2nd Chasing Seth E-Book Winner

October 1, 2011

I guess I’ll have to come up with easier questions next time!!! The winner of the 2nd e-book who got all ten questions correct is Judi!

The correct answers were:

  1. Connie and Carla
  2. Albert Goldman
  3. 8 & 3
  4. 2007
  5. Evangeline Anderson
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Tim Curry
  8. Lance Bass
  9. Gabriel
  10. Kirk and Blaine

Thank you to everyone who participated! I think maybe my questions should have had better hints. :-/

Congrats, Judi! You’ll receive your e-book shortly.

My Final Post! It’s Been Fun!

September 30, 2011

I want to say thank you to everyone who came in, participated in the contests, and even the lurkers who may not have commented. I had a lot of fun and I hope I can do this with you all very soon!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Chasing Seth, e-book or paperback. All Romance Ebooks is having a sale on all Dreamspinner Press titles that ends tonight. You receive a 25% discount, so make sure you head on over and grab yourself a couple of the DSP titles at such an awesome sale price! Lots of great reads available!

Stop by my website http://www.jrloveless.com for updates on coming soon, released novels, and even some free reads!

Have a great and beautiful Friday night. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. :p Of course, that’s not much!

First Chasing Seth E-book Winner!!

September 30, 2011

There were several who answered correctly. Unfortunately, I can only award the free copy to the first person to answer all of the three excerpts correctly.

The answers were:

1st – Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane

2nd – Trusted Bond by Mary Calmes

3rd – Wes and Toren by J.M. Colail

The first person to answer all of them correctly was: Paula.

I will be sending the e-book to you via email shortly, Paula. Thank you so much for participating and chatting with me tonight. :-)

Works in Progress and Future Projects

September 30, 2011

No one really knows what is going to happen in their future, but I can only hope to continue to write for Dreamspinner Press and provide them with novels they feel worthy of publication. I think my future novels will tend to lean more toward paranormal as I already have another work in progress that is more geared in that direction as well as a sequel to Chasing Seth. Paranormal I find more exciting because there is always a story in the background. It is about more than just the romance, which I adore so don’t get me wrong there, but I love a good story with my romance.

I also intend on working on a sequel to Touch Me Gently. The plotline is there at the back of my mind. It would be set ten years in the future and while Kaden and Logan would feature a good piece in the story, it would be more about their adopted son, Ethan. But that’s all I’m going to tell you there. :D

At the moment, I have a short story due out in December from Silver Publishing and I am hoping to finish out my current work in progress in the next month or so to submit to DSP for publication.

My next dream is to write a story for young adults and break into the YA market. I actually read quite a bit of the young adult novels. There’s a couple of series I follow and buy the books the moment they’re released. When I go to walk around a book store, I head straight to the YA section to see what’s on the shelves. It keeps me up to date with the genre I would love to write in the future.

I admit working a full time job makes it hard to write sometimes, especially when it stresses you to the point where you have a constant headache, but my goal is to be able to quit my job and write full time. It’s something I would love to be able to accomplish in the next to near future.

Second Chance to Own a Copy of Chasing Seth!

September 30, 2011

Here is another opportunity to win a free e-book copy of Chasing Seth!

I have included a list of 10 (fairly easy!) trivia questions below. The first to provide me all the right answers, will receive an e-book copy of Chasing Seth!

  1. What 2004 movie features two women on the run from a mob boss posing as drag queens?
  2. Who played the role of Albert Goldman in the movie The Bird Cage?
  3. How many Academy Awards was Broke Back Mountain nominated for and how many did it take home?
  4. What year was the movie Shelter released?
  5. Who wrote The Assignment?
  6. What was the first state to grant same sex marriage?
  7. In honor of the upcoming Halloween, who played the main transvestite in the 1975 cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show?
  8. Which Nsync band member came out of the closet in 2006?
  9. What is the name of the main character posing as a prostitute in Hayley B James’ Undercover Sins?
  10. Name the two gay characters on the hit tv show Glee.

