment instead of whatever the instructor was cooking up in the front of the hall.robot

3.  Forbes has an unfortunate habit of building his friends instead of making them. He has always been more comfortable interacting with a robot or even a computer than interacting with humans. That is not to say he’s not competent at social interaction. He is quite adept at securing research grants and contracts to fund his work.

4.  Forbes’s house is located outside the city, not rural, but beyond the suburbs. It’s a very large house with its own attached laboratory. It also has a garden that he pays landscapers to keep for him. In the center of the garden is a fountain with a bench beside it where he likes to sit and think at dusk.

5.  Forbes still has a teddy bear robot shaped dent in his blast chamber door from when Future Oliver first time traveled back to meet him.

Five Quirky Things About Oliver Lennox

1. Oliver likes to dress in hacker chic: black t-shirt, hoodie, black jeans, red Chuck Taylors and black nail polish. But he’s not averse to wearing a leather jacket hand-me-down when he’s out on his motorcycle in the Fall and Winter.

2. Oliver’s favorite color is black (as evidenced by the clothes choices he makes) because he thinks of black like a rainbow. It’s what you get when all the colors are mixed together. One of his favorite childhood memories is of making a cake with his mom and being allowed to frost it himself. He added all the different food colorings in the bowl with the white icing and it made black frosting. It was the best tasting cake he ever ate.

3. Oliver has a tattoo of Newton’s gravity formula on the inside of his hip. He first read about Sir Isaac Newton in a partially torn children’s book that he found at the Hill Lake Farm Residential Center.


4. Oliver lost both his mother and his stepfather in a car accident when he was a teenager. It was very late and his stepfather was tired when he lost control of the car and slammed into a concrete barrier. Oliver still wonders if his stepfather had been drinking that night.

5. Future Oliver has used Forbes’s time travel device more than the one time that Forbes is aware of. This will come back to bite both of them in the future.


I hope you liked looking into a little bit of the history behind Forbes and Oliver. Is there anything you’d like to know? Favorite meal? Cats or Dogs? Zombies or Vampires?



Release Day Party – THE BREAK-IN by Aidee Ladnier

June 18, 2014


I’m Aidee Ladnier and I’m so excited to be on the Dreamspinner Blog to celebrate the release of my very first standalone title, THE BREAK-IN.

I’ll be here for a few hours, posting goodies and answering any questions you might have about my roboticist and his favorite wayward programmer.  Leave a comment. Don’t be scared. :)

This is actually the second story of mine that includes Forbes and Oliver, but it’s definitely a standalone story. In the first story, “The Applicant”,  a young Forbes met an older and wiser Oliver, who he thought was applying for a research assistant position. In THE BREAK-IN, Forbes is now the old and wiser of the pair, with a young Oliver again at his door but this time trying to rob him. How will Oliver get past Jeepers the robot cat, and why does switching sides look so attractive when a hot roboticist is involved?

The Break-in

Blurb:  Ten years ago, roboticist Forbes Pohle received a visit from time-traveler Oliver Lennox. “Wait for me,” Oliver said. Now a decade has come and gone, and Oliver has returned. However, Forbes never dreamed Oliver would reappear as the point man for a gang of technology thieves breaking into his lab. He finds the younger Oliver just as sexy and even more annoying; still, he must convince him their happily-ever-after is meant to be—but he only has the time it takes his robotic cat Jeepers to thwart the thieves to do it. After waiting so long, he could lose everything in the span of seconds.

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Harmony Ink New Release: May 29, 2014

May 29, 2014

For a Price by Hallie Burton

A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

After meeting preppie Trey, neighborhood bad boy Bobby decides to try something new. But being in a relationship is tricky and takes work. For a Price by Hallie Burton, a Harmony Ink Press Young Adult title available from Dreamspinner Press.











At seventeen, Charles “Trey” Maddox Taft III has had better years. His father ran off with a younger woman, and with no alimony or child support, his family has to move from affluent Coconut Grove to a rough neighborhood near Miami’s Little Havana. It’s a completely different world, but Trey is determined to make the best of a bad situation, if only no one finds out he’s gay.

On Trey’s first day in his new territory, he’s saved from being run over by local bad boy Bobby Cruz. Bobby is an unabashedly gay, sexually active high school senior who’s tired of one-night stands. After meeting preppie Trey, Bobby decides to try something new. Things go well at first, but being in a relationship is tricky and might take more work than either wants to do.

