When Chaos Rules How Well Do You Know Those Closest To You? with Elizabeth Noble

September 7, 2015


Hello and thank you for stopping by today! I’m Elizabeth Noble, author of Shifting Chaos (book 4 of The Sleepless City) which coincidentally released today.

How well do you really know those closest to you? What about how well they know you?

In the series The Sleepless City (co-written with Anne Barwell) vampires and werewolves live and work alongside humans. While humans and werewolves reproduce naturally, and pair bond for love and to create offspring, vampires have mates for a different reason. They live incredibly long lives bordering on immortality. Nature gave vampires the unique ability to bond with one person, their soul mate, for life. Each person in the soul mate bond complements the other. Where one is weak the other is strong.

Vampires can and do soul bond with other vampires, humans and on rare occasions werewolves. Each couple experiences different things and each soul bond is unique. The bonding between two vampires takes place in stages. During that time it’s possible for each party to telepathically see some important, highly emotionally charged memories of the other. Think of it as those Facebook life event highlights for the mind.

Soul mates aren’t the only loves vampires have. Before they meet their soul mate they form friendships and have relationships with other lovers, some for hundreds of years. After a 150 years or so you get to know a person pretty well. You might think you know everything about them. Or do you? Do they really know everything about you?

During the course of The Sleepless City the three oldest vampires of the group, Declan, Forge and Simon meet and bond with their soul mates. One with another vampire, one with a human and one with a werewolf. This gives the relationships they’ve already formed with one another a good, hearty shaking up and dynamics change. Together they are a family and those family ties are challenged to the brink of destruction.

Throughout Shifting Chaos, the final book of the series, all of those individual relationships are strained, tested, and given room to grow. There is the very real threat to one man that the discovery of the deepest, darkest event of his life will leave him rejected by his soul mate and family, an outcast. He’s even managed to hide this event from his soul mate. There is the risk of losing loved ones to death and inner demons.

While writing Shifting Chaos I wanted to show a bit of the past for a few of these men. Two of them have known each other—intimately—since 1821, so there is a lot of history there. Getting ideas for snippets of what they’d lived through and then presenting it into the story was a wonderful challenge for me. I didn’t want to have an overload of flashbacks. In some places I went the route of these two individuals sort of competing to tell the best, most embarrassing, entertaining story about each other to the rest of their family of choice. Doing this allowed me the opportunity to forward the plot and add some humor along the way. Their pasts become very relevant to the conspiracy they face and the disaster they’re trying to prevent in the present.

The fight with demons, inner and otherwise, causes memories and events long buried to resurface. Men who think they know each other so well, find out there is more to be discovered. What they learn is not only surprising, but frightening. How each individual reacts to those revelations is an important aspect of the story. Most importantly they all learn love really does conquer all, and in their case allows for a lot of forgiveness. When you love someone, truly and deeply love them, you take the good with the bad and work it out because that is part of what love is.

What would you do if you discovered some deeply hidden secret about the person you loved most? How do you think they’d react finding out something like that about you?

Everyone commenting will be entered into a drawing to win any ebook off my backlist (Shifting Chaos is excluded from the contest and not eligible for the giveaway).

Thank you for stopping by today and as always, happy reading!






Chaos reigns in The Sleepless City, and it’s really beginning to piss Detective Jonas Forge off. He’s got inner demons to battle and a life to build with his new soul mate, Blair Turner. Nothing is going right, and he already feels the universe is conspiring against him when a turn of events he never saw coming flips his world upside down.

Hallucinations grip the town and everyone in it, threatening to tear their precariously built family apart, and the only way forward is to bare all to each other. This means Declan and Blair need to learn to accept one another. Lucas Coate has to move forward without ties to his werewolf pack and live a monogamous life with Declan.

But while Forge and Declan confront horrors from their shared past, Simon learns a terrible truth about vampires—one he couldn’t have imagined in his worst nightmares.


Blair had only been a vampire for five years, not nearly time enough to have learned the depths of power he possessed. Or how to really control it. A simple shove to Ben’s shoulder could have shattered bone and sent him flying. Fortunately Simon intervened, catching Ben around the waist and dragging him away at high speed before Blair could
touch him.

