Detour – Excerpt 3

April 13, 2011

When Robert realizes that Miguel is very interested. (wicked grin)

Detour by Talia Carmichael
Now available from Dreamspinner Press
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Miguel withdrew, then turned and walked away. Robert pressed against the door, locking his knees so he didn’t fall. Miguel stopped at the base of the stairs and looked at Robert over his shoulder.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“You’re gay?” Robert breathed.

“Finally, you’ve got a clue. When you can walk, I’ll be in the bedroom waiting for you.” Miguel flashed Robert a devastating smile that lit up the handsome planes of his face.

He turned and went up the stairs. Robert watched his firm ass go. He’s gay, and he wants me.

What are you waiting for, idiot? Go after him, his inner voice, which sounded like Alex, said in his head.

Fumbling, he pulled up his boxers and pants. Holding them, he ran to the stairs. At the top, he went right to where he knew Miguel’s room was. The door was open. He paused, taking a breath before going inside. His breath whooshed out as he took in the sight before him. Miguel was naked. All that butterscotch skin was looking very lickable. Miguel was sprawled across his big, king-sized bed, his fingers curled around his cock, stroking himself. Enthralled, Robert walked over to the bed.

“Strip,” Miguel said.

Robert let go of his pants, starting to pull them off.

“Slower.” Miguel’s demand stopped him.

He frowned. Miguel smiled, a wicked twist of lips.

“Strip. Slowly. I want to see you. I’ve been waiting for this.”

A common thread

April 13, 2011

Detour is the start of a series called ‘Something in Common‘. The reasons I choose that name are numerous but the main one – common threads. I wanted to explore couples who might seem to have nothing in common and showcase that they do. Finding that other person that is for you is an adventure with twists and turns. When you first meet a person you might say “he/she is so not my type” or “we have nothing in common” yet as you get to know that person you can find that your differences are what makes your relationship work. That just that one common thing makes what you have together work.

Embracing that “Something in Common” is exhilarating and can lead to a lifetime of love. This is what the Something in Common series is all about.

Detour – Excerpt 2

April 13, 2011

Another excerpt. I’d like to introduce you to Robert.

Detour by Talia Carmichael
Now available from Dreamspinner Press
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“Just friends. He’s straight,” Robert said as he waited for Miguel to answer the door.

It was his ritual to repeat the reminder before he spent time with Miguel. In the last five weeks and four days they had spent together, sometimes it worked, while other times he couldn’t wait to go home and jerk off, imagining it was Miguel touching him. It was pathetic, but he couldn’t seem to say no when Miguel asked him to do something. Since that first game, he and Alex had become regulars at the poker games. As Miguel had mentioned, the players changed based on each player’s schedule. From his count of people at the various games, there were about twenty or so of them who played. Alex had even offered his house to be added to the rotation once it was more livable. Robert couldn’t offer his place; it was too small. Although he, Alex, and sometimes Miguel went looking, he still couldn’t find a house he wanted.

In addition to those times, he and Miguel had been to many garage sales, picking up pieces for Miguel’s house. He had spent many weekends working on restoring the pieces with Miguel. Besides that, they had gone to the beach to surf, out to eat, to fairs, and lots of other outings. It was what he would imagine a romance would be: getting to know each other, spending time together, fun and camaraderie.

Too bad Miguel was straight and therefore off limits.

“Just frien—” Robert said as door opened.

He swallowed the rest of the words as he got a look at a glistening bare chest. Robert gulped. He licked his lips as water slid down sculpted muscle.

“Sorry. I’m not ready. I had to take a shower. I took longer sanding the wardrobe than I had planned.” Miguel’s voice was muffled.

Robert was grateful Miguel was toweling his hair, giving him time to compose himself. Miguel slung the towel over his neck.

“Come on in. I’ll be ready in a sec.” Miguel stepped back.

Robert entered, closing the door behind him, and walked deeper into the room. He stopped, whimpering, as Miguel turned and started to walk away. The shorts he wore hugged his ass perfectly. His thighs moved, flexing muscles. Robert bit the side of his hand. His gaze traveled up, taking in the strong back, broad shoulders, thick neck, and slightly curly, damp hair. Miguel stopped and looked back at him.

Robert dropped his hand and took a step back. Hunger blazed in Miguel’s gaze. But that was impossible.

“When are you going to make a move? I’m tired of waiting.” Miguel’s voice was low and deep.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Robert’s addled brain was on overload.

Miguel sighed and faced him. Involuntarily, Robert’s eyes dropped, and then his mouth fell open in shock. Miguel was hard, and from the look of it, his cock was huge. Robert licked his lips, then jerked his eyes away. Miguel was amused.

“Like what you see?” Miguel purred.

“God, yes.” Robert flushed as he realized what he’d said, and he rushed to correct it. “Umm… no… look….” He screamed, frustrated, yanking at his hair.

“I can think of better things to do with your mouth than scream,” Miguel growled.

Robert dropped his hands and gawked. Miguel smiled and lowered his gaze. He licked his lips and looked back up at Robert.

“A lot more things.”

An oblivious Professor

April 13, 2011

After my incident with the detour and the cop who helped us out I knew I wanted someone who was totally different than my cop. I already had an idea of the type of series I wanted to create.

I mulled over Detour and wondered who I could pair the cop up with. Then I got an email that made me know who I wanted to pair the cop up with. The email as from an college professor’s who I enjoyed learning from in college. They taught English and I loved writing even then. This professor brought back memories of my college days. Thus Robert Berkus my college professor was born.

So now I had my cop and professor. Detour was on it’s way.

Detour Contest 1

April 13, 2011

Detour Contest 1:

Now for contest one. First person to answer the question below correctly gets an All Romance Ebook – $ 10 ebooks bucks! (must have an account there so I can send to you)

What inspired me to write Detour and what did I use to write the start of the story?