Length: Novel (180p.) | Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Gay | Release Date: May 29, 2014

Buy as an eBook (ISBN: 978-1-63216-141-3) | Buy as a Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-63216-139-0)

Ordinary People by E E Montgomery

May 17, 2014

That’s all the time I have. I have to finish packing because I’m due on a ship in a few hours.

I’ve enjoyed being here and sharing things with you.

Before I go: who won the free copy of Ordinary People? Debra E., your account of the rabid baseball fan and his mistimed call to work made me laugh out loud. Email me at and I’ll send you a copy of Ordinary People in the format of your choice.

You can find my author page at Dreamspinner Press here. My website/blog also has my contact details if any of you want to continue the discussion.

Happy reading!


E E Montgomery blog

Ordinary People: research and party games

May 17, 2014

I love researching for my stories. Most of the time I can do the research online but sometimes I have to go places and talk to people.

When I was writing The Courage to Love, I traveled a few hours north to the Coringa area in Queensland to the land David and Carl moved to. With Ordinary People, I spent hours on the phone with a nurse friend and made a couple of visits to the local police station.

I don’t know about other people, but I always feel a bit nervous when I enter a police station. It’s like they’ll notice something about me that isn’t quite legal and I’ll get caught there while they extract interminable explanations from me. And I just know they all recognise me now when I walk down the street now. All those questions about kidnapping and drugging people surely got me noticed. Without the answers, Ordinary People would have been pure fantasy.

Hibiki Scotch

I used to have a friend who was a police officer. His favourite party game was one where you had to describe something that you passed on the way to his place before he gave you your first shot. He and his mates would set a situation up, like a car parked a few blocks away or someone standing on a corner. Driving to parties at his place were quite nerve-wracking. Funnily enough my descriptions of things I saw became very detailed after a few shots!

How much do remember of a trip when you’re driving from one place to another?

E E Montgomery: What else is new?

May 17, 2014

Where to now? I’m working on a few things at the moment.

  1. I’m editing the fourth (and last) story in the Just Life series. It’s Jonathan’s story. He’s just come out of a domestic abuse situation and I’m having a lot of trouble getting it right. I’ve been there and, rather than delve into it the way Jonathan and the story deserves, I find I’m glossing over things, skipping the hard bits, either because I don’t want to go back there or because when I was there I spent a lot of time doing things in a fog, by rote, just to get through the day, and can’t remember all the angst that went with it. It’s hard, but I’m not giving up. I’ve put it aside for two weeks or so, then I’m going to be ruthless. I hope.
  2. I’m also working on two Science Fiction stories. Science Fiction is my first love but that doesn’t make getting the stories right any easier. One of the stories I’ve finished and am on edit number 11. Yes! Eleven edits and I’m still not happy with the dynamics of it. I’m very close, though. I have to ramp up the emotions of the main character (again) so he’s more sympathetic and has more depth than he’s showing. Nearly there. I haven’t decided where I’ll send it though. It isn’t right for Dreamspinner.
  3. The other story is at about 30000 words – about half-way through. It came about after I read some articles on global warming, evolution and the idea of terraforming planets. I think it’s going well. It’s more structured than I usually write – I’m actually planning the second half of this book before I write it. There’s also a lot more sex in this one than I usually write because the story calls for it. I can pretty much guarantee, though, that when I finish the story, I’ll read it through and realise it’s a good story but I’ve forgotten to put the emotion in—again. Sometimes I think I live in editing hell.

Why can’t they all fall into place the way Ordinary People did? Yes, it took a few edits, but the basic story flowed really easily in my head. Vinnie is so gorgeous, I’m thinking about visiting him again. Would you like to see more of Vinnie?


Find Ordinary People at:

Ordinary People: Let’s play a game.

May 17, 2014


Let’s play a game. It’s a game I often play when I finish reading a book. It’s called What Happens Next?

Here’s a phone conversation Vinnie has AFTER the book finishes. What should James’s reply be?

Vinnie snatched the phone up on the first ring. “What happened?” He glanced at the clock. The sentencing should be over by now—unless there was a hitch.

 “Were you sitting on the phone?” The amused warmth in James’s voice made Vinnie want to be somewhere other than where he was, which was too far away from James. “Tell me about your appointment.”

 “James,” Vinnie warned, trying to keep his voice firm as he squirmed to release the sudden pressure in his groin. “That wasn’t the deal.”

 “You could give in and do what I want.”

 Vinnie scoffed. “If I didn’t give into a bunch of murdering pyromaniacs, what makes you think I’ll give in to you?”