Simon whirled around, putting himself in front of Ben and Blair and shielding them from Forge. For a split second, his eyes were deep, dark brown with no whites or iris visible.

Declan stood at the bottom of the steps, fists clenched. He didn’t say a word, but he didn’t have to. It sucked knowing someone that well. Forge could still tell what Declan was thinking. Yet the memory that surfaced surrounding those killings so long ago were events Forge had never told Declan, or anyone, about. It had been hidden even from Blair,
it was so deeply buried in Forge’s subconscious. So how did Declan know? How could he possibly know?
It was Declan who finally ushered them up the steps—Simon, Ben, and Blair first—muttering, “I go out for twenty minutes to pick up pizza, and everyone goes nuts.”

When Declan glanced over his shoulder and nodded at Lucas, he reached down and took Forge’s arm to help him up.

“What happened? What did I do?” Forge asked.

Lucas pulled him into a hug. “Nothing. You yelled. Knocked some furniture over and scared the crap out of Blair and Moose. And me.”

When Lucas leaned back, holding Forge by the shoulders, Forge noticed for the first time Lucas’s clothes were ripped and his jeans had split, but not enough that they fell off him. He must have mostly transformed to get control of Forge.

“Where’s Moose?” Forge looked around. Moose moved slowly out from under Blair’s desk. He whimpered and wagged his tail, then ran to Forge.

Lucas put his arm around Forge’s shoulders and steered him toward the stairs, clicking his fingers for Moose, who followed. “You’re colder than usual.”

As soon as they were up the stairs in the living room, Forge saw Blair on the couch, knees tucked under his chin, arms around his legs. Lucas sat him next to Blair, and Forge immediately gathered Blair in his arms and pulled him close. He was ridiculously relieved when Blair grabbed on, and bent his head to press his face against Forge’s shoulder. Never letting Blair out of his sight and never letting him go again was what Forge wanted; however, that was impractical. Blair couldn’t enlighten the young minds he taught with two hundred pounds of irritable vampire attached to him.

Lucas wrapped a blanket around the two of them and sat on the arm of the couch nearest Blair. Simon showed up with two cups of steaming liquid. He moved the coffee table back and crouched in front of them, holding one cup out to Forge. After he took it, Simon tapped Blair’s arm and said, “Blair, here, drink this. It fixes everything. I promise.”

Declan sat on Forge’s other side and rubbed his hand over Forge’s head before dropping his hands to his lap. He chuckled, and Forge relaxed. Tea was Simon’s cure for all disasters.

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Writing Series with Anne Barwell

July 6, 2015



Thanks for hosting me.

I’m Anne Barwell and Family and Reflection is my 9th release with Dreamspinner Press. I live in New Zealand, and in my other job I work in a library. Family and Reflection is also book 3 of The Sleepless City, an urban fantasy series which is a joint project with Elizabeth Noble.

When we started discussing ideas for The Sleepless City we soon realised that it would need more than one book to tell the story. As our writing schedules and styles are quite different, we decided to alternate writing the books. I’ve written book 1, Shades of Sepia, and book 3, Family and Reflection. Elizabeth has written book 2, Electric Candle, and book 4, Shifting Chaos.

One of the reasons I love writing series is that it gives the opportunity to explore characters and their world in much more depth. With each book I learn something new about these characters, and given that several of them are vampires, there’s a lot of history to catch up on. It reminds me in a way of peeling an onion, in which each new layer reveals itself when something triggers a memory or relates the past to the present. Also, with the focus of each book on different characters, although keeping the ensemble feel of the series, it meant that all the characters had the chance to grow as the overall story progressed. Several minor characters also demanded more air time, and turned up with hints of interesting back stories. It’s a good thing we’re both writing spin off series after The Sleepless City arc is finished.

The other reason is that a series lends itself to a much more complicated plot. While each book has closure in regard to the immediate crisis/mystery, strands from earlier books come together with each subsequent part of the story to give a more complete picture. Continuity is really important when the series is an arc rather than stand alone stories set in the same universe, so many of the story elements were plotted out before book 1 was even written. Then, as things happened when we wrote our parts of The Sleepless City, we added to our already extensive series and character notes.

