Harmony Ink New Release: April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014

Breaking Free by Winter Page

A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

Raimi is finally a girl, as she was meant to be. She fights to free Clare from the clutches of a bully and they move beyond friendship. Breaking Free by Winter Page, a Harmony Ink Press Young Adult title available from Dreamspinner Press.











Raimi Carter is finally a girl, just like she always knew she was meant to be. At a new school where nobody knows she’s had gender reassignment surgery, she hopes to finally live the normal life she’s longed for, happy in her own skin.

Life is great until she discovers a dangerous bully is blackmailing head cheerleader, Clare Strickland, threatening to reveal her secret: she’s gay. As Raimi fights to free Clare from his clutches, the two girls move beyond friendship. But secrets from their pasts and their own fears of coming out tear them apart—maybe forever. Baring their souls to each other could cost them everything. For two girls trapped and desperately in love, only strength, courage, and trust in each other will help them break free and claim their future.

Length: Novel (180p.) | Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Transgender, Lesbian | Release Date: April 10, 2014

Buy as an eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62798-915-2) | Buy as a paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62798-914-5)

Harmony Ink New Release: April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

Us Three by Mia Kerick

A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

When Casey, Nate, and Zander work on a class project together, a new bond forms. High school becomes more complicated for them. Us Three by Mia Kerick, a Harmony Ink Press Young Adult title available from Dreamspinner Press.











In his junior year at a public high school, sweet, bright Casey Minton’s biggest worry isn’t being gay. Keeping from being too badly bullied by his so-called friends, a group of girls called the Queen Bees, is more pressing. Nate De Marco has no friends, his tough home life having taken its toll on his reputation, but he’s determined to get through high school. Zander Zane’s story is different: he’s popular, a jock. Zander knows he’s gay, but fellow students don’t, and he’d like to keep it that way.

No one expects much when these three are grouped together for a class project, yet in the process the boys discover each other’s talents and traits, and a new bond forms. But what if Nate, Zander, and Casey fall in love—each with the other and all three together? Not only gay but also a threesome, for them high school becomes infinitely more complicated and maybe even dangerous. To survive and keep their love alive, they must find their individual strengths and courage and stand together, honest and united. If they can do that, they might prevail against the Queen Bees and a student body frightened into silence—and even against their own crippling fears.

Length: Novel (180p.) | Genre: Contemporary, M/M/M or More, Young Adult, Gay | Release Date: April 3, 2014

Buy as an eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62798-909-1) | Buy as a paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62798-908-4)

Harmony Ink New Release: March 20, 2013

March 21, 2014

151 Days (Tales from Foster High: Book Three) by John Goode

A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

Kyle swore to change Foster, Texas, for the better. But he and his boyfriend, Brad, have more than intolerance to deal with. 151 Days (Tales from Foster High: Book Three) by John Goode, a Harmony Ink Press Young Adult title available from Dreamspinner Press.











Sequel to End of the Innocence
Tales from Foster High: Book Three

With just 151 days left until the school year ends, Kyle Stilleno is running out of time to fulfill the promise he made and change Foster, Texas, for the better. But Kyle and his boyfriend, Brad Graymark, have more than just intolerance to deal with. Life, college, love, and sex have a way of distracting them, and they’re realizing Foster is a bigger place than they thought. When someone from their past returns at the worst possible moment, graduation becomes the least of their worries.

Length: Novel (350p.) | Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Gay | Release Date: March 20, 2014

Buy as an eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62798-748-6) | Buy as a paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62798-747-9)

Wrapped Up in Chains – The BDSM part

March 14, 2014

The setting for this book is kind of unique I think. The background is a BDSM club and main characters who live the BDSM lifestyle, but the story isn’t too hardcore about it because one of the characters isn’t ready for it until the very end of the book. Chase is a man who was basically taken as a boy and abused for a very long time before being rescued and he needed most of the book to heal enough to make his own choices about what he wanted without being influenced by outside opinions.

On top of that, Devon, the Dom in this story, he had to have time to come to the realization that Chase was capable of deciding for himself that he really did want what he was asking for.

And of course, there was the bad guy they both had to deal with who was pretty much everything that the BDSM community isn’t!

And speaking of that…….

I researched as much as I could through books and the internet but what I know about BDSM and the people who live it is very little and certainly not enough to even pretend to be any kind of an expert. I’m smart enough to know that with some things, there is only so much you can learn from books and that some things need to be experienced to truly be understood.

