Here’s to the New Year w/ J.R. Loveless + Giveaway

December 27, 2016

Here's to the New Year with J.R. Loveless


New Year’s is fast approaching as I make my final stop here at Dreamspinner Press on my blog tour for Love and Snowball Fights. It seems fitting with how Lane makes the choice to give Trey a chance on New Year’s Eve. After all, isn’t that the night when we shed the mistakes and the bad things that have happened to us throughout the year and make the conscious resolution for only good things to come about? While it isn’t the end of the story for Lane and Trey, I am sharing an exclusive excerpt here with you on DSP’s blog and giving everyone a chance to win a $25 gift card to Dreamspinner Press’s store! Keep reading to find out how to enter.

Traditions are something we create with our families, friends, and even ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even realize it has happened until after it has started. Everyone knows New Year’s Eve is a night when we all make resolutions for the coming year; “I want to lose weight”, “I’m going to finish that book I’ve been working on”, “I will stop smoking”, and the list goes on. But how many people truly stick to those resolutions? Is it as easy to do as saying it on that first night of the year? I’ve spent many years making resolutions that I’ve never stuck to and this year I’m going to change that. Even if I have to light a bomb under my butt to force myself out of the pattern.

My resolutions this year are simple. I have two. Continue on my weight loss path since I’ve been doing so well. Since June of 2016 I have lost 46lbs. I don’t want to lose that momentum, because speaking from experience, it is not easy to get it back. And the second is to write. WRITE. WRITE. And keep writing. I have slacked off so badly in that arena, despite the two novellas that came out this year. So, I am going to write! Now, for the contest… I want to know what YOUR resolutions are for 2017. Are you losing weight? Quitting Smoking? Making a change? What is it? Comment below and a random winner will be chosen from the list to win a $25 Dreamspinner Press gift card! That’s easy, right?


The pattern continued until New Year’s Eve. Tal closed up early that night. “Are you coming to the party, buddy?” Tal asked as he locked the back door. Trey had already gone on to their parents’ house to help them prepare the food and set up.

“I don’t think so. Not really in the mood,” Lane murmured, starting to walk away.


He stopped.

Tal approached him, placing one hand on his shoulder. “I don’t really know what happened between you and Trey, but whatever it is, don’t let it damage the progress you’ve made.”

Lane gave him a confused look. Progress?

Tal sighed and reached up to brush back a strand of Lane’s hair from his cheek. “In the six months you’ve been here, Lane, you’ve come so far out of your shell, and all I see is you retreating back into it now. Something changed while you were staying with my parents, and it wasn’t for the better. I wish you would talk to me. It’s not good to bottle everything up inside.”

Tal had tried more than once since Lane returned to his apartment to get Lane to open up about what happened, but Lane couldn’t talk about it. Every time he even thought about it, his eyes welled up, a bit like right then, to his horror. Lane shut his eyes and turned his head away from Tal. “I’m fine.”

He heard Tal mumble something about Trey and a particularly nasty swearword.

Lane shivered and stepped back from Tal. “I’m all right, Tal. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“We’re closed on New Year’s Day,” Tal reminded him, not pushing the issue any further.

“Oh, right.” Lane wanted to scream. He didn’t want to sit around and do nothing except think about Trey, about the things he couldn’t have. “I’ll see you the day after, then.”

“I hope you’ll come to the party tonight, buddy. It’d be good for you.”

“Maybe. I’ll think about it.” Lane knew he wouldn’t. He was going to curl with a book, a cup of coffee, and his cat, trying hard to distract himself from thinking about Trey.

Lane headed home, ignoring everything around him save for when he needed to cross the street. Mrs. Johnson called a greeting to him as he started up his steps. “Not going to the party, Lane?” she asked.

“No, Mrs. Johnson.”

She frowned. “You’re a young man, Lane. You should be out having some fun.”

“I’m okay, Mrs. Johnson.” He didn’t give her a chance to keep asking questions or say anything else, darting into his apartment and closing the door.

He went about getting ready for his evening alone with his books, ignoring the memories of Trey on the loveseat and in his bed. Lane couldn’t allow those thoughts in or he’d end up crying like he had every night. He needed to get past this never-ending cycle he’d found himself in for the last several evenings.