Good Luck!

Chasing Seth Excerpt #2

September 30, 2011

Seth shuddered. “It’s not the fear he’ll come for me that keeps me awake,” he whispered. “It’s the dreams, the memories.”

The shattered way Seth said it made Kasey want to rush out and find the bastard named Taggart. If he was dead, Kasey wanted to drag him back from the depths of the hell he was in and send him right back into the heart of it. But if he was alive, Kasey would drag him from whatever hole he’d curled up in for the moment and rip the son of a bitch apart. But his mate needed him more than he needed a furious werewolf, so he breathed in deep, his embrace tightening. “If you’ll allow me to, pup, I’d like to hold you while you sleep. To help fight away the demons I can’t see,” he murmured quietly into Seth’s hair.

To his embarrassment, Seth clung even tighter to Kasey. Why couldn’t he be strong around this man? Why did he feel as though he wanted to lay his soul bare to this stranger who’d come into his life so abruptly? A stranger he felt as if he’d known all of his life, and they seemed as deeply connected, if not even more so, than he and Nick were. Was this what it felt like with your mate, he wondered, this insane urge to hold on and never let go? Kasey must have taken his clinginess as a yes to his question, because the next thing Seth knew, he’d been swept off his feet and into Kasey’s arms. A bright flush spread over his cheeks. “I can walk,” he protested weakly, ignoring the butterflies fluttering in his stomach at the romantic gesture. A gesture that usually leads to more than just sleeping, he thought and immediately chastised himself for thinking such things. 

“Let me do this for you without you arguing for a change,” Kasey replied teasingly, dark eyes sparkling.

Seth rolled his eyes but relented, hesitantly slipping one arm around Kasey’s neck. He felt… warm and… cherished. It wasn’t something he was used to feeling, and he shifted in discomfort.

Kasey’s arms felt strong, like he could lean on them forever.

The words the Cheyenne had whispered to him in the woods echoed inside his mind. Kasey loved him. Seth didn’t know why, but he believed him. Someone he’d known a few short days, but yet he believed Kasey did love him. The declaration rolled around in his head as he analyzed his own feelings toward Kasey. He knew he was nowhere near ready to put that kind of name to how he felt about the man, but he knew his feelings for the gentle sheriff were growing by leaps and bounds.

Since Kasey had found out Seth was his mate, the hostile edge that had always been around the sheriff in his presence was gone. He treated Seth as if he were a precious gem, something that could shatter at the briefest touch, except during those passionate moments in the woods. Seth’s cheeks heated at the memory of Kasey inside him and the warm, calloused hands gripping him so tightly. Kasey disturbed him from his thoughts when he carefully lowered him to the bed. He watched as Kasey’s gaze flitted around the nearly empty room. A strange light came into the man’s intensely beautiful dark eyes.

The only furniture in the room was the king-sized bed, a dresser, and a nightstand with a lamp. On the nightstand were a couple of photographs of his parents and him with Nick. Seth wondered what Kasey thought of his barely furnished, barely lived-in house. Kasey sank down onto the edge of the bed next to him. “When this is all over, pup, I’m going to show you what it’s like to have a real home.”

 Seth jerked at his words. His eyes widened, becoming deep-blue sapphires in his pale features. He opened his mouth to say something, but Kasey laid one tanned finger across his lips. “Take off your clothes, Seth.”

Seth’s breathing deepened, and his lips parted on a small intake of air. Kasey smiled. “Not for that, pup. I want to give you a massage. To help you relax.”

Kasey stood and went into the bathroom to wash his hands and face. Dirt still covered him from their romp in the woods.

Seth quickly stripped to his boxers before sitting down on the edge of the bed to wait for the dark-haired sheriff. When Kasey returned to the room, he pulled the sheets back and told Seth to lie down on his belly. Seth wanted to protest at first, realizing how vulnerable a position he would be in, but he took a deep breath and reminded himself Kasey wasn’t going to hurt him. The sheets were cool against his skin as he slid facedown, turning his head to the side so he could watch Kasey. “I don’t have any massage oil with me,” Kasey said regretfully. “It would make it feel even better and help you relax more, but another time.”

