Ethan Stone: Shifters and Pregnant Men – Post + Giveaway

March 8, 2017


Shifters + MPREG with Ethan Stone


Hello, I’m Ethan Stone and today I’m talking about Wild Instincts, book two in my Seaside Shifters series. Even though it’s a sequel it can be read as a standalone.

Wild Instincts stars Tyson Dakota, a brand new police cadet, who finds himself involved in a local mystery as well as falling for a mysterious stranger.

I introduced Tyson in the first book, Wild Retaliation, as the cousin of the police chief, John Dakota. Tyson isn’t seen much in that story and I didn’t really have plans to use him as more than a supporting character in future books. In fact, my initial idea was to focus on John and his boyfriend Trevor and Trevor being pregnant.

I really wanted to write an MPREG story but as I tried to do it I just couldn’t find an original spin on the story. I also had a whiff of an idea regarding John’s friend who was in a coma at the end of the story. Frustrated at being at an impasse I sent Wild Retaliation to a friend to read. After reading it she said she wanted Tyson’s story before anyone else’s. And that got my brain working.

In book one Tyson is still a whiny teenager and book two was going to take place a year or so later so I had different options for Tyson. He could’ve continued down a bad path and become a bad boy or he could’ve taken a lesson from his cousin and started down a positive path.

Initially I wrote Tyson as sort of a bad boy with plans to go down a path to redemption but nothing I wrote felt right. Then I made Tyson more like John and things just clicked. I chose to explore the bad boy angle with Tyson’s love interest, Amante.

Tyson is a bear shifter while his boyfriend is not. Amante eventually discovers that the world is far bigger than he had any clue about. I love exploring regular people discovering the paranormal world which happens to Amante when he learns Tyson is a shifter. But that’s not the only thing he discovers because he’s involved in Trevor giving birth to cubs during a dangerous situation.

Tyson is a bear shifter but I have supporting characters as wolf shifters, cougar, bobcat, coyote, lynx and more. I’ve chosen to focus mainly on predators but I’ve always wondered if readers would like to see shifters of other breeds as well. In the comments let me know what kind of animals you’d like to see written about and enter to win a book from my backlist.


Check out Wild Instincts today!


Wild Instincts by Ethan Stone




Police cadet and bear shifter Tyson Dakota looks forward to his on-the-job training in Seaside, Oregon, working alongside his cousin, Chief of Police John Dakota. Their goal is to investigate the growing meth epidemic and identify the kingpin bringing the drugs into their community. All signs point to someone inside law enforcement working with the drug traffickers, and Tyson must find out who before the body count gets any higher.

Along the way, Tyson meets Amante, a charismatic and attractive man in town for reasons he doesn’t want to share. Tyson is drawn to Amante despite his secretive ways and is sure there could be more between them than explosive passion, if he could just get Amante to make his stay in Seaside permanent. But when Tyson’s pursuit of justice puts him at odds with Amante, they could lose more than their fledgling relationship.

They could end up losing their lives.


About Ethan Stone:

Romance on the Edge

Ethan Stone doesn’t write your typical boy meets boy stories. With a combination of love and suspense he makes his characters work hard for their HEAs. If they can survive what he puts them through, then they can survive anything. He enjoys Romance with an Edge.

Ethan has been reading mysteries and thrillers since he was young. He’s had a thing for guys in uniform for just as long. That may have influenced the stories he writes.

He’s a native Oregonian with two kids. One of whom has made him a grandfather three times over; even though he is way too young.

Readers can find Ethan online.
Twitter: @ethanjstone
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12 Responses to “Ethan Stone: Shifters and Pregnant Men – Post + Giveaway”

  1. Susan says:

    I enjoy shifter stories about non-preditor animals, such as small cats. They seem to have a whole other world going on, even when they live with us.

  2. Regina Rainer says:

    I’m a huge fan of when authors use different kinds of animals for shifters. We normally see wolves, or large cats, or foxes so seeing other things tends to be a huge treat for me.

    I have always wanted to see an Armadillo shifter, like that is one of my goals in life to read a story with an armadillo shifter.
    I love seeing bat shifters, or bird shifters that are things like budgies, parrots, or any bird really other than eagles, hawks or ravens.
    But there’s also mantis shrimp, which have the best eyesight in the world, have a punch that is literally as powerful as a bullet, that creates a flash of light and instantly boils the water around their claws when they use it.
    Tapirs have some mythology connected to them.
    Red Pandas which look like absolutely adorable red raccoons.
    Giant coconut crabs are some of the freakest things I’ve seen
    Finally Okapis, which are the only relative of Giraffes, and look like a cross between a zebra and an antelope.

  3. dee says:

    In the shifter stories I read wolves, bears and dragons are the most dominant shifter families. You have other predators once in a while, but still, I get the feeling the stories tend to go along similar lines (which I don’t mind, if the book is written well).
    While not all of the stories were great, I liked the way some books of “The Midnight Mates” series played with different kinds of shifters.”A Walk on the Wild Side” also had some very cool stories with smaller shifters or a combination of predators and prey. I would have loved to read about some of the characters in more length. Among my favourite books with unusual pairings are “Prickly Business” and “Prickly by Nature” about a hedgehog and his wolf mate.

  4. Jillian Too says:

    I like wolf or lion shifters.

  5. Trix says:

    I always want to see more bird shifters.

  6. Lena says:

    This is more a respons to Regina Rainer – if you haven’t read Amber Kell’s ‘To Catch a Croc’ – you might want to give it a shot :)
    I love shifters in all shapes and sizes (except spiders, no thank you, those you can keep) – adore Jackie Nachts serie ‘Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly’ where there is a range of different shifters (deer, lion, chipmunks, bear, wolf, Nile croc and so on)

  7. Alison says:

    To me, fantasy shifters have always been a huge thing (dragons, unicorns, gargoyles, gryphons, etc), but I also love selkies, dolphins, dingos, kangaroos, and snakes (why, yes, I am an Aussie, why do you ask? *snicker*).

    I loved your Seaside Shifter stories (read both last night), and can’t wait to read more. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. Debra Guyette says:

    I love big cat shifter stories.

  9. H.B. says:

    I usually gravitate to stories with wolves but I like all shifter stories. I like being surprised with unique shifters like possums, raccoons, skunks, etc.

  10. susana says:

    I love reading about shifters, any kind would do, but if I have to choose just one kind of animals, I think it would be cats (big or small) or wolves

  11. Didi says:

    How about feather kind of predator shifter; I’m sure big birds could make some awesome characters. :)

  12. Beth says:

    I have seen quite a few different type of animals used, but I have noticed that except for big cats, most of those animals are North American. Haven’t seen many other types of animals from other continents. There is a new release that a FB friend found absolutely fascinating since it has Koala shifters. Ocean animals and birds are also under used in my opinion.

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