Chloe meowed at him as he fed her and then changed his clothing for comfortable sweats and a T-shirt, putting on new socks as well to keep his feet warm. After he attempted halfheartedly to eat dinner, he put away his leftovers and drained the mug of coffee he’d made. Chloe chased one of her jingle balls around the floor while he chose which book he wanted to read from the few on his shelf. For the next couple of hours, he lost himself in the world of dragons and brave knights, wanting to escape to a place other than his own.

The sound of a fist on his door caused him to jump and his heart beat fierce and hard at his ribcage. Lane set his book down and climbed off the bed. When he opened the door to a scowling Trey, his chest tightened and his stomach did a dangerous flip-flop. “Trey?”

“You didn’t come,” Trey growled.

Lane wrinkled his nose at the smell of alcohol on Trey’s breath. “I didn’t.”


Shaking his head, Lane stepped back and urged Trey into his apartment, shutting the door behind him. “You know why.”

“I don’t,” Trey argued, flopping down on Lane’s sofa.

“You do. It’s why you’ve avoided me the last few days,” Lane muttered.

Trey glared at Lane, who stood fidgeting near the foot of his bed. “You made me.”

Lane raised an eyebrow, stunned at Trey’s words. “What do you mean I made you?”

“You said I didn’t care about you.”

“And ignoring me is supposed to convince me otherwise?” Lane didn’t understand Trey’s logic. He frowned. “How much have you had to drink?”

Trey waved his fingers as though Lane’s question was irrelevant. “Just tell me why.”

“Why what?” Lane said, frustrated.

“Why didn’t you come to the party?”

Lane had no idea how to deal with a drunk Trey. He ignored the bad memories of foster homes caused by the scent of alcohol and the almost belligerent Trey. “I didn’t feel like it.”

“Because I’m there?” Trey demanded, lips pouting.

Sinking down onto the corner of his bed, Lane rubbed at his face with both hands. He glanced at the clock and saw it was just after ten. “Why are you here, Trey?”

Trey blinked at him. “Because you weren’t there.”

He said it so easily, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Anger began to mix in with the sadness and Lane gritted his teeth. “You have barely said a word to me in four days. Why should I have come?”

Trey dropped his gaze from Lane. “I didn’t know what else to do.”


“You didn’t even care how much you hurt me,” Trey continued, ignoring Lane’s words. “You just shoved a knife in my chest and twisted it.”

Lane couldn’t have been more confused. “What are you saying?”

Trey stood abruptly and paced in front of Lane. “I tried for days to ignore it, to forget it, but I couldn’t. I know it’s not possible, but there has to be a way. I mean, others have done it, why not us? I can fly in whenever I’m on a break at the station, and you can come visit me in Dallas.”

Lane’s mind whirled as what Trey was saying sunk in. He stared openmouthed at Trey. “Trey?”

“People do it every day, right? I—” He stopped talking and pacing to turn and look at Lane. “What?”

“What are you talking about?”

Trey strode to Lane and yanked him up from the bed into his arms. “This,” Trey rasped before covering Lane’s mouth with his.

Astonished at first, Lane could only stand under the onslaught of Trey’s wet, alcohol-flavored kiss. As the kiss went on, Lane opened his mouth and allowed Trey the access that, if the groan that rumbled in Trey’s chest was any indication, he seemed to hunger for. Lane brought his hands up and placed them on Trey’s waist, digging his fingers into the jacket Trey still wore. Trey tightened his arm around Lane while Trey raised his other hand to cup Lane’s cheek, rubbing his thumb over the smooth skin in a caress. Lane sighed, giving in entirely, no longer wanting to fight what he desperately desired.

Trey guided them down to the bed, never relinquishing the kiss or his hold on Lane, merely bringing them closer together, if that was even possible. Lane’s senses swam with everything Trey; his nostrils breathed in the scent of Trey’s skin, he dug his hands under Trey’s jacket to touch the warmth of Trey’s back. Trey growled and released Lane long enough to remove the jacket and the long-sleeved shirt he wore beneath it, then yanked Lane’s T-shirt over Lane’s head. Lane gasped when he found himself suddenly pressed to a bare-chested Trey.