Most of my other books are part of series too… Who am I kidding? They all want sequels or have sneaked into a series by becoming a prequel to something I haven’t written yet. I can’t write a standalone story to save myself, although I like to leave my characters in a good place at the end of each book and tie up the immediate storyline. I also like to include enough information so new readers can read out of order and still follow the plot, although there are references to things that have happened in previous books too.

My current WIP, One Word, is a good example of this. This story is a side novel to my first book Cat’s Quill—it’s Donovan and Ethan’s story as to what happened while Tomas and Cathal were… oops sorry, spoiler for those who haven’t read the series. Anyway, it’s a fun juggling act, so that readers who haven’t read my Hidden Places series can follow this story, but not info dumping to the point that others have to re-read what they already know. One of my beta readers has read all my books, while another is new to this series and deliberately hasn’t read the others so between them they can make sure I’m getting that balance right.



Do you like stories which are told over several books, or do you prefer everything to be tied up in a neat bow at the end of one book? I’d love to know which, and why, and am offering a free ebook from my backlist to someone who comments on this post. DSP will draw the winner after 48 hours.



Family and Reflection
Book 3 of The Sleepless City, Sequel to Electric Candle
For as long as Lucas Coate can remember, werewolves have been taught to mistrust vampires. Lucas is an exception—he has close friends who are vampires. The werewolf pack in Flint—and their leader, Jacob Coate—have made it clear that Lucas’s association with vampires is barely tolerated, and another transgression will be his last. When Lucas finds out about the plague of werewolf deaths in the area, he wants to help even though his own life may already be in danger.

Declan has been away from Flint for ten years, but he isn’t surprised to learn that the internal politics of the Supernatural Council haven’t changed for the better. When a series of burglaries hit close to home soon after he arrives, Declan—a vampire and professional thief—is their prime suspect, although for once, he isn’t responsible. With the council keeping secrets, no one is safe. Time is running out, and for Lucas and Declan, everything is about to change.


Buy Links:
eBook: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6464
Paperback: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6465



“Someone has stolen from the council, Mr. Declan,” Hillary said. “Are you denying you’re responsible?”

“That depends. Are you accusing me?” Declan replied, giving her the incredulous look her comment deserved before continuing. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Lassiter, but if I was a thief, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to steal from the council. My friends work for you, as do I on occasion. We have no argument with you.”

At least they hadn’t lately, Declan added silently. Anyway, just because he could break into the council vault, it didn’t mean he had.

“The items stolen did not belong to the council itself. This is personal.” Hillary stood. She sounded angry. “Someone broke into my home last night and stole something from my bedroom while I slept!”

“Well, it wasn’t me,” Declan said. No wonder the council was upset. Whoever was doing this either had a death wish or was trying to make a point. He shrugged. “You need to read up on vampires. You’re human. I can’t enter your home unless you invite me in.”

“Some of your kind don’t need to follow that rule,” she said.

Jacob cleared his throat. “Declan isn’t old enough, Hillary.” Only a very old vampire could enter a private home uninvited. “There are ways around that rule, however, and we are not sure this burglar is working alone.”

“What if he had already been invited in?” she said, ready to argue the point. “My husband’s family has owned the house for over twenty years. It was robbed fifteen years ago, the day after we’d had a tradesman there to fix the phone. People invite tradesmen in all the time. I checked the council records. Declan was in Flint then too.”

“That still doesn’t mean it was me,” Declan pointed out. He thought back. Lassiter. Lassiter. Oh, right. No wonder her name seemed familiar. That robbery fifteen years ago probably had been him. He’d burgled a few homes in Flint around that time by posing as a tradesman a few days beforehand. Once he’d been invited in, it was forever, or at least while that particular human was still living there.

“It doesn’t mean it wasn’t, either,” Jacob said. He steepled his fingers, his brows creasing in thought.

“Mrs. Lassiter implied this meeting was because I needed your help,” Declan reminded him.
“I don’t. Don’t accuse me of something unless you have proof.”

“Do you have an alibi for last night?” Jacob asked.

“Yes,” Declan said. He took a deep breath and blew it out. Jacob was going to love this one. “Lucas. Your son.”

Jacob didn’t seem surprised at the revelation. Was he keeping an eye on Lucas despite telling his son he wanted nothing more to do with him? Perhaps he still cared. For all their differences, Lucas was family, and that was important to the pack.

“All night?” Jacob asked after everyone else in the room had turned their heads to stare at Declan.

“No,” Declan had to admit. He wasn’t sleeping with Lucas and wasn’t about to imply he was. Lucas had enough family issues without them thinking he was involved with a vampire. Which he wasn’t. “We got home about three this morning.”


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Jewel Cave virtual release party winners!

April 12, 2015

Su was chosen as the winner of an eBook copy of Jewel Cave. Angela was my backlist pick of eBook winner. I’ll be sending you emails shortly. Congrats and thank you so much for joining in my release party!

Read On!


A look ahead

April 10, 2015

I have a series, The Sleepless City, which I’ve written with fellow Dreamspinner author, Anne Barwell. The first two books, Shades of Sepia and Electric Candle were released last year. The series is urban fantasy, vampires, werewolves, humans and a ghost. This year we are releasing the final two books in the series, Anne has written book #3 Family and Reflection due out sometime around July and I wrote the fourth book, Shifting Chaos.


Without giving too much away, here is a little peek at my vampires, werewolf and human preparing to do battle with an unknown enemy:


Forge put both hands into the air. “All right, I surrender. No more scaring the reporters.” He turned to Declan, pointing at Lucas. “Teach him to pick pockets.”

Lucas laughed. “No, that won’t work. I tried but when I stick my hand in someone’s pocket it just turns me on. Which would distract them, but me too.”

“It was embarrassing,” Declan grumbled.

“It’s sorta fun,” Blair said. “You wanted Declan and I to be friends.”

“Friends yes, accomplices in crime, no.” Forge stuck his hands in his pants pockets.

“You’re just jealous because you could never master the art,” Declan added. “Not that I didn’t spend hours trying to teach you.”

Almost immediately Forge rolled his eyes, pulled one hand free and held it out, palm up. “Keys.”

Declan smirked and dropped Forge’s keys into his extended hand. “We have to get information from the police station. Lucas doesn’t have the access you do. You’re on leave for two weeks. The only way we have left is for Blair, Simon and I to break in and steal it.”

“What? Wait. No, I’m not breaking into the police department. Leave me out of this plan. It’s a crazy idea,” Simon sputtered.

“Be reasonable, Simon. You, Blair and I are the only ones who can get by the security cameras. Blair learns fast but he’s really still a cat-burglar-in-training. It’ll take three of us,” Declan said then blew out a long suffering sigh. “I suppose you need incentive, however. Ben, how would you feel about a night in lock up?”

“Aww.” Lucas stood and moved to stand behind Blair and rubbed his head. “So does that make you a kitty-burglar?”

“Oh, shut up.” Blair ducked away from Lucas and smacked his side.

Ben shrugged. “As long as my mum never finds out. She’d be upset.”

“No,” Simon snapped.

“I’m on an administrative leave, not banished from the kingdom. I can go there whenever I want to. I’m not locked out of cases, but do have to take a forced vacation. Eat right, sleep in, see the department shrink, no crime scene interviews. I didn’t have to turn in my badge—” When he put on hand on his belt, Forge closed his eyes and pressed his lips together for a few seconds, then said, “give me my badge back.” Declan handed it over and Forge patted his back pocket. “Wallet.” Grinning, Declan placed that in Forge’s hand. “Couldn’t get my phone, eh?” He reached for the pocket on the inside of his jacket and growled.

“I don’t have your phone,” Declan said. “But here is your flash drive.”

Forge turned when he heard Blair tap his fingers against the table. He was holding Forge’s phone.

The Circles series

April 10, 2015

Elizabeth Noble back again. Circles is my mystery/suspense thriller series. All the books focus on a couple where one of them is in some branch of law enforcement. In Run for the Roses we met Wyatt and Val. Wyatt was an agent for Homeland Security, the ICE division.

Next came A Barlow Lens. This book told us the story of a pair of lovers from 1927. Their story unfolds as Wyatt and Val investigate a cold case murder.

Now there is Jewel Cave, a completely different couple in a different situation. While we watched Wyatt and Val’s relationship bud and grow, Griff and Clint are much different. Theirs is an established relationship. Like every relationship it has undergone some changes. They still love one another deeply, however they’ve fallen into the rut of taking one another for granted and their sex life has seriously waned.circles banner 531 250 white copy

We first meet Clint and Griff as side characters during A Barlow Lens. In Jewel Cave we meet a Park Ranger, Mason Arquette. Mason becomes one of the main characters in the fourth book, Gone Away which is currently being written.

I decided on the name Circles because the lives of the characters in each book are interconnected in some manner. We briefly ‘meet’ someone who will become a main character in the following book. I’ve focused on a few different branches of American law enforcement, but am always looking for ideas.

What branch of law enforcement interests you that you’d like me to build a story around?

The entire Circles series is on sale for 25% off with the discount code Noble0414, which is good only until April 16,2015. To be entered into a contest to win an eBook copy of Jewel Cave or any eBook off my backlist please comment below and let me know which–or both–contest you’d like to enter.

Lets meet some men

April 10, 2015

I’m Elizabeth Noble, here today in celebration of my latest release Jewel Cave.

It’s time we had a talk about the men in Jewel Cave.

This is the man who inspired Griff Diamond. Griff is one of those guys with an even temperament, but you really don’t want to cross him because it could get ugly.  He’s a U.S. Marshal and prides himself on being able to take care of everyone in any situation.




The love of Griff’s life is Clint Bishop…these pictures are how I pictured Clint in my head.




Clint is a more outgoing, sociable sort of guy. From the very start Griff was his hero and that hasn’t changed ten years later.

Like any couple, their lives and love for one another underwent alterations through the years. What didn’t change was how much of themselves they shared with one another. This becomes a very important part of the story. Each man draws strength from his partner, even when they are separated. Clint puts into practice advise and law enforcement facts he’s learned over the years from Griff. It’s basically what keeps him level headed and lets him survive his ordeal.

For Griff’s part he knows Clint well and knows his habits. The books Clint writes, the people he associates with and even little editing symbols he uses while working on a manuscript help Griff in some unexpected ways once the hunt for Clint is on.

It’s this connection that helps them rebuild the life and love they have after Clint’s ordeal comes to an end.

Don’t forget to comment or ask me a question to be entered to win either an eBook from my backlist or an eBook copy of Jewel Cave. Also the discount code for 25% off all my Circles books is Noble0414 (case sensitive) and is good until April 16, 2015.

How the idea for this book began…

April 10, 2015

Yep, it’s me, Elizabeth Noble, back again talking about my latest release Jewel Cave.

I forget what I was looking for online one day, but I happened upon pictures of a huge cave system in South Dakota, United States called Jewel Cave National Monument. I sat and read a bit about the place and knew then and there I had to write a book featuring this location in some way.

Scenic-Tour-Images-Walkway-Leaving-Torture-Room-Eric-Dodd-January-2009This is a picture of the real Jewel Cave. It has a lot of significance to the book on multiple levels. Our main men, Clint Bishop and Griff Diamond first met while they each were vacationing at this cave system. It was where they fell in love. Flash forward ten years and we learn they’ve returned there a number of times to enjoy the sport of caving.

When I first came up with the concept of a suspense thriller located here I originally wanted to have the bulk of the story take place inside the cave–hence the title of the book. As I researched the Jewel Cave system I learned there were tours and many visitors daily year round, not to mention Federal officers in the form of Park Rangers on site at all times. I couldn’t have a man-hunt for a kidnap victim and his captor realistically take place in a National Monument! So I decided to have them travel to somewhere close. That way I was able to keep the significance of the Jewel Cave in the story as well as make the whole thing plausible.

The Jewel Cave one of the South West best caves.