The implication that there would be more time with Kasey in the future eased some of the tension from Seth, and he let himself relax into the mattress only to tense again when Kasey straddled the backs of his thighs. “Relax, pup. I’m not going to hurt you,” Kasey said gently, setting his palms in the middle of Seth’s back carefully.

What I write and why I write it.

September 30, 2011

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you read about a character’s painful past. That sharp twitch in your gut or the ache in your heart as you live through what the character has experienced. Sometimes it is even enough to bring tears to your eyes. Angst plays a big part in almost every novel, every movie, even songs. There is barely a story told where there isn’t some form of drama or harsh event that a character lives through. I love angst. It is something a good story can’t be without. Where would Shakespeare be without it? Or Danielle Steele, Stephen King, and yes, I’m going to say it, Stephenie Meyer.

When a writer can move someone to such a strong emotion there is no bigger compliment.

I love to write angst, to make my characters suffer whether in their past or their present because I know that their future is going to be amazing. It makes the happy ending all the sweeter when the two protagonists declare their love and defeat whatever enemy is fighting against them, be it themselves or someone else.

Over the course of the last year, I’ve had two novels released and have received everything from one star to five star reviews. As some may or may not have noticed, my stories tend to have a message in them. Touch Me Gently was about believing again, about healing and learning that you’re worth loving no matter how broken you may appear to the world or to yourself. Swift’s Temptation was about learning to look past the surface, about looking into the heart of the person and seeing who they were meant to be. And Chasing Seth is about learning to trust again and opening your heart to the possibility of love.

I like to think my stories inspire my readers to believe that they will find their own light to guide them through the darkness. It’s about more than just writing to write. It’s about possibly touching someone’s heart and showing them it’s okay to love, to be who you are, or even a chance to save their life. Words can be a powerful thing and can move someone in a way they’ll never forget.

First Contest for a Chance at a Free E-Book Copy of Chasing Seth!

September 30, 2011

Here is the first contest to win a free e-book copy of Chasing Seth. I am going to post three small excerpts from some of my favorite Dreamspinner Press Authors and I want to see who can tell me who the author is and what story it’s from! Get all three right and be the first to post and you’ll win a free copy of my newest e-book!


1st Excerpt –

He bent his head and pushed his lips to mine, opening my mouth whether I welcomed him or not. He ran his tongue over my teeth and pulled back. “That too, Naef, that is the mouth that I possessed, night after night… oh gods, beloved.” His choked voice dropped humbly. “Did you think you were the only one who closed his eyes and felt truth in the dark?”

I couldn’t look at him. I just couldn’t. “You said nothing,” I whispered.

“They didn’t change the man, Naef. They didn’t change the person I fell in love with, not in any real way. All the gods did was….”

“Was what?” I snapped, finally able to face him.

“Take away the pain. All they did was take away the pain.”


2nd Excerpt –

“Logan,” I sighed, twisting around in his arms, turning so I was facing him, staring into his beautiful topaz eyes.

His hand slipped down to the small of my back so he could press me forward against him. “Take me with you from now on, okay? Don‘t leave me.”

“I won‘t.”


“I promise,” I whispered.

“Okay.” He let out a deep breath.

Lying there in bed, looking at the man I loved, I felt better than I had all day.

3rd Excerpt –

“What? You didn’t act like that at all!” I shouted and then I looked down bashfully. “Especially because of what you said.”

“What? What did I say?”

“You … you said that I looked at you… like I wanted you to… you know,” I stuttered. My heart was beating through my chest. Just remembering some of our first conversations excited me.

“I… what? Did I really?” he asked. Then he slapped his knee and looked up gleefully.

“Oh yeah! I said that you looked at me like you wanted me to fuck you! I can’t believe I actually said that! I can’t believe you didn’t punch me in the face!” Wesley laughed heartily, enjoying my embarrassment, and I punched him in the arm, even if it was a little late.