“Trey,” he whimpered.

The heat of Trey’s skin seemed to almost burn against his. Lane couldn’t stop his moans as Trey nibbled and kissed along his jawline to his ear and down to his throat. A sharp pang spiraled up from Lane’s groin when Trey sucked in a bit of flesh at the base, hard. Lane slid his hands along Trey’s broad shoulders and along his back, wanting to touch him more than anything he’d ever wanted before. Trey laved the bruised flesh with his tongue and then sucked at it again, no doubt leaving a mark everyone would see the next day. Somehow Lane didn’t care, even acknowledging the embarrassment he’d experience when others saw it, but the joy of knowing how it got there would far outweigh everything else.

When Trey latched on to his nipple, Lane arched his back, letting forth a sound of pleasure. He buried his hands in Trey’s hair, stroking through the thick locks with abandon. Trey did not linger at his nipples. Instead he rolled Lane to his back and continued down Lane’s chest, along his abdomen to the top of his sweatpants, licking and kissing as he went. The wet swirl of Trey’s tongue over and into his belly button caused Lane’s penis to throb and weep, dampening the front of his pants. He’d never experienced any of this. Gregory always rushed, sometimes even hurting Lane in the process, but Lane hadn’t known any different. There was never soft touches, light kisses, or gentle licks over Lane’s entire body, nor had Gregory made Lane feel as though he were the only thing that mattered.

Lane grabbed for Trey’s hands when Trey started to pull down Lane’s pants. Trey looked up at him, pressing a kiss to Lane’s lower belly. “Trust me,” Trey husked.

Hesitant, Lane released Trey to do as he pleased, shutting his eyes as his weeping length caught on the edge of his pants before sliding free of its confines to brush along Trey’s cheek. Lane bit his lip, only to release a shuddering cry at the first gentle swipe of Trey’s tongue over the tip. His stomach clenched and he twisted his fingers in the bedsheets around him, panting as Trey repeated the same move over and over, but it was the moment Trey engulfed his entire member into his mouth that Lane would never forget.

“Oh God, Trey,” he keened, tossing his head from side to side.

Trey hummed, sending shockwaves straight through to Lane’s testicles. Faster than he’d ever thought possible, Lane could feel himself ready to come.

“Trey,” he pleaded, pushing at Trey’s shoulders, “I… oh… please.”

Lane shattered, arching his back from the bed once more, hips thrusting of their own accord. If Lane could have seen himself right then, he’d have died of embarrassment at how flushed he looked and how needy he sounded, but all he could do was lose himself in the heat of Trey’s mouth and the steady contractions of his sac as he spilled every ounce of essence down Trey’s throat. When he could open his eyes, Lane realized Trey had moved up beside him on the bed and was holding him and stroking his hair.

He blushed, burying his face in Trey’s chest. Trey chuckled and kissed Lane’s forehead. “So beautiful,” Trey murmured.


Check out Love and Snowball Fights today!


Love and Snowball Fights by J.R. Loveless


Lane Freeman supposed there were worse places to be dumped than a place named Christmas Valley. After being ejected from the foster care system, he spent the past five years hitchhiking and moving around. But six months of a steady job at Tal’s Bar and Grill, an apartment, and even a three-legged cat, have him almost ready to risk putting down a few roots when Tal’s brother comes home for the holidays.

Dallas firefighter Trey Jenkins reluctantly accepts that Lane isn’t like the other drifters who’ve come through his brother’s place. A fragile attraction begins to bloom between them, in spite of the many reasons they both have to fight it. Trey wants to give Lane a family, but experience has taught Lane to depend on no one but himself. Will winter love burn hot in a town called Christmas Valley, or will Lane return to his wandering ways?


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J.R. Loveless is an avid fan, reader and writer of anything pertaining to male/male romance. She started out her adventure into the genre in 2004 when she discovered the anime Loveless, a softer side of Yaoi. The moment she saw Loveless, it sucked her in and hasn’t let go since.

