Seeing in Color with Ashavan Doyon + Giveaway

December 7, 2016


Seeing in Color with Ashavan Doyon


This is Ashavan Doyon here at the Dreamspinner Press blog for the release of… oh. It’s a lot. *takes a deep breath* The Rodeo Knight, The King’s Mate second edition and the print only anthology The Chess Master Chronicles.

This is the last stop on my blog tour, coming home to my publisher. Just yesterday I was at Tammy’s Two Cents giving way more information than anyone wanted to know about how I started writing The King’s Mate, down to the mini blurbs for the three other stories I almost wrote instead. A few days before that, I was at My Fiction Nook, with Sylvester Thomas of The Rodeo Knight who shared his favorite superheroes. On release day, I stopped by Love Bytes Same Sex Reviews and sat down at Sam’s Café for a talk with Sam. MM Good Book Reviews hosted us twice! There have been a lot of stops and hopefully, if I’ve gotten my act together between when I wrote this and when it appears on the Dreamspinner Press blog, you can find links to all of them on my website in the News and Events section.

The blog tour has been eleven stops, every one of them unique content, and I’m in awe of authors who manage more than that. Some of you have followed along as I’ve been going from stop to stop, and if you’re one of them, thank you so much! This is the one with the prize… stay tuned!

By now I’ve talked a ton about how this set of stories came to be. I don’t want to repeat that for folks who may have been following the tour, so check out those links on my site and get the whole story. I’m fresh from talking about The King’s Mate, and I love that story, but the “new” release is The Rodeo Knight and I want to give it the attention it deserves today.

The first two Sam’s Café Romances focused on Russ, the chess master for Sam’s tournament. This story closes out that story line with the story of the love he lost, Brian. I had an experience I’d not had before with this book. I had a reviewer that had loved the earlier stories in the series read the blurb and message me on Facebook with, essentially “Brian’s alive? Tell me how?” It was one of the things that told me I’d made the right choice with the story.

Because I’d pitched the story, I had a lot sketched out. I knew we had our amnesiac chess grandmaster Brian. I knew his family had hidden his past from him and created a fake life, a heterosexual life for him to live. I knew that he had missed his chance to make things right with Russ, and I struggled with that, because I knew I had readers who wanted to see that work. But Russ had a happy ending already.

In writing this story I had one advantage most people don’t. I wasn’t writing about amnesia from soap operas or books. I had a friend in college who had a similar accident and suffered from the genuine complete memory loss, down to not remembering his own name. Thankfully, his parents weren’t the total crazies Brian has. I remember something that my friend said to me about amnesia and what it was like when he finally felt something again (for him also, this was over a romantic relationship). He said it was like suddenly turning on color TV, when all you’d been able to watch was black and white. He also said that was a totally inadequate description, but I knew what he meant and I’m sure you do too.

When Brian finally “sees in color” it is in his feelings for a cowboy. That makes Brian’s acceptance of his feelings fast. He has proof, something tangible, for what he’s feeling and he wants it bad, because while he can’t feel what he’s lost, as he says a few times in the story, he “knows it was good.”

*Okay, so it was fast. But I’m a little mystified. I get it, I guess, and sure you set it up, but a comic book store? Were you a Queer as Folk fan or something?*

I haven’t gotten this question yet, and honestly, I’m a little surprised. QAF is the obvious place for a gay man to pull starting a comic book store from. But that totally is not it! I love this story and having the comic book store is a little homage to my own love. I met my husband in college. He owned the comic book store halfway between my mom’s house and the university. It was also a gay boy magnet. Somehow every gay comic geek in a fifty-mile radius seemed to mysteriously frequent his comic store. Anyway, I have strong romantic feelings attached to comic book stores as a result of our summer romance.

Then I broke up with him and crushed his heart into little bits. (oh, totally for real. Yes, there were reasons)

Thankfully Brian doesn’t have such a tarnished happy ending. I hope you’ll have a chance to experience it and all the Sam’s Café Romances. For the record, five years after that summer I decided regrets were for the birds, wrote my husband a letter “you probably hate me but…” and met him for dinner a few weeks later. We’ve been together for sixteen years.

Thinking about Sylvester’s impossible second chance dream for a comic book store — tell me about your crazy dream job or aspiration in the comments — why didn’t you do it? or how did it turn out if you did?

*a-hem* you said something about a prize?

YAY! Prizes. Just one, sadly. Starving author! But I’m offering a book from my Dreamspinner backlist (e-book only, sorry folks, that means The Chess Master Chronicles and the print edition of Gerry’s Lion aren’t eligible) to one person who answers that call to comment on their crazy dream job. E-book prizes are awarded through the Dreamspinner Press bookshelf, so you must have a Dreamspinner Press store account to win. My current new releases (that is The King’s Mate and The Rodeo Knight) are not eligible. You CAN win A Wounded Promise though, even though it’s part of the series. It’s book 2 and it’s fantastic and super angsty. You have 72 hours to enter!

Author Bio:

For fifteen years, Ashavan Doyon worked with students in the student affairs office of a liberal arts college. He recently decided to shake things up a little, and is now working in the publications and communications office at the college. During lunch, evenings, and when he can escape the grasp of his husband on weekends, he writes, pounding out words day after day in hopes that his ancient typewriter-trained fingers won’t break the glass on his tablet computer. Ashavan is an avid science fiction and fantasy fan and prefers to write while listening to music that fits the mood of his current story. He has no children, but lavishes attention on his sole remaining fur child, a very elderly pug. A Texan by birth, he currently lives in New England, and frequently complains of the weather.

Ashavan went to school at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, getting his degree in Russian and East European Studies, with a focus in language and literature. He has two incomplete manuscripts from college that he goes back compulsively to fiddle with every so often, but is still not happy with either of them. He still loves fantasy and science fiction and reads constantly in the moments between writing stories.

You can find me online at:


Check out The Rodeo Knight today!


The Rodeo Knight by Ashavan Doyon


The Rodeo Knight
Sam’s Café Romances: Book Three

Struck by amnesia after a car crash, Brian Stouten has been living a life laid out by his family, a heterosexual life that just doesn’t fit. When he learns it was all a lie, he returns to the small college town that’s his only clue to his past. But the town is still unfamiliar, and the man he’d hoped would make all his memories return is on a honeymoon with another man. To add insult to injury, everyone thinks Brian died in the crash. It’s only when an out-of-place cowboy asks to bum a smoke that Brian realizes