There they are! All three excerpts. I tried to make them as descriptive as possible without giving tooooo much away. You have until I make my final post before I announce the winner! So good luck and happy reading! J

Chasing Seth Excerpt #1

September 30, 2011

KASEY swore and hopped out of the cab of the truck. He shouted for his deputy. “Julian!”

What a disaster! The windows had been smashed out, possibly with rocks or maybe even something bigger. The front door hung on its hinges, and Seth could only imagine what the interior looked like. He slowly lowered himself from the truck and, putting one foot carefully in front of the other, walked toward the entrance. His entire future rested on this clinic. Every penny he’d had was invested in it. He’d never be able to afford to fix it. Horrified, he took in the mess before him. Chessie’s file cabinets were tipped over, all of the papers scattered everywhere. Chairs and tables had been overturned, while the light fixtures were barely hanging by wires.

 Seth’s heart broke as he realized the depth of the destruction. “Why?” he moaned, bending over to pick up the frame his license was in. The shattered glass tinkled to the floor as the wooden frame fell apart, splintered in several places.

 The walk to his office felt like it took forever, but when he finally pushed open the door, it took only one look to bring him to his knees. “No!” he screamed. “No… oh God, please no.”

 Ginger, the dog who had been hit by the car, had been brutally gutted. Her blood and innards were smeared everywhere. Seth’s nostrils flared at the strong, sweet smell, causing his stomach to churn with nausea. Her head rested right in front of his chair on his desk. From where he knelt, he could see a piece of white sticking out of her mouth. But he couldn’t move. His eyes wouldn’t look away from the mutilated dog. “Seth? Seth! What’s wrong?”

 Strong hands gripped Seth’s shoulders just as Kasey saw the gory display inside his office. “Holy shit,” he breathed, briefly lost in the horrifying scene that held Seth spellbound. He snapped out of it quickly, though. “Seth? Come on, you shouldn’t be here.”

 Seth didn’t respond. He couldn’t do anything but stare. His very livelihood was gone. Right then he wanted to just say to hell with it. To hell with living and the pain that always, always came with it. What had he done so wrong that he could never be happy? “Why?” he finally choked out.

 Kasey felt helpless at watching his mate suffer. Rage exploded inside him, and his teeth extended while his eyes blended into his canine pupils. “I don’t know, pup, but I swear to you, as your mate, we will find whoever did this, and I’ll rip them limb from limb. You hear me? It’s a promise.” He pulled Seth close to him and turned his head away, pressing Seth’s face into his broad shoulder. He felt a shudder wind its way through Seth, and then those slender arms gripped at him tightly. Great, gulping sobs racked Seth’s body as he grieved for the animal, for himself, and for the loss of his clinic.

Kasey saw Chessie standing at the end of the hallway, staring at them curiously but sadly. Instead of commenting, she merely retreated back out of the clinic to wait outside.

 Julian came down the hallway a short time later. Seth had managed to calm down by then and just lay there weakly in Kasey’s arms. “No one saw or heard anything last night, Kase. We’ll dust for fingerprints, but with the amount of people that have been through this clinic, it’s going to be almost impossible to pinpoint exactly who did this.”

 “What about Seth’s office?” Kasey demanded. “It’s usually just him and me in there. Try there first. And check the cages in the back. The dog came out of one of them.”

 Julian nodded before going back to get the kit.

 Kasey brushed his fingers through Seth’s hair soothingly. “Come on, Seth. I’ll take you home.”

  “No,” Seth protested vehemently. He extricated himself from Kasey and stood, brushing off his slacks. Anger slammed through him, not just at the person who’d done this but at himself. Instead of standing tall and bearing it like he’d been trained to do, he’d allowed his grief to take over. He felt even angrier for believing that if he found a nice, quiet town, then maybe he could have a good life… but he’d been an idiot to even think for a minute he could have peace.

Because of his blindness, an innocent animal had paid the price. “I have to call Mr. Sheffield. He has to know the truth.”