After Loveless, she voraciously searched for anything she could find within the anime world pertaining to Yaoi and Shounen-Ai. She found Gravitation, Princess Princess, Gakuen Heaven, Junjou Romantica and so much more. As she searched for the different animes available, she stumbled across an amazing forum that to this day she is more than ever thankful she found.

J.R. currently has several works in progress and several more ideas on the slow cooker. Ideas come to her out of the blue, a lyric in a song, a line in a movie, or just out of nowhere while she’s standing in the shower. She loves to make up her own stories, to follow her heart, and to write things her way because she loves a happy ending.

She is always thankful for all of her followers on AarinFantasy and for all of the wonderful people who read her stories. Please feel free to send her an email or to drop her a note on Facebook. She will always try to respond, even if it isn’t right away.

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  1. H.B. says:

    Congratulations on your new book release! Also congratulations on the weight loss, I hope your new year resolutions will keep again for another year.

    I don’t like doing making a New Year resolution. I find myself unable to keep it so I decided this year I will just go with the flow and let what happen happen. My goal is to lose some weight or to at the very least retain the weight I am at now.

  2. Jen F says:

    Wow! Congrats on the weight loss. And the book release. My resolution is to continue with the one I started last year when I got my FitBit (but up it) and that is to do at least 80,000 steps per week.

  3. Serena S. says:

    Congrats on your new release!I have it in my list, I’m hping to find some time this week to read it. :)
    I don’t many resolutions anymore. I used to be but I always forgot about them and never followed through. I rather set concentrate on one thing at a time, do it and then concentrate on something else and so on and on.

  4. Susan says:

    I don’t make resolutions most years, but this year I’m resolving to fight the Nazis who took over the White House in any way I can. My grandfather escaped from them in Europe and it’s the least I can do to honor his fight.

  5. Nanee says:

    My first book will be published in feb by JMS Publishing and I hope to get two more written and submitted

  6. Tanja says:

    Congrats on the new release and on your weight loss. That is terrific. It is so hard to lose weight.
    I reached my goal last year. So my resolution will be to not fall back on bad habits and keep eating healthy.

  7. Julie Small says:

    Congratulations on the release! My resolution is going to be the same as last years. Leave a review of every book that I read during the year!

  8. Trix says:

    I want to finally learn to not obsess over every little thing…

  9. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    Congratulations on keeping your New Year Resolution to lose weigh that is truly amazing accomplishment. The two books out last year is great to and I hope you do WRITE, WRITE as I enjoy your books so much. No Resolutions for me I break them so quickly I just hope to stay healthy and happy next year.

  10. dee says:

    Good luck with your New Year’s resolutions!

    I have to admit, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions years ago. It usually doesn’t work for me anyway. It just stresses me and in the end I’m probably disappointed that it didn’t work out.
    I rather reflect on my life on a regular basis. Sometimes I even make notes. And if there is something I like to change, something I _need_ to change, I will try to do it, whenever it occurs to me, not just this one time a year :)

  11. Rachel Ramoutar says:

    Your new release looks great!

  12. Yael says:

    I want to find gratitude for the gifts given to me every day in 2017.

  13. Resolutions aren’t easy, well the follow-on I mean. I find myself making resolutions/goals each day. Floundering when I haven’t managed even a little bit, going Yay! when I have.

  14. Lisa says:

    Congrats on your weight drop. (Some friends of mine don’t call it a loss anymore because a loss means it can be found again). I don’t make resolutions anymore. If I make them then I most likely will break them. This year, I will try to continue to log my food intake, I will try to eat healthier & exercise more. I will also continue to try to increase my donations to social causes that will help fight the terrorists leading this country. And to continue to work on my own social activism.

  15. Jillian Too says:

    Congrats on your weight loss. I hope you’ll keep your momentum.

    My resolution is to make healthier food choices. I tend to snack on too many sweets and treats.

  16. Karen says:

    I’m going to stop the little spending ($5 here, $12 there) by taking lunch to work. The money I save will be going to our Disneyland fund.

  17. waxapplelover says:

    Congrats on losing the weight (and more importantly, keeping it off)! My goal is to eat healthier and to exercise more. Hopefully that results in losing some weight, but the importance is to stay healthy.