But what I do know is that this is something amazing and wonderful for the people who are immersed into the community and it was something I wanted to learn about and understand better. As I said in the acknowledgments, I have absolutely the utmost respect and admiration for everyone who lives this lifestyle and hope they will take this story as it was intended, as a work of fiction written by someone who was curious and motivated to investigate but has very little knowledge, lol.

I can totally understand the appeal of both sides of the sub/Dom equation. Giving yourself over to someone else’s care, being their sub and letting them make all the decisions? That would be very freeing. The only things you would think about or be required to do would be what your Dom asked of you and their approval or disapproval would be the only thing that mattered.

And of course, being the one in charge has it’s benefits as well. It’s a big responsibility being a Dom. You have someone in your care who is totally dependent on you for whatever length of time you agree on but you also know that in that time, you are their whole world. It’s heady stuff.

Safe – sane –  and consensual were words I found a lot in my research. Everyone involved had to be aware of what was going on and agree to it. For some there are contracts that are written up in advance and safeguards for everyone involved.

I think what anyone who’s interested should do is research like I did. Read a lot, and if you can, talk to someone who’s involved in the community. There’s more than one opinion out there so make sure you get a bunch and keeping an open mind is the most important part. What appeals to others might not appeal to you and that’s okay. While I find a lot of aspects of BDSM fascinating, I’m not big on humiliation, probably because I only associate it with something really bad happening to me that I don’t want, but there are a lot of people for whom that is an essential part of their experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I found most of the people I talked to were more than willing to help me and were in fact eager to clear up misconceptions about their community.

So, in the end, what I do know would fill a thimble and what I don’t know would fill an ocean and I hope that if you are a part of the BDSM community that you can forgive me for any mistakes I’ve made while enjoying the story I’ve crafted.

You can get Wrapped Up in Chains here as an ebook and here as a paperback, the first 20 copies of which are autographed by me!!

Harmony Ink New Release: March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014

If We Shadows by D.E. Atwood

A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

Jordan was born female, but wants to live the last year of high school as a boy. He discovers being true to himself isn’t so simple. If We Shadows by D.E. Atwood, a Harmony Ink Press Young Adult title available from Dreamspinner Press.











Born female, all Jordan wants is to slip under the radar and live the last year of high school as a boy. His parents and siblings support him, but he’d rather be recognized for his acting and musical talents than his gender issues.

When Shakespeare’s Puck gives him three magical potions—true sight, true seeming, and true love—Jordan discovers being true to himself isn’t as simple as he thought.

Jordan must navigate the confusion of first love, a controversial role in the fall musical, and his transgender identity, while fairy magic creates a net of complications over everything he does. In order to unweave the spells laid over his friends—his supportive older brother, James, his playwright friend, Pepper, and Maria, another transgender student—Jordan needs to understand exactly how far he’ll go to reach his goals of finding true love, true sight, and true seeming.

Length: Novel (240p.) | Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Young Adult, Transgender | Release Date: March 6, 2014

Buy as an eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62798-821-6 ) | Buy as a paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62798-820-9)

Harmony Ink New Release: February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014

The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick

A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

Bryan was a bully, until one morning he wakes up a different person—helpful and kind. But Scott, Bryan’s former victim, is not convinced. The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick, a Harmony Ink Press Young Adult title available from Dreamspinner Press.











One October morning, high school junior Bryan Dennison wakes up a different person—helpful, generous, and chivalrous—a person whose new admirable qualities he doesn’t recognize. Stranger still is the urge to tie a red sheet around his neck like a cape.

Bryan soon realizes this compulsion to wear a red cape is accompanied by more unusual behavior. He can’t hold back from retrieving kittens from tall trees, helping little old ladies cross busy streets, and defending innocence anywhere he finds it.

Shockingly, at school, he realizes he used to be a bully. He’s attracted to the former victim of his bullying, Scott Beckett, though he has no memory of Scott from before “the change.” Where he’d been lazy in academics, overly aggressive in sports, and socially insecure, he’s a new person. And although he can recall behaving egotistically, he cannot remember his motivations.

Everyone, from his mother to his teachers to his “superjock” former pals, is shocked by his dramatic transformation. However, Scott Beckett is not impressed by Bryan’s newfound virtue. And convincing Scott he’s genuinely changed and improved, hopefully gaining Scott’s trust and maybe even his love, becomes Bryan’s obsession.

With a foreword by C. Kennedy

Length: Novel (190p.) | Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Gay | Release Date: February 20, 2014

Buy as an eBook (ISBN: 978-1-62798-717-2 ) | Buy as a paperback (ISBN: 978-1-62798-715-8)

Broken release party wraps up!

February 19, 2014


Well that’s all folks!

