Memories of Provence with Peter Grover

December 21, 2016

Memories of Provence with Peter Grover


Thank you Dreamspinner from Peter Grover for this launch day guest post of my debut book The Weather Baker’s Son!

Memories of Provence

Memories of southern France, obtained over several years of renting the same vacation home near a charming little village, form the basis of my book.  I thought what better way to illustrate the source of my inspiration than to describe an imaginary but typical morning in the life of a vacation home renter in southern France, such as you or I might have.  In this way readers can come along for the journey and experience first hand those languid mornings.

So, here we go:

It is a spring morning at the ancient stone sheepfold converted into a holiday home among fields near a small town.  You wake up, breathing in heartily the fresh air scented with rosemary and other herbs.  You walk to the window and throw open the blue, wooden shutters.  Bathed in an intense, warm morning sun you gaze below at the courtyard garden and the stone steps leading up to your room.  Admiringly you watch as a few bronzed young men, beyond the garden walls and off at the edges of the fields, cut asparagus for the market.  Their tight t-shirts strain rhythmically over their bicep muscles as they go about their cutting.

Below in the main room, your travelling companions clink dishes as they gather together the breakfast meal.   You dress and go downstairs to greet them then you hop on a bicycle and ride into town to get baked treats for the morning meal.  In the bakery, you cast side-long glances at the handsome fellow there behind the counter, he with the jet-black hair and smoldering brown eyes, who despite serving others, glances furtively back at you.  Your turn to order comes and reddening in the presence of the one you admire, you blurt out an order for several baked goods you would like.  Both of you casting awkward, quick glances the exchange is done and you reluctantly depart home, turning over in your mind how broad the baker’s shoulders were and how equally broad his smile.

Your companions have set out on a terrace table plates of cold cuts and cheese, a teapot and cups and they unwrap with bemusement the odd assortment of baked goods, wondering where your mind was at when ordering them.   Oh well, they are no doubt all very fresh and delicious in any event!

Later, after lingering in the garden, admiring the rows of purple iris, the stately pomegranate tree and the lizards scampering on the garden wall you all depart through the iron garden gate and once in your car set off to enjoy a browse through the local morning market.  Walking among stalls with brightly colored fabrics, local greens and deli meats, pottery, painted ceramics and more, you are separated from your friends and dawdle near a baker’s stall set up by that same bakery that you were at earlier, catching the occasional sight of that strapping young man as he heaves heavy boxes of baked goods out of his van. What a strong back, you think, as you finally tear yourself away from your reverie.

After a fine lunch in town, once back home you separate from your companions, they to read or gather flowers and you, trying to nap, tossing, and turning as you think How do I get to know that young fellow better?


Thus, a day would begin and in the afternoon no doubt you would all go out to admire a spectacular hill town or ancient Roman sight.

So, have you experienced some of these same sights and sounds?  If so, please fill us in.  Whether or not you have, what do you think you should do next to get to know the handsome baker better?  Perhaps by reading The Weather Baker’s Son you will see!


Check out The Weather Baker’s Son today!


The Weather Baker's Son by Peter Grover


Nature’s call of desire among golden fields and intoxicating red-lipped poppies seems to proclaim a path to love and healing in southern France. Yet Peter, an American university student struggling with self-doubt following a failed love affair, is determined never to be hurt again. While on a vacation with his widowed mother, Peter is smitten by Gaston, a handsome local baker. Gaston, less bold than Peter, is drawn to Peter as well but fearful of the loss of family esteem—particularly the respect of his cousin Mario, who looks up to Gaston. Their friendship grows into more as Peter continues to visit the bakery, but their increasing intimacy does not go unnoticed. The road to fulfillment becomes increasingly obscured, and internal doubts and external events spiral out of control. The arrival of a handsome stranger, suspicions of murder, and the threat of harm might spell the end of more than just their relationship.

World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.


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