  18. Kimberly Curington says:

    I told my son just this morning, I want to write a short story this year. Not just pieces parts, or what I refer to as my “really bad poetries”. I want to create a cohesive, complete story.

  19. jodi marinich says:

    I usually dont do new years resolutions …

  20. Debra Guyette says:

    Congrats on your weight loss. I Want to lose weight but cannot seem to get going.

  21. Didi says:

    My 2017 Resolution is finding a new job! I’ve taken enough off time and now the time comes to earn money to fund my bookaholic addition ;-) but to save some travelling fund – want to see more of the world before it’s totally destroyed.

  22. Lee Todd says:

    to be honest I don’t do NY resolutions….can’t break what you don’t make

  23. 46 pounds is NOT easy to lose, so congratulations! Setting goals is great, but I don’t like the hype of a ‘resolution’. It’s too hard to create an overreaching goal and then fail at it. So maybe I’ll just stick to setting a 2017 goal of books to read and actually mark them on Goodreads so I can share my appreciation with authors more often. That’s especially easy since I read with a Kindle and can rate/review at the end of most books.

  24. Ami says:

    I don’t usually have NY Resolutions. I make my resolution as I go along rather than making it on NY day. But I want to be able to run more than 10k next year :)

  25. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Ami – That’s a good way to be. Most people who make New Year’s resolutions tend to not stick to them. It’s the way of human nature I think. Sometimes it’s better to make short term goals and stick with them. Good luck with the 10k!

  26. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Alicia – You’re right. Resolutions are not always easy to keep. It’s definitely something people set and find it hard to stick with. Determination and mindset are key. Thanks for the congrats. :) I hope to keep moving forward with the weight loss in 2017. It’s not easy to stick to, at all, especially when you see so many others around you eating what they want, but it comes to remembering why and what you want.

  27. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Lee Todd – That’s very true. But having goals is a good thing, even if you don’t make them on New Years, because it gives us something to strive. :) Happy New Year!

  28. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Didi, That’s a good goal to have. I’d also like to travel more. And I don’t mean locally or the same state. I get up to Orlando and Tampa a couple times a year, but I don’t really consider that ‘travelling’ since it’s still the same state and it’s always for a convention. I’d like to get out of the state, somewhere I can’t drive to. :)

  29. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Debra – It’s very difficult sometimes to find the motivation to lose weight. I found myself tired of my knees and feet and ankles hurting. I’m also not getting younger and I know as I get older the aching in said areas are only going to get worse. So I use that as motivation. Sometimes you have to find something to keep yourself striving toward that particular goal. And being healthy is a big reason. :)

  30. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Jodi – That’s understandable. It’s something I find a lot of people don’t do. And its typically because people find it difficult to stick to. Or they have goals in mind that they already want and intend on hitting.

  31. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Kimberly – Do it! :) And when you finish, write another one. Sometimes, it’s good to find someone to share it with, but make sure it’s someone you can trust, though.

  32. J.R. Loveless says:

    @waxapplelover – Sometimes that’s all it takes. Eating healthier, eating less, and get moving. You don’t necessarily have to go on a strict diet, just watching your intake and start getting more exercise, even if its just taking a simple walk at night or in the morning, that’s enough. :) Good luck!

  33. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Karen – That’s actually another goal I am going to be working on myself. I need to start saving more money, to work toward cutting out the excessive/unnecessary spending because I think instead of looking into renting a house, I’m thinking of buying and I’m going to need every bit of money I can get.

  34. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Jillian – Snacking isn’t a bad thing, just changing what you’re choosing to snack on is the thing. :) Grab fruit or veggies instead!

    @Lisa – My Fitness Pal is a GREAT tracker. I use it all the time. Helps me stay honest and stay on track. It’s helped me with my weight loss for sure. And yes, resolutions tend not be easy to keep, but I find if you think of them as goals, because really that’s what they are, then they’re a tad easier to keep.

    @batchelorboy55 – Resolutions are definitely not easy to follow. but making a plan and remembering what you’re striving for makes them easier to reach. :)

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