The Soldier and the Prince by D.V. Patton

January 26, 2011

The Soldier and the Prince by D.V. Patton is now available in eBook.

Jeremiah and Tobias must overcome class differences and repressed fears in order to find love. The Soldier and the Prince by D.V. Patton,.

Jeremiah is a simple man with a love for farming, ill suited for his life as a Soldier. But war has fallen upon the realms of Men, and vicious Northmen have invaded, sweeping aside age-old empires and changing the world forever. After being captured by the enemy, Jeremiah agrees to transport young prince Tobias to a monastery in return for his freedom. The Soldier and the Prince discover a mutual attraction, one that frightens the repressed Tobias but warms Jeremiah within. Their hearts will face battle, pestilence, and certain death before they can find love.

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Length: Novella

Something about Harry by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna

January 26, 2011

Something About Harry by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna is now available in eBook.

Can Sasha and Harry overcome their distrust of each other to win the war against the Gavenelians and surrender to love?

A novella in the Hot Cargo universe

Desperate for an edge in the war against the Gavenelians that will keep the Confederation from losing as many ships to the sadistic aliens as they destroy, Sasha Dmitrov contacts the space pirate he knows only as Harry, hoping the mysterious engineer will be able to pull off one more miracle. Having been warned of Harry’s disdain for the Confederation, Sasha is prepared for Harry to tell him to jump out an airlock without a space suit. The last thing he expects is an invitation to Nicodemus Vector, Harry’s shielded planetoid. What Sasha discovers is an Andromedite empath who sees far too deeply into his soul.

As they race against time for a breakthrough that will tip the scales in their favor, Sasha finds himself more and more attracted to the reclusive mercenary. But duty calls, and Sasha has a war to win before he can even think about returning to Harry’s side—assuming that either of them will risk opening himself to the other’s empathic touch.

Read about Peter and Blaise in Hot Cargo and about Ryan and Juo in Healing in His Wings.

Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Novella

Jonathan’s Garden of Eden by Edward von Behrer

January 26, 2011

Jonathan’s Garden of Eden by Edward von Behrer is now available in eBook.

Properly-brought-up Southern boy Jonathan Lattimore doesn’t begin to question his family’s expectations until his parents come to visit him in New York City. Faced with their blatant disapproval of his lifestyle, Jonathan listens to a friend’s urging to cut their apron strings. This year, rather than using his vacation time to return home, Jonathan takes a half-share in a summer house on Fire Island.

The “gay Garden of Eden” may be very different than the one he learned about in Sunday school, but as Jonathan discovers, the freedom it offers comes close to his idea of paradise.

Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story

Rinse and Repeat by Amberly Smith

January 24, 2011

Rinse and Repeat by Amberly Smith is now available in paperback and eBook.

Can Jake and Peat stop a killer before the day Repeats again? Find out in Rinse and Repeat

After reliving the same day sixty-two times, Repeater Peat Harris is about to give up on his latest case: saving Jake Schwinn. In the past, Peat has solved some seriously twisted crimes, caught the bad guys, and kept an emotional distance. But this time, his heart’s involved, a definite must-never-do on Repeats, and he can’t just walk away—even if that means putting himself into the bullet’s path.

A year ago, Jake’s best friend was gunned down, and Jake has been playing bait to catch the killer. But now a wicked-looking hottie named Peat is warning Jake that he’s about to die—again—unless they can catch the shooter. Yeah, right. Then Jake starts to remember the previous Repeats and how he and Peat hooked up….

Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novel

According to Hoyle

January 21, 2011

According to Hoyle by Abigail Roux is now available in paperback and eBook.

U.S. Marshals Eli and William must choose between two dangers: playing by the rules at any cost or trusting the very men they are meant to bring to justice. According to Hoyle (m/m) by Abigail Roux, available from Dreamspinner Press

By the close of 1882, the inhabitants of the American West had earned their reputation as untamed and dangerous. The line between heroes and villains is narrow and indistinct. The concept that a man may only kill if backed into a corner is antiquated. Lives are worth less than horses. Treasures are worth killing for. And the law is written in the blood of those who came before. The only men staving off total chaos are the few who take the letter of the law at its word and risk their lives to uphold it. But in the West, the rules aren’t always played according to Hoyle.

US Marshals Eli Flynn and William Henry Washington are escorting two prisoners to New Orleans for trial when they discover there’s more to the infamous shootist Dusty Rose and the enigmatic man known only as Cage than merely being outlaws. When forces beyond the marshals’ control converge on the paddlewheeler they have hired to take them downriver, they must choose between two dangers: playing by the rules at any cost or trusting the very men they are meant to bring to justice.