At Day’s End by Bryl R. Tyne

April 13, 2011

At Day’s End by Bryl R. Tyne

Samuel’s not just feeling old, he is old, but he’s not dead… not yet. And the bright spot of his week is spying on his hot new gardener. No one knows better than he does how ridiculous it is to think a twenty-something beefcake would show any interest in a recluse like him; fifty years hasn’t changed a thing, really. Though Samuel feels a connection he can’t explain, he’s stunned beyond words one Friday morning to find the young man knocking at his back door….

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Genre: Contemporary, Bittersweet Dreams
Length: Short Story

Detour Excerpt 1

April 13, 2011

I’ll be sharing a few different excerpts throughout the day.

To start off I want to introduce you to Miguel.

Detour by Talia Carmichael
Now available from Dreamspinner Press
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“Does your wife mind that you have these poker days?” Robert asked.

Miguel frowned, straightened, and looked at him. Robert’s attention was still on the house. When Robert looked at him, there was no guile in his eyes. Miguel stifled a chuckle. He couldn’t believe Robert hadn’t seen his interest. He could clear it up that he was very much into men, but Miguel observed Robert and decided to let him figure it out himself. He couldn’t wait to tell his brothers.

“No wife. It’s just me living here, and I don’t mind.” He winked at Robert.

Robert’s eyes widened, and he licked his lips. Miguel turned away to get the beer, stifling a chuckle. It probably wouldn’t take Robert long to figure out he was queer, but until then, it was going to be interesting. He shook his head. No wonder Robert hadn’t made any advances; he thought Miguel was straight. Miguel lifted the beer, putting it over his shoulder. A moan sounded behind him. He shifted the beer onto the other shoulder, flexing his muscles. Trying for innocence, he looked back at Robert.

“Grab the bags for me. The guys eat through food fast,” he said.

Robert came to him, and he didn’t shift away. Robert grabbed the bags, his body brushing up against Miguel’s. Robert stepped back quickly. Miguel took a breath, inhaling his maleness. Musky man and delicious-smelling cologne filled his senses. Yes, it would be sweet once Robert figured it out. His thoughts filled with all he would do to Robert when he did.

“Miguel, are you okay?” Robert’s voice came as from a distance.

Miguel shook himself out of thoughts that were not helping his already hard erection.

“I’m good.”

The leery look was back on Robert’s face. Miguel didn’t like seeing it at all.

“Hey, why don’t you invite your friend—Alex, I think you said—over to join the game?”

“Are you sure?” Robert asked.

“Yep! The more the merrier, and more money to win.” Miguel started walking to the door.

“Okay. I’ll call after we get inside and see if he’s not busy.” Robert sounded relieved.

Miguel smiled, since Robert couldn’t see him. He read people very well, and he knew he made Robert nervous. Heck, he was sure Robert was also horny. He shifted, trying to ease the pressure on his hard cock. He opened the unlocked door with his free hand and waited for Robert to go in, then chanced a quick pat of that firm ass. Robert jumped, startled, and looked back at him. He smiled innocently and strode inside.

Gay Knights and Horny Heroes: Tales from King Arthur’s Court

April 13, 2011

Enjoy an anthology of stories centered around Camelot and King Arthur! Gay Knights and Horny Heroes: Tales from King Arthur’s Court (m/m) by Michael Gouda, available from Dreamspinner Press.


The timeless tales of King Arthur have been told throughout the ages as sterling examples of bravery, manhood, and heart-searing romance. But really, we know it’s all about the men.

Here we have a re-imagined landscape of Arthurian love stories, a place in which contests of strength become contests of foreplay, a knight’s favored squire may be his equally favored bedmate, and Lancelot is given his rightful place in history: at Arthur’s side and in his bed, for as long as the two shall live.

Come, gentle readers, and venture into the world of yore, where men were men, and so are their lovers, and every warrior loves a good joust! Welcome to the world of Gay Knights and Horny Heroes—God save the King! (And the man at his side!)

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Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal, History—Ancient
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A turn down a wrong road

April 13, 2011

I was out with some friends on my way to dinner with some other friends. We were running really late to meet up with everyone and someone insisted they knew a short cut to get to the restaurant. So we took the detour and well we got really lost. Driving around trying to find our way. We happened to pass a cop and stopped to ask him for directions. The cop was gorgeous and funny. He was gracious enough to give us directions and we were on our way. As we drove away I looked out the back window at the cop. The sun was behind him casting him in a glow which made him seem so steady and almost mythical. An idea started to form.

We went to dinner and got the ribbing about our being lost. As everyone chatted and caught up with each other I was still thinking about the cop. I asked the waitress for some napkins and pulled out a pen and started to write. That was the start of detour. Officer Miguel Rodriguez came to me that day because of a wrong turn and a cop who inspired me.

Detour by Talia Carmichael

April 13, 2011

Can Robert and Miguel steer a course through the detours life throws their way? Detour (m/m) by Talia Carmichael, available from Dreamspinner Press.

Robert Berkus’s steady academic life seemed to be an open road until the day he took a detour… right into Officer Miguel Rodriguez’s path. When Miguel helps the sexy professor change a flat tire, Robert is absolutely oblivious to Miguel’s interest. That suits Miguel just fine, though. He’s used to being the aggressor although it sure would be nice to get this sweet and staid college professor to make the first move.

When Robert gets his act in gear, the results prove explosive. Miguel wants Robert in his bed and in his life permanently, and Robert enthusiastically agrees—but they’ve already learned that life makes detours. Sometimes it takes love a little courage to arrive at its chosen destination.

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Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella