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May 16, 2014

Happy Friday Evening, Everyone!

I’m Lisa M. Owens, here to talk about my second novel, Worth the Seeing Through, which released today! How are you doing? What do you plan to read this weekend?

Here’s the link to my new book: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=4994&osCsid=ol4q0ps5u9uucmkpv8v404trc6

It’s a follow-up to Worth the Coming Home, though you don’t have to read the first to enjoy the second.

If you have read Worth the Coming Home, you get to visit again with Josh and Dane in the new book. Their relationship these days is as solid as Dane’s muscles, and they’re determined to do what they can to make sure Guy, Josh’s old college rommie with benefits, finds the same. Here’s info on Worth the Seeing Through: cowboy lisa WorththeSeeingThrough_postcard_front_DSP WorththeSeeingThrough_postcard_back_DSP

Jackson Cordd contest winners

May 7, 2014

The paperback of ‘Cleats in Clay’ goes to… Jennifer F.

The paperback of ‘Shamrock Green’ goes to… Susan

and the grand prize, ebook copies of ‘Duanta Beads’, ‘Lavender Skies’, ‘Raven Feathers’, and a paperback of ‘Shamrock Green’ goes to … Doris


Congrats to the winners and I want to thank everybody for stopping by :)




Jackson Cordd, now closing the contest

May 7, 2014

Thanks to all you folks that participated. :)

I’ll be announcing the winners in a few minutes….



Jackson Cordd Giveaways

May 7, 2014

It’s time to do the giveaways…

For anyone who tags a comment to this post, for, let’s say, the next two hours (until 3pm central), I’ll enter you in the raffle.

And I’m feeling a bit generous :) In celebration of my great reviews, I’ll even throw on the table an autographed paperback of ‘Shamrock Green’.

And you know… I’ve got this signed paperback copy of ‘Cleats in Clay’ just sitting here on my desk. I don’t know if anyone would be interested though… it’s a silver-fox menage story between a sheriff, a baseball player, and a sculptor. If you mention ‘Cleats’ in your comment, I’ll add you to a giveaway for that paperback. :)

Now I’ve got to fix some lunch, but I’ll check back later,



For those new to the novella series…

May 7, 2014

Hey, for all those not familiar with the Quantinum Residue Series, Here’s the cover and blurb for the first novella, Duanta Beads….




Happy News :)

May 7, 2014

I just peeked at GoodReads, and my fantasy novel that released last month, Shamrock Green, has *2* five star reviews  posted.



Pardon me while I do my Happy Dance :)



For all of the Rourke fans…

May 7, 2014

This installment of the novella series focuses on Rourke, delving deeply into his past and the tribal life / politics.

Evan also makes a huge discovery…the ozone depletion isn’t the only major change to the world.

How many of you have read the first novella, Duanta Beads?





Excerpt from Raven Feathers

May 7, 2014

Here’s a little excerpt from Raven Feathers, Chapter 1:


.     Heading for the central plaza, Rourke knew it was too early to get a warm breakfast, but Pleno usually laid out bread and other leftovers for the early risers. He planned to grab a few quick bites before going to the construction workshop.

.     Seeing the mottled-fur-colored figure hunched over one of the picnic tables changed the course of his plans. He called out a soft “Yoiyo” to Antinee as he went to the kitchen area. With some bread and cheese in hand, he took a seat at the table across from him. It was nice to have someone else in the village to practice his English with. He had been working hard on his language skills to impress Evan.

.     “Up early? Or up late?” he  asked the visitor in English.

.     “Up early,” Antinee said with a yawn. “Fell asleep right after dinner. Just woke up a bit ago.”

.     Rourke nodded as he ate a few bites. “Is there something you not want to say in front of Idelle last night?”

.     With a nod, Antinee grimaced. “When I passed by the Houston area four days ago, I still couldn’t find any traces of the tribe. It’s as if they’ve just vanished.”

.     “They like to… wander. Maybe out somewhere?” Rourke offered hopefully.

.     “For almost nine months now? And they usually leave behind notes and maps at their site for where they’re going. Nothing like that in their village now.”

.     “Holy crap,” Rourke said, repeating the curse he’d learned from Evan. “Maybe—it is time for worry.”

.     “Yes,” Antinee said with a nod. “I’d suggest when your tribe gets back from the melon fields, get together a small group, like a hunting party, and take a closer look. Really poke around. I didn’t stay long enough to do a thorough search.”

.     Rourke nodded. “Keep it small, stick with ‘hunting party’ story, and not cause alarm until we get more knowledge.”

.     The men sat a moment in contemplative silence. Antinee took a sip of his tea. “You know, you look more like your father every time I see you.”

.     With a shrug, Rourke shook off the implications. “But I am nothing like him. I am an architect,” he said, remembering the great word Evan had used to describe his job.

.     Antinee seemed to disagree. “No doubt, a good architect. That doesn’t mean you can’t be like him.”

.     “But I’m not,” he said in a colder tone, hinting this line of conversation was over.

.     A few silent moments passed before Antinee took another sip of tea and cleared his throat. “So, this Evan fellow…,” he threw out. “I hear you’ve been spending a lot of time with him.”

.     “What of it?”

.     “Have you learned anything useful from him?”

.     Rourke felt a bit insulted. “It is not at all like that. I’m duanta, in case you forgot,” he said in a bristling tone.

.     “Sorry,” Antinee said as he offered up his palms. “You don’t have to get defensive. I’m not trying to imply you’re using him. But, at least some of the time, you guys must talk….”

.     With a hard look, Rourke replied, “I didn’t ask if you mate with my aunt. Some things should be… quiet.”

.     Antinee frowned. “I’m not trying to pry into your private life. Damn it, Rourke, why are you so defensive this morning?”

.     Rourke just shrugged.

.     “And you know, I could care less about your homosexuality. Nor, do I think, does anybody else. I’m sure I mentioned before, the Chago tribe even has a duanta chief. No one seemed to be bothered by that idea.”

.     “Maybe not,” Rourke said in a softer tone.

.     Antinee paused a moment for another sip of tea. “Not that I’m trying to pry, but Idelle told me he’s living with you. Is this a serious thing?”

.     After hesitating, Rourke finally nodded. “I’m making beads for him. But don’t go talking about that. Need time for tribe to… adjust before telling the news.”

.     “Don’t worry about the tribe. Like I said, nobody cares who you bond with. And I’ll keep it private.”

*end excerpt


Howdy! Jackson Cordd is here for another Release Party

May 7, 2014

Howdy All :)

Jackson Cordd here *waves*

My new installment of the Quantinum Residue Novellas, Raven Feathers, is getting released today. Take a peek at this glorious cover.