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August 20, 2010

Okay, I think we have as many people here as we are going to. So, comment either at the Dreamspinner blog or the Dreamspinner Facebook for a chance to win a free e-book. Signups will stay open until 11pm Eastern time.

Lyn Gala, just off work!

August 20, 2010

So, I’m off work now, and I would love to chat with someone about the novel or questions you might have! Oh, and I found some of Vinnie’s naughty links… is anyone interested in seeing where our naughty boy is clicking?

Gathering Storms — RJ

August 20, 2010

I still have a few hours of teaching left, so how about I introduce you to RJ… the plain-talking cock woman who hired Vinnie as a dancer/custodian.  In the 70s, feminists told us to be proud of being women; RJ is proud of not wanting to be a woman, and she isn’t going to make her feelings fit society.  It’s a little odd that people keep asking me for reassurance that Vinnie and RJ don’t have sex.  They don’t.  However, if they did have sex, she would be using a strap-on and bending him over a table, so it would be m/m sex… with a woman.  RJ just breaks rules like that.  So, I’ll be home in a few hours, and then the real fun can start.

–Lyn Gala, today’s virtual book signing author

~ ~ ~

“Vinnie,” RJ greeted him, her feet sticking out from under the counter, so he was guessing that the beer hoses were acting up again.

“How are all my favorite pervs?” Vinnie greeted the room enthusiastically.

The bartender pointed at him with the towel. “Speak for yourself. I happen to be a very normal faggot.” Dan laughed at his own joke.

Vinnie laughed too. “You’d better watch the language in front of the boss.”

RJ’s only response was to reach out from under the counter and show them both her middle finger. Vinnie opened his mouth, right on the verge of saying something about how unladylike that was, but he liked his cock and balls still attached to his body, so he closed it without being a smart ass. “So, any big news tonight?” he asked instead. Dan was already pouring him a Coke.

“The toilet in the third stall keeps running.”

“Ah, but that is definitely boss-lady’s thing. I clean the toilets, and given my charm and good looks, that is clearly a waste of my considerable talents, but trust me, you do not want me touching anything mechanical.”

“After the mess you made out of the register tape, I can believe that.” Dan’s snort made his disgust clear, but Vinnie just smiled prettily, and the man shook his head, a grin already tugging at the edges of his lips.

RJ pulled herself out from under the counter, her shirt streaked with gunk that Vinnie just did not want to think about. “I still feel like putting you over my knee and spanking your bare ass for that mess.” Standing up, she wiped her hands on her jeans before testing the beer tap.

“Mmm. I’ve never turned down the offer of a good spanking,” Vinnie said. RJ’s narrow-eyed look sent him into full retreat, but he still managed to give her a little hip wiggle and a wink as he went. He might not have the genitals that she preferred, but if he had been a woman, he would have thrown himself at RJ and bared his ass. She scared him nearly as much as Charleston, and he liked scary.

“You’re going to get yourself into trouble, boy,” she warned. “Get the damn wall cleaned.” She turned and headed for the back, and Vinnie sighed as he faced his work for the evening. No wonder he was so bored that he was off spying on really hot ex-teachers.

Gathering Storms — Vinnie

August 20, 2010

Meet Vinnie.  Vinnie is the main character on the front of the book.  He’s feeling a little stupid because he got caught spying on Charleston.  Actually, he should feel stupid.  Getting arrested for stalking would not be fun, but Vinnie is an adult in body only.  At twenty, lots of boys still have some growing up to do, and that’s Vinnie.

–Lyn Gala, today’s virtual book signing author

~ ~ ~

“Hey, Tom. What’s hanging and how low?” Vinnie asked with a salacious eyebrow wiggle. Tom just shook his head and went inside. As the heavy service door drifted closed, Vinnie groaned at his own idiocy. Tom was one of the few dancers who definitely weren’t gay or even bisexual, so he was probably not the one to make low-hanging testicle jokes with. Damn it. Vinnie was totally off his game today, and he could not get back on it.

Leaning over the metal railing around the low stairs, Vinnie prepared to beat the erasers together when the bar’s cat came wandering down the alley, hunting or patrolling or whatever he did when he wasn’t getting spoiled by the cook who left scraps for it outside the kitchen doors. Vinnie pounded the erasers together, and a pastel cloud of chalk dust rose into the air. Whites and pinks and yellows swirled together before they slowly settled toward earth. The leading edge caught the cat’s shoulder, and the animal darted forward, scattering the rest of the cloud with his tail; however, a long streak of pink was left along the animal’s black flank. The cat gave Vinnie a yellow-eyed stare and then strutted past, feigning indifference to the pink chalk that dusted its coat. Vinnie could practically hear the animal accuse humans of being juvenile.

“Nope, not humans, just me,” Vinnie confessed. He watched the cat vanish behind the dumpster with an angry tail twitch. “Just me.” Gaying up the cat with a little pink dust was nothing compared to this afternoon’s escapades.

What if Charleston contacted his father? The school would have that contact information; after all, his father hadn’t moved his fat ass in over forty years, so he sure as hell hadn’t moved in the last three. No, the old man would only move if forced, and if Vinnie’s mother hadn’t been enough to shame him into moving, Vinnie doing a runner sure as hell wouldn’t.

Turning his back to the rail, Vinnie leaned back and wondered if he shouldn’t call his mother and check to see if that bridge was still open and ready for him to make a full retreat. While he hadn’t seen her in close to fifteen years, she took his collect calls. She cared… in her own drunken way. Then again, after being married to Vinnie’s father, the woman deserved to indulge a little. Richard Martello had married her, humiliated her, driven her into the bottle, and then divorced her without sharing one cent of his many millions.

Family trust money was not actually owned by family members—only held in trust. Vinnie remembered his father coming home from court and bragging about that bit of legal maneuvering that had left Vinnie’s mom penniless and homeless. His father had celebrated that night, and a couple of very well-endowed women had been happy to help him spend the money that Richard had not been forced to turn over to his ex-wife.

If Charleston called his father, Vinnie’s whole life just might unravel in a series of angry accusations and blackmail. If his father couldn’t control Vinnie’s life, he’d ruin it, and Vinnie didn’t have a whole of doubt on that front. Shit. He never should have taken such a risk. His mom would take him in and give him a home, if by home he was willing to accept a musky and ready-to-be-condemned apartment in the worst part of Fort Worth. Vinnie liked his life here. He liked dancing for men. He loved the look of lust that came into men’s faces when they saw Vinnie on stage.

And he’d risked it all. For what? Vinnie felt a wave of self-loathing. He’d risked everything to indulge in a stupid fantasy about a man who was probably straight as a fucking ruler. Even worse, his cock was hardening even now at the very memory. Charleston’s blue-gray eyes captured him for that one moment, and Vinnie was just pathetic enough that one second of life caught in that stare was worth all the risk.

“RJ’s right,” Vinnie said softly to the universe at large, “I am so headed for a fall.” But sadly, Vinnie had no idea how he was supposed to avoid hitting the ground at full speed. In fact, he was already falling, and catching himself midair… well, the cat might be able to do that, but Vinnie had always been more for falling on his ass and then charming everyone with a smile to convince them it hadn’t hurt at all.

Gathering Storms — Charleston

August 20, 2010

I’ll be doing a give-away later, but for now, here’s Charleston… the teacher who Vinnie fell for when he was in military school.  Fast forward a couple of years, and Vinnie is still spying on/lusting for the man.  If someone were to make a movie, this is the guy I would want to play Charleston:  In fact, check out the entire silverfeast blog.  Woof.  Those are some hot men.

–Lyn Gala, today’s virtual book signing author

~ ~ ~

Commander Joshua Sawyer Charleston. He was wearing shorts today, the summer heat beating down so that his shirt was already showing the first signs of sweat stains, and Vinnie groaned. Oh god. This was so worth risking getting arrested. Charleston ran at a steady pace beside the pack of students, his long legs hitting stride while younger ones scrambled to keep up.

Vinnie couldn’t decide why he was so obsessed with the man, but the very sight of his gray hair and his strong body made Vinnie start to harden. The others whispered that he’d been a war hero—some sort of special forces or sniper, and Vinnie could believe that rumor. Charleston moved with power, without doubt, without fear. When the headmaster had walked in, and every other academy instructor had gone stiff with either respectful fear or fearful respect, Charleston had simply looked over with a lazy gaze before going right back to counting off the pushups he’d ordered Vinnie to do.

Fuck. Charleston did love giving orders. He had certainly loved giving Vinnie orders, and Vinnie had been shocked to find that he actually reveled in getting ordered around. For seventeen years, his father had tried ordering Vinnie to stop fucking up, ordering him to stop torturing nannies or soon-to-be stepmothers or soon-to-be ex-stepmothers. It turned out that Vinnie wasn’t particularly good at orders until it was Charleston with his ice-cold gaze ordering him to hit the ground and keep doing pushups until he was permitted to stop or until his arms fell out of their sockets.

Vinnie stroked his thumb along his cock and groaned. Charleston was staring straight ahead, his gray hair streaked with the last remains of black that refused to fade away. That was the perfect metaphor for Charleston. He was just too stubborn to yield, even to time. His body certainly hadn’t yielded. It was hard, curving muscle, and as the company jogged closer, Vinnie could see the way Charleston’s body shone with sweat. He imagined his hand sliding over the smooth flesh and Charleston smiling at him with that odd, crooked smile that always looked just a little sarcastic. Charleston would reach out and grab the invading hand. Maybe he would pin Vinnie against some wall with his body, or maybe he would twist Vinnie’s arm around and slip his other arm around Vinnie’s neck, trapping him.

Vinnie’s cock was hard now, hard and hot and ready to come, but Vinnie denied it. Permission denied, he told himself with a low chuckle. Instead, he slowed his strokes, torturing himself as the group jogged closer. The path was a good fifty yards from Vinnie’s tree; he’d chosen it for its safe distance as much as for the view, but every time Charleston brought his company to that bend in the path closest to the tree, fear added its own spice to his lust.

What if Charleston caught him? Would the man remember him as the punk recruit he had taken in hand his first year here? Had Vinnie become one more faceless student who had taken a little more discipline than the others to bring into line?

That was a fear Vinnie always pushed to the side as fast as he could. He didn’t want to be invisible, not to Charleston. He’d rather have the man hate him than forget him. He wanted to believe that Charleston had truly seen him every time the man had ordered him to do pushups in the center square or do pull-ups until his shoulders screamed with pain or ordered him to run the obstacle course in the pouring rain. He’d endured all that just to get one look of respect from those storm-gray eyes Charleston had. Some days he’d even earned it.

Vinnie couldn’t control his breathing anymore. He gasped for air, gulping it hungrily as his lust rose up around him, uncontrollable and uncontrolled. Oh God, he wanted to come. Fuck. If he could only come. However, Vinnie had never been a quiet fuck. He cried out, shouted, flailed and fucking sang soprano if his partner was good enough. Right now, his body was tingling and his cock aching so bad that he felt on a knife-edge, ready to come with a fucking scream, and if he did that, Charleston would see him… would know. But he had to come. Vinnie clung to the last of his control, his arms shaking. The last cadet jogged out of sight, and Vinnie devoured his last look at Charleston.

Then, without warning, Charleston turned and storm-gray eyes found Vinnie, pinned him to the tree as neatly as a butterfly pinned to a collector’s page. Vinnie cried out, coming all over his hand and his shorts in a burst of need so strong that it wiped away all common sense and fear. One eyebrow twitched up, and that half-sarcastic, twisted grin graced Charleston’s face for just one second, and then, it was like nothing had happened. Charleston turned and headed down the path, running double-time to catch up with the others, and Vinnie was left, panting and clinging to the tree-limb and still lost in that gray storm.

Gathering Storms Booksigning

August 20, 2010

Wow. Um… I don’t actually know what I’m doing. *shrug* When you get tangled up, tango on. I’m actually at work, so I won’t be answering comments until I get off tonight. However, I do have some plans… a few excerpts, a peek into the naughty life of Vinnie, and a chance to win a book. The excerpts will be up throughout the day, but the contest will be when I get home tonight (after 6 pm Eastern time). Right now, I’d love to sign a book for you if you just head over to Tell me who to make the book out to, and you’ll get your copy in the mail. Until then… how about meeting a few of the characters from Gathering Storms?

–Lyn Gala, today’s virtual book signing author

Gathering Storm by Lyn Gala

August 20, 2010

Gathering Storm by Lyn Gala is now available in paperback and eBook.

Vinnie Bernardi wants to leave his past as a spoiled rich boy behind and find himself as a proud, gay submissive. He’s set his sights on two possible dominants: Charleston, a graying, sexy, straight-as-an-arrow physical trainer, and RJ, the straight-talking dyke who owns the bar where Vinnie dances. Neither is exactly ideal, but Vinnie is slowly falling apart and needs a top to help him hold it together.

He chooses Charleston, but Vinnie’s presence in Charleston’s life stirs up some deadly ghosts from the man’s mysterious past. After years of trying to avoid the real world, Vinnie may find himself pulled back into it—but he might not survive long enough to get what he truly needs: love and a firm hand to shelter it.

Genre: BDSM/Kink

Get a signed copy of Gathering Storm

August 19, 2010

Want a signed, personalized copy of Gathering Storm by Lyn Gala? Buy the book at our web site and leave your personalization request here on the blog. Lyn will sign the book for you before we ship it!

Why Nileas Loved the Sea by Ariel Tachna

August 18, 2010

Why Nileas Loved the Sea by Ariel Tachna is now available in eBook.

For years, Aeolus has fought the Sirens, trying to rescue hapless sailors from their clutches, to no avail. When he encounters Nileas, the first man to heed his warnings in time to be saved, Aeolus at last has a chance to indulge his fascination with the world of men. As they begin the long journey back to Nileas’s home at the other side of the Mediterranean, sharing stories of their respective lives, it becomes apparent Nileas is just as fascinated with the world of the sea—and with the merman who saved him.

Despite the attraction growing between them, neither can see a way past the limitations of their races. Aeolus cannot live long on land, nor Nileas survive in the sea, but their love proves stronger than Aeolus’s determination to let Nileas go. Can they find a compromise that will let them share their lives, or will they need to challenge the gods for the right to be together forever?

Genre: Fairy Tale

Blue Rose by Sui Lynn

August 18, 2010

Blue Rose by Sui Lynn is now available in eBook.

Luck and an impromptu jam session bring college student Quinn Yamamoto to the Blue Rose, a small R&B nightclub. He meets handsome club owner Enjoji Tatankata and it’s love at first sight, but no one said love would ever be easy.

It’s one thing after another: keeping his grades up and working to make ends meet, learning about a family he didn’t know he had, reliving buried memories of horrifying abuse in his nightmares, discovering that his new lover has dangerous secrets… nothing in his life could have prepared Quinn for this.

Genre: Contemporary