Pyresnakes Extra Scenes w/ Tray Ellis

September 27, 2017


Not too long ago, there was a very misty day here and it made me think I should have written in more scenes of a foggy nature into Pyrensakes. I’m not going back to change that story, but I can press on with a few snippets of follow-on adventures as the whim strikes me! So, indulge me, and I hope you enjoy a moment of Wysta and Ruth having a foggy, misty day of their own.


“Where are we?” Ruth tried to peer out the window but a thick fog banked against the glass.  A lichen covered rock jutted up through the dense grayness but the world clouded away beyond that to a space where depth had no meaning.

“You said you wanted a view so I took us to the top of the nearest mountain.”  Wysta filled the kettle with cold water and set it on the burner. “There should be a lovely vista.”

“Stop making tea for one minute and come over here.” Ruth moved from the window.  She flung open the door.  An unsettling mist pervaded the world, cloaking anything more than a few feet away.  ”We’re socked in!”

Wysta joined Ruth at the door. “Do you think it’ll burn off later on?”

Ruth waved her hand through the pea-soup air.  She could feel the air move, but the blanket of light gray didn’t shift at all. “I think this is cloud cover. Without a breeze, this is going to sit here all day.”

“Not much of a view.” Wysta made a face. “I’ll move us again.”

Ruth shut the door and turned back to face the kitchen. While the fog pressed gray and gloomy against the window, the kitchen glowed with warmth and comfort. She could hear the beginning pop-pop sound from the bottom of the kettle signaling that the water would boil very soon and she smelled the barest hint of the cream scones baking in the oven. Tea and scones against the press of a shroud of gray-white.

“Maybe later,” Ruth said. “Let’s have breakfast first.  You know, it does give us the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa with our books. We have been so busy sightseeing that I can’t remember the last time we spent a day relaxing.”

“Ah,” said Wysta with an indulgent smile. “A view of a different sort. Not a bad plan. Let’s do it.”


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