Genre: Western, Historical—American
Length: Novel

Creators of Worlds by G.R. Richards

January 19, 2011

Creators of Worlds by G.R. Richards is now available in eBook.

Haron and Wiskar have served Sky Holder as Creators of Worlds for millions of years, but their relationship has always been turbulent. Wiskar creates predators and scavengers like the wolf and the vulture, while Haron fashions gentler creatures like deer and rabbits. Though Haron is saddened to watch his creations hunted by predators, he can’t deny his attraction to Wiskar’s strengths. Ready to return home and hoping Haron will leave with him, Wiskar challenges his partner to a test of individual strengths – but Haron has a different definition of victory than Wiskar, and this is one battle he’s determined not to lose.

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Length: Short story

Talker’s Redemption by Amy Lane

January 19, 2011

Talker’s Redemption by Amy Lane is now available in eBook.

Sequel to Talker

Tate Walker’s past is too painful to just disappear, even if his dream boy, Brian Cooper, is there to hold his hand. Brian does his best, but Talker—always good at avoiding his own pain—is having a hard time facing the truth about what happened when he trusted the wrong man at the wrong time.

When that truth resurfaces and lands Brian in the hospital, Talker is forced to make a choice. He can either confront every demon in his fragile, bleeding heart, or he can let Brian take the heat for him, just like he has from the beginning. But even Talker knows you don’t leave your dream boy alone and undefended when he just saved your life, and he’ll have to find the strength to take care of Brian when Brian needs him the most.

Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella

The Servant by Mary Calmes

January 19, 2011

The Servant by Mary Calmes is now available in eBook.

After saving his younger brother’s child, Daemon Shar is cursed by a witch and runs far from home, a stray who will seemingly never be anything more. But destiny is hard to outrun, even for a man who is now more cat than man beneath his robes and cowl. A chance battlefield meeting between he and Ehron, a foreign lord, gives him purpose amidst the darkness of his accursed life. Soon Daemon finds that his true nature cannot be corrupted no matter the form he inhabits.

As Ehron’s consul, Daemon plots and plans to shape his new lord’s future so that he may leave it blessed when he runs away yet again. But he never counted on his soul hungering for Ehron’s brother Gareth or for his past to catch him by the tail at last.

Genre: Fairy Tale
Length: Novella

Dignity Takes a Holiday by Rick R. Reed

January 17, 2011

Dignity Takes a Holiday by Rick R. Reed is now available in paperback and eBook.

A Sitcom for the Taste-Challenged in 24 Episodes

Pete Thickwhistle doesn’t live what one might call a charmed life. At age forty-seven, he’s a flamboyant gay man who believes no one knows he’s gay, still living at home with his harpy of a mother. Worse, he’s still a virgin, longing to find just the right man to make his life complete. Pete’s an upbeat kind of guy, yet he’s never learned that the answer to his motto “What could possibly go wrong?” is always: “Everything.”

Pete’s road to love and happiness is full of potholes, yet he never tires of searching, despite job losses, weight battles, clothing faux pas, and disastrous vacations, parties, and dating debacles. Pete is the ultimate underdog living a television situation comedy, one named Dignity Takes a Holiday.

Genre: Humor
Length: Novel

Tono by Mickie B. Ashling

January 14, 2011

Tono by Mickie B. Ashling is now available in paperback and eBook.

Sequel to Loving Edits

In the aftermath of Mick Henley’s death, his two lovers, Paul Alcott and Tono Garat, find themselves at odds. Tono has rejected Paul on the pretext that the public will find out about their love affair, thus tarnishing Mick’s memory; the reality is that Tono fears Paul will lose interest in him because they’re not intellectual equals. Tono’s fear is compounded when Mick’s final novel, Momentos, is presented to Paul posthumously with a request to start a trust from the proceeds to aid artists and writers suffering from ALS. Mick’s only stipulation is that Tono spearhead the organization.

Paul is energized by Mick’s request, but Tono is angry and conflicted about the challenge. After a five-month separation, they reunite, rekindling their strong physical attraction—and illuminating their many differences. As always, Mick’s presence lingers, intruding at unexpected times. Are their memories preventing Paul and Tono from finding true happiness as a couple? Can there be a life for two vibrant alphas without the gentle Mick to buffer the discord?

Genre: M/M/M or more
Length: Novel