 Kasey felt bereft when Seth pulled away, but he reluctantly let him. “Seth, I have to be the one to take care of notifying Mr. Sheffield. And you shouldn’t be here until this mess is cleaned up.”

“It’s my clinic,” Seth said, glaring at him. “I have a right to be here.”

 A sigh broke from Kasey, but he didn’t argue further. Stubbornly, Seth intended to stay. “Fine, but at least leave this mess to me.”

 He’d barely finished speaking when Seth strode forward and snatched the piece of white from the dog’s mouth. It was a folded piece of paper. Kasey frowned. “Seth, don’t. There could be fingerprints on that!”

 Seth ignored him and almost tore it opening it. After that, everything became a blur. The paper fell to the floor. Seth felt as if the ground beneath him had become a deep, gaping chasm ready to swallow him up. No. It couldn’t be. Seth wanted to howl, to rail at his fate, but even now, after two years, he hadn’t escaped it. It had just followed him everywhere he’d gone. His eyes were empty, frozen, lifeless when they looked up at Kasey. “Don’t bother with the fingerprints. You won’t find any,” he stated in a flat, emotionless tone.

 “What? How do you know that?” Kasey strode forward and snatched up the paper, but there were no words on it. Just a symbol: black paint smudged into a shape similar to a wolf decorated one side. He looked up at Seth. “What is this? How do you know there wouldn’t be any fingerprints?”

  “I just do. It doesn’t matter now. I have no choice but to leave. My clinic is destroyed. I can’t afford to repair the extent of the damages. All of my money was tied up in this place. The insurance paperwork hasn’t even been filed yet. I’ve been too busy with everything else to get the forms completed and filed.” Outside, Seth showed no emotion, but panic roiled beneath the surface of his calm exterior. His demons were coming for him, and he didn’t know if he could stop them this time.

Chasing Seth Release Party!

September 30, 2011

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve been in this very spot! Touch Me Gently has done quite well since its release last year in September. It makes me so happy to know that so many people have enjoyed the story of Logan and Kaden. They hold a very special place in my heart.

But tonight I’m here to talk to you about my newest Dreamspinner Press release, Chasing Seth and give you a little insight into why I write what I do as well as offer two free copies of Chasing Seth up to you all for a chance to win one. So sit back and enjoy the next few hours, feel free to talk, ask questions and just relax!

I have always loved shape shifter stories. They are definitely the first thing I look for when I go hunting for new books to read. And I know that there are probably some thinking, ‘Not another one!’, but I had to throw my hat in the ring so to speak with my own version of the shape shifter world.

Chasing Seth came to me while I was sitting down and watching a t.v. show I enjoy. A guilty pleasure of mine called Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. There is a Cheyenne Indian in the show named Dancing Cloud and in one of the later seasons he’s forced to live on a reservation. Something he said triggered the initial start of the story, about white men and their disregard for the earth and its creatures. The story evolved from there and became what you’ll, hopefully, be reading or have already read. J

The story line follows a veterinarian named Seth Davies who moves to a small town in Wyoming named Senaka where he meets the most infuriating man. Sheriff Kasey Whitedove is what most people would call prejudiced when it comes to white men. He’s Native American and extremely proud of his heritage. He believes white men know nothing of the land or care of animals. When he finds Seth has bought the only animal clinic in town, he immediately shows his dislike of Seth and his skin color.

Kasey’s people are shifters, wolf shifters, and it is rare for them to find their one true mate. After an accident, Kasey discovers the man he despises is in fact his true mate, the one meant for him. In a fit of anger, Kasey almost destroys any chance Seth may have given him. Seth’s past is fraught with pain and fear and he doesn’t trust easily, but something inside of him pushes him to allow Kasey the opportunity to prove his case.

I hope you enjoy the book and there’s still more to come tonight so check back soon. I’ll be around to answer any questions you may have. Also, for those who order the paperback copies, the first twenty will actually be signed by me. So place your order quickly if you’d like to have an autographed copy!