Some of these photos were what I used as inspiration for scenes in the book.



Have you ever fallen in love (or back in love) on vacation?

Don’t forget I’ll pick two contest winners, feel free to enter either contest or both. One person will receive a free eBook copy of Jewel Cave and the other winner may pick from any book off my backlist.

Head on over to the Dreamspinner store and use the coupon code Noble0414 for 25% off any Circles book. The code is case sensitive and good until April 16, 2015. As another reminder all paperbacks are also on sale, not just mine but everyone’s.


A Couple of Characters

April 10, 2015

Hi there!

Elizabeth Noble back again with some more on my latest Circles series book Jewel Cave.

Jewel Cave is the story of a friendship that turned to obsession and stalking, leading to a kidnapping. The only witnesses to this crime are MCs two dogs, Phoenix and Fern. They have small but very important roles to play in the book.

Let me introduce you to them!

This is Phoenix, he is based on my own dog, Phoenix who passed away just over two years ago. He was a Labrador Retriever mix. Jewel Cave takes place in several locations, one of which is my neighborhood. Clint and Griff live with their dogs in the West Park area of Cleveland, Ohio. I used my house as the basis for their house. Their boy (and mine), Phoenix is in my living room which is thesame room Clint was attacked and kidnapped from.

2012-08-26 12.43.31

Those who follow me on Facebook or Google are going to be familiar with the little girl who inspired Clint and Griff’s other dog, Fern.  2014-11-07 12.32.51My dog, Rosie plays the part of Fern. Clint puts together clues from an injury of hers to realize he’s being stalked. It is what happens to Phoenix and Fern throughout the book that launch Griff on a manhunt for Clint and his captor. In the end it is Phoenix and Fern who start Clint and Griff on their road to recovery.

They may never have a line of dialog, but these two are integral parts of the story.

And before anyone asks, neither dog is harmed.

Pets are important in our lives and I’d love to hear about what readers think about them being characters in a book.

Jewel Cave

April 10, 2015


I’m Elizabeth Noble and I’m here to celebrate my latest release Jewel Cave, the third in my suspense/mystery series Circles.

To start us off today I’ll let you know about the contests. I’m running two separate contests. You are welcome to enter them both, simply include backlist, JC, or both in any comments made. I’ll be giving away one eBook copy of any book off my back list and one eBook copy of Jewel Cave.

Dreamspinner has kindly provided a discount coupon code of Noble0414 (case sensitive). It gives everyone 25% off Circle series ebooks and lasts until the 16th of April.

Jewel Cave Final 12614 copy


The amazing cover was created by TL Bland, she is the genius behind all the covers for the Circles series.

Book blurb:

Through ten wonderful years Griff Diamond and Clint Bishop weathered good times and bad together. Lately they haven’t spent as much time together as they’d like, and their physical relationship is suffering. Then Clint loses his job at the steel mill. Instead of worrying, he sees it as an opportunity to lean on his steady partner, start his writing career, and rekindle the passion they’ve lost.


But a friendly relationship with another author turns to obsession, putting Clint’s life in danger. Taken against his will to the Jewel Cave system in South Dakota, Clint must rely on the skills he’s learned from Griff to survive.


Fearing the worst, Griff tracks Clint across the country. As a US Marshall, Griff’s always been the man who keeps everyone safe, but he doesn’t know how he and Clint will survive this.


And a wee bit of an excerpt:

Clint blew out a harsh breath. He looked down at his arms. They were tied in front of him with chain. Another chain ran from his wrists to a ring bolted to the floor of the car. Chains encircled his ankles that led back to the ring as well. “I have to take a leak.”
“We’ll stop soon. Get some food, something to drink, use a restroom.” Dylan reached over and ran his hand over Clint’s thigh, using his fingertips to press against the sensitive part next to the inseam of his jeans.
“Get your hands off me,” Clint snarled. “I don’t know what you think, but Griff’s going to kill you when he finds me.” The words tumbled from his mouth before he could stop them. Can’t hide behind Griff’s badge. I won’t hide behind Griff or his badge. His brief glance at his own leg made him realize these weren’t the jeans he remembered wearing last, nor was this his shirt. How he came to be in different clothing was something he decided not to think about. That decision didn’t stop a shiver from working through him.
Dylan chuckled again. It was a sick, cold sound. “Oh, we won’t have to worry about Griff anymore. I promise.” He removed his hand from Clint’s leg and grabbed the steering wheel so he could hold his other hand up for Clint to see. “Or his dogs. Especially the bastard who bit me.”
“Our dogs.” Clint’s voice broke. He wanted to believe Dylan wasn’t able to hurt Griff. Yes, Dylan had gotten the drop on Clint, but Griff was a professional whose life revolved around protecting others and himself. He had training and skills when it came to self-defense. Clint couldn’t get through this without utter conviction Griff was alive and well despite Dylan’s words. Phoenix and Fern he wasn’t as confident about. A silent cheer went through Clint’s head at the sight of the crude gauze bandage with blood oozing through it. He hoped Phoenix had chomped down hard enough to do real damage to Dylan’s hand. The sort of damage that prevented it from being used normally after it healed.



I have a few posts planned but can’t decide which one to do next: The canine characters or the place that started it all and inspired this book.

Let me know what you’d like to hear about.

I’ll announce the contest winners Sunday evening about this time.


New Releases: April 1st, 2015

April 1, 2015

For a Rainy Afternoon by RJ Scott


For Robbie and Jason, the ingredients in a special recipe might reveal a love cut short seventy years earlier.

A Tale of the Curious Cookbook


Robbie MacIntyre manages a small post office in the old Station House on the outskirts of sleepy Barton Hartshourn northwest of London. He’s stunned when the owner, Maggie, a close friend, bequeaths him not only the post office, but also Station House.


The rest of her estate is left to an American writer, Jason Young, and when he moves to the village, Robbie is thrown by the attraction he has for the man who has more of a claim on the Station House than he does.


Then there is a box that holds several rare first editions and a cookbook. Only when the secrets of the ingredients in a particular recipe are finally revealed does everything begin to make sense, and a love cut short seventy years earlier is finally discovered.


Length: Novella (66p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: April 1, 2015

Buy as eBook ($3.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-860-3)








Jewel Cave by Elizabeth Noble


As a US Marshall, Griff’s always the man to keep everyone safe, that is until Clint is taken against his will to the Jewel Cave system.

Circles: Book Three


Through ten wonderful years Griff Diamond and Clint Bishop weathered good times and bad together. Lately they haven’t spent as much time together as they’d like, and their physical relationship is suffering. Then Clint loses his job at the steel mill. Instead of worrying, he sees it as an opportunity to lean on his steady partner, start his writing career, and rekindle the passion they’ve lost.


But a friendly relationship with another author turns to obsession, putting Clint’s life in danger. Taken against his will to the Jewel Cave system in South Dakota, Clint must rely on the skills he’s learned from Griff to survive.

Fearing the worst, Griff tracks Clint across the country. As a US Marshal, Griff’s always been the man who keeps everyone safe, but he doesn’t know how he and Clint will survive this.


Length: Novella (155p.) | Genre: Mystery/Suspense | Release Date: April 1, 2015

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Kindred Spirits by Alicia Dyal


The ghosts of their loved ones might ruin Tennessee bear Mike and hotshot bartender Casey’s chance for love.

Casey’s a hotshot bartender in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean he’s not sensitive. Though uncharacteristic, Casey lets a big, charismatic Tennessee bear named Mike seduce him. Who can explain the laws of attraction? No matter, Casey’s hooked, and he knows what he wants. Unfortunately, Mike’s only in town for the weekend. But then, Casey and Mike’s shot at something more is interrupted by Casey’s brother’s death.


Casey sets out to accomplish making his brother’s dream come true, but that means quitting his job and moving to Tennessee. Months later, while still trying to cope with his loss, he runs into Mike, who’s running a bar he’s inherited from his father, and he happens to be looking for a new bartender. Casey and Mike reconnect, but the ghosts of their loved ones might ruin their chance for love.


Length: Novella (49p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: April 1, 2015

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