Forever a Foodie w/ Jon Keys + Exclusive Excerpt

January 24, 2017

Forever a Foodie with Jon Keys


Hello! Thanks so much for having me visit on the release of “Camouflage”. I’m so thrilled with all the help from Dreamspinner Press. As always, the editors were so great and I love the book.

I thought I’d talk about an unusual character with several cameos in Camouflage. Who is this rascal? Food. I’ll admit it, I’m a foodie. More than once my birthday and Christmas gifts have circled around something food related. A new cookbook, the latest kitchen gadget, or trying a new place to eat, any of them are great gifts for me. I’ve always heard our strongest memories are tied to smells. I can believe without any trouble. I love trying new things, but comfort foods are such an important part of my life. Everyone has their way of dealing with problems. A great comfort meal is my way of dealing with the crap life deals out. Yes, sometimes the memories are better than the fact, but I’m always up for a good run at it.

Why the obsession with food? I have no idea, it just is. But it also means my characters enjoy food as much as I do. Some like Peter from “Home Grown” are hard-core foodies always looking for the latest food obsession. Others, like Luke in “Camouflage”, love the comfort food they grew up with. He enjoys the food his grandmother made (I’m sure chicken-fried steak was a favorite!), to local specialties, yes, including fried pickles. Luke is sharing his life with Nash by sharing the foods that gives Luke that warm feeling of place.

I think shared experiences with food are an important part of any relationship. The ritual and sharing of food are important in my stories, whether it’s Luke and Nash arguing about catsup or mustard on corndogs from the fair, to Anan roasting fresh taken daggerhorn in my high fantasy series, food plays an important role.

Check out Camouflage today!


Camouflage by Jon Keys



Nash Gallo and Luke Meyers seem like complete opposites on the surface. Nash is a city boy from Atlanta, while Luke is a rancher from rural Oklahoma. Nash is covered in tattoos and piercings, while Luke is self-conscious about his muscular, hairy body. Luke doesn’t have much sexual experience with other men, while Nash has plenty to go around.

But both men are lonely, and neither of them has ever been in love.

They also both have secrets. For Luke, it’s his shame over an affair with a local closeted and married man, something Nash accepts. Will Luke be as tolerant of what Nash is hiding—his job as a prostitute back in Georgia?

A week-long vacation on Luke’s ranch and the idyllic landscapes surrounding it gives both men the chance to relax and explore the attraction growing between them. But can the budding relationship survive secrets and small-town prejudices? As they search for the place where their lives might intersect, Nash and Luke risk far worse than broken hearts.


Author Bio:

Jon Keys’ earliest memories revolve around books; with the first ones he can recall reading himself being “The Warlord of Mars” and anything with Tarzan. (The local library wasn’t particularly up to date.) But as puberty set in he started sneaking his mother’s romance magazines and added the world of romance and erotica to his mix of science fiction, fantasy, Native American, westerns and comic books.

A voracious reader for almost half a century, Jon has only recently begun creating his own flights of fiction for the entertainment of others. Born in the Southwest and now living in the Midwest, Jon has worked as a ranch hand, teacher, computer tech, roughneck, designer, retail clerk, welder, artist, and, yes, pool boy; with interests ranging from kayaking and hunting to painting and cooking, he draws from a wide range of life experiences to create written works that draw the reader in and wrap them in a good story.



Exclusive Excerpt

Nash’s stomach knotted as he stared at Luke while waiting to see what he was going to do. The teasing banter they’d been exchanging made him hope they were becoming more comfortable with each other, but now Luke had been stalling on the bank of the lake for at least fifteen minutes. One thing after another kept him from getting into the water. Nash paddled closer, wondering what was going on.

“Luke, come on. It feels great.”

“Yeah, okay. Give me a sec.” He fiddled with the hem of his T-shirt, pulling it up and letting it drop, unconsciously giving a better tease show than some of the strippers in Atlanta. The glimpse of Luke’s flat stomach was having its effect. Nash moved closer until he sat on a submerged rock a few feet from Luke.

“What’s up? I thought everything was okay.”

Luke pressed his hands down his torso and shrugged, his eyes never meeting Nash’s. “Yeah. It’s all good. But, yeah….”

“What? It can’t be that big of a deal.”

“I’m kinda hairy,” Luke blurted out.


“Yeah, well. Some people don’t like hairy guys. I tried keeping it shaved but it itches like crazy.” His gaze dropped. “Besides, who would see it?”

Nash stood and made his way up the rocky shoreline to Luke, grabbed his shirt, and pulled it over his head with no further ceremony. He tossed the shirt onto the grass and stood admiring Luke’s chest.

“Your fur is fucking hot. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Now stop being a dipshit.” With a light slap on Luke’s stomach, Nash walked back into the lake, submerging to his neck. The sight of Luke without a shirt sent pulses of attraction through Nash. He hoped the cool water would help bring his cock down from the raging erection it was. But instead he only got harder as he watched Luke climb into the water.

So far as Nash was concerned, Luke’s chest was about as perfect as possible. The dusting of hair across his pecs darkened to a line down his stomach, which disappeared into the cutoff jeans he wore. His broad shoulders tapered to a waist that had a thick Adonis belt coming from both sides. Whoever had Luke worried that he didn’t look hot was a twisted son of a bitch.

Luke started into the water, following Nash. When he reached knee deep, he stepped off a rock shelf and instantly submerged to midchest. Nash chuckled at his gasp.

“Man! It’s kinda cold.”

“Nah, you’re being a pussy. Or are you worried about shrinkage?”

Luke snorted and splashed Nash. “Not me. Shrinkage isn’t a problem.”

Nash shot a rooster tail of water at Luke and drenched him.

“You fucker! I’m gonna get your ass.” Luke launched himself at Nash while the taller man took off swimming. But Luke was a strong swimmer and caught him in a few strokes. He grabbed Nash’s shoulders and shoved him under.

Nash came up sputtering and flipped his head to get the wet hair off his face. “Oh, you want to play that way.”

He grabbed as Luke yelped and dodged. They dove and wrestled until they both gasped for air. They’d moved farther into the lake until the water was over Luke’s head. To keep from being pushed under again, he wrapped his legs around Nash. But now with his crotch pressed against Nash’s stomach Luke’s erection was obvious. Their gazes met. Luke blushed and released the leg lock. “Sorry, didn’t—”

Nash wrapped his arms around Luke and pulled him tight. The kiss he planted went on for several minutes and left them both winded.

“Stop apologizing. You’re not doing anything I’m not enjoying,” Nash said.

Muscular legs wrapped around Nash’s midsection and in an instant they were tight against each other. Luke slipped his work-toughened fingers through Nash’s wet hair and pulled them into a snug embrace. Their lips met again. A slow kiss this time, but the fire it ignited in Nash was like nothing he’d felt before. As the kiss faded away, Luke nibbled at his ear and soon had Nash moaning in response.

Luke released his leg lock, but it seemed to be a reluctant gesture. “I think we better stop while we can.”

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