Thank you so much for reading my posts. I am a new author and new to the art of  blogging, and I have had a lot of fun writing these posts. I hope I will be back with another release party soon. Please follow my blog on the link below if you want to keep in touch with what I am up to.

The lovely Kim Fielding is generously having me guest blog on Sunday/Monday depending on time zone.  http://kfieldingwrites.blogspot.co.uk/  Look out for more details on my blog link below – there might just be another giveaway! :)

I gave each of the lovely people who took part in the giveaway a number and in the interests of fair play I rolled a dice and the winner is… Andrea M! Congratulations! I will need your email address that is attached to the Dreamspinner Press account please and one will soon be winging its way over to you. It is getting on for midnight in the UK so I will bid you all goodnight, and hope to chat to you again.

For those of you unlucky this time, Broken is available at a discounted price  today (19th) so why not take advantage and pop over to buy a copy! I hope you enjoy reading it!

Broken – buy at Dreamspinner Press.

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Broken – Raine Norman – Out of Left Field

February 19, 2014


Hello again, Raine Norman here. This time I want to give a little mention to the first story that Dreamspinner Press published for me, Out of Left Field. This short story was published as part of last year’s Daily Dose Anthology – Make a Play.

Concierge Jake Wentworth rues the day he got involved with Mikey, his coworker and cheating ex-lover. Already in a foul mood, a rude guest further puts him off his game. Jake realizes there is more to Billy Smith than his first impression when they accidentally meet while jogging the next morning. When they hit it off over coffee and sightseeing, Jake worries his battered heart will be in for more pain, but Billy is determined to make something more of their relationship.

If you want to read more about how Jake and Billy get on, click on the link below. It is discounted today!

Out of Left Field – buy at Dreamspinner Press

Jake and Billy’s attraction was love at first (or maybe second) sight, but in Broken, although Joel was attracted to Oliver he did have a long history of avoiding commitment, and it took a bit of a campaign from Oliver to finally get Joel to move in and settle down.

When reading I enjoy both instalove stories and ones where the characters have to work a little harder to be together. Though I must say that I love to write angsty scenes in my stories.

What do you prefer to read? Do you believe in love at first sight or can it only ever be lust at first sight?

Broken – buy at Dreamspinner Press.

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Broken by Raine Norman Launch Party Giveaway time!

February 19, 2014


Hi guys!

In the early part of the novella, Oliver is upset when Joel says they should take a break. He vents his despair at the cost of some damage.

Have you ever broken something in a fit of temper, frustration or despair? Give your reply in comments and I will randomly select one lucky person to receive a free copy of Broken.

I will give you an instance when I broke something. I used to have a silly ornament called Egg Whip which was in the shape of an egg with a scrawny chicken’s head sticking out of it which was dressed to represent a jockey. I bought it as a joke as my now ex-husband had been a professional  racehorse jockey in the past. Well, I was dusting one day and I noticed the peak of the cap was broken. My ex was really clumsy and I was cross he’d broken it without telling me that he had. When I asked him about it, he denied that he had done the deed. Pretty weak defense really as there was only the two of us in the house!  Long story short, I got so cross at his denial that I snapped the head of the ornament and yelled that it was really broken now! LOL!

So, were you as daft as me by making a slightly damaged ornament only fit for the dustbin? Or have you got even funnier stories to tell? Tell your tales of destruction below for a chance to win a free copy of Broken! The winner will be chosen later tonight.

Edited to add – this giveaway is now closed but check out my blog as there may well be another chance to win when I guest blog at the weekend – full details will be put up there on Saturday! 

Broken – buy at Dreamspinner Press.

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Broken – Raine Norman – The Cover Art

February 19, 2014

Hello again!

One of the most exciting things about getting a story published in its own right, rather than as part of an anthology, is that the story got its own book cover. I filled out a questionnaire about my likes and dislikes of book covers to help the team at Dreamspinner Press decide who to get to do the artwork. I really do have to say that many of the examples I liked were by Brooke Albrecht, and so I was delighted to be informed that this talented artist would be doing the cover.

You’ve seen a little hint of the cover art on the headers on these posts, but I thought it was about time that I shared the whole thing. It is so beautiful I am really hoping that it gets nominated for awards as it so deserves to be.


The model is simply beautiful and the background really sets the scene. I really couldn’t believe my luck in getting such beautiful artwork and can’t thank Brooke enough!

I know we shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’ but  have any of you ever bought a book based purely on its cover, and if so did it live up to expectations? Please take the time to let me know in comments and stay tuned as a giveaway is coming up later and also an excerpt!


Broken – buy at Dreamspinner Press.

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