Z. Allora – A Love Letter to Artists

February 10, 2017

A Love Letter to Artists with Z. Allora


I truly love art. I hunt it everywhere I go. I adore standing in front of a piece, imagining what the artist tried to convey. What did the artist want me to feel/think/understand?

Art has the potential to instantly convey a message more accurately than a million words. At the same time, the viewer is allowed to appreciate the things they need to see and take with them.

I remember attending a student exhibit in Philadelphia. The piece that captured my attention was a dead fish nailed to a board. That’s all:  just a dried fish attached to a weathered 2×4 with a nail.

At the time, it annoyed me. Well, if that’s art I could do better. But that piece stood the test of time, and it stayed with me. When I had the opportunity, the memory of a dead fish nailed to a board gave me the courage to ask a Chinese Brush Stroke master to teach me watercolor.

Now, years later, I see how that one work containing three items was so much more. It affected how I view art. That simple creation makes me ponder how seemingly simple actions have far reaching implications, and how something can be more than the sum of its parts. (Granted, I’ve given a lot of power to a dead fish on a board. For all I know, it could have just been the product of a lazy art student, and it’s just my interpretation that gives the piece brilliance.)

In many ways, The Craving is my love letter to artists. It honors their talent and their impact on the world. Whether it’s Monet, Botticelli, Klimt, Paul Richmond, Catherine Dair, PL Nunn, Young Fan Chin, Yamane Ayano, K-Koji, and many others who create pieces that make the world a better place. Artists make us think, reflect, and feel. In the best case, viewing art allows us to give to others, changes our thinking on a subject, or encourages us to make a positive change.

The Xantha star system takes the power within art seriously and is credited throughout known space for developing dimensional art. Dimensional art’s ability to morph and to travel beyond its nature determines the level of dimension it achieves.  These distinctive works have been credited with preventing wars, helping to focus efforts on positive outcomes, and is utilized in negotiations. As the planets of the system are guided by art, the artists and those who guide them are quite powerful.

First & Second dimension:  non-dimensional and convey an image and makes you feel.

Third dimension: morphs and allows the viewer to question a concept.

Fourth dimension: conveys complex information.

Fifth dimension: can influence thoughts.

Sixth dimension: changes people’s actions and promotes the direction of their efforts.

Any artists that reach the third dimension are honored with a place at the Ambrosial monastery. They become initiates and follow a strict regimen. In return, they are given training and support so they may release their full artistic potential.

Life in the monastery is filled with discipline. The Principles of Purity is the foundation. All activities are scheduled. Diet, exercise, sleep, and release are prescribed in precise amounts.

Initiates and monks wear protective units that are removed every eight-sleep cycles allowing for a nonorgasmic release. It’s believed that sexual energy should be refocused back into their art and not wasted in pleasure.

In the purest form, dimensional art is a powerful vehicle that makes the star system a better place, though it can be used to forward agendas that suit certain individuals and not for the betterment of the Xantha star system. The Craving highlights some of the divisions between the monastery and the ruler of the star system.

Art has the power to speak when we aren’t able. It has the power to heal and give hope. Thank you to all the artists on our planet for sharing your talent with us.


Check out The Craving today!


The Craving by Z. Allora


Dreamspinner Press



The craving is an undeniable urge that drives K’Dane citizens to find their life mates—if only to sate their uncontrollable physical longings.

Thrilled at being named a Chosen, Phoenix Dotir leaves K’Dane to become an artist-monk who will create dimensional art capable of changing worlds. Living by the monastery’s Principles of Purity will surely help him overcome the craving. But he never accounted for star chaser Zadra Solav.

Zadra doesn’t believe in rules and makes his own future. Fate separates him from the man he loves, but one touch renders him helpless to his own desires. Bonding with a monk is forbidden, and Zadra’s family sends him to deep space to avoid disgrace. Unable to give up, Zadra must find a way reunite with his Chosen.

Tormented by enforced separation, Initiate Riva Quinton struggles with his vow of chastity and risks all to rescue his lover. Together with his Eros, he stows away on board a star craft to follow his heart.

Four men defy destiny and tradition for love… but their love is a crime punishable by death.


Author Bio:

Z. Allora believes in happily ever after’s for everyone. She met her own true love through the personals and has traveled to over thirty countries with him. She’s lived in Singapore, Israel and China. Now back home to the USA she’s an active member of PFLAG and a strong supporter of those on the rainbow in her community. She wants to promote understanding and acceptance through her actions and words. Writing rainbow romance allows her words to open hearts and change minds.

To contact Z. Allora:

E-mail: Z.AlloraHappyEndings@gmail.com
FACEBOOK:   Z Allora Allora
Website: www.zallorabooks.com
Twitter: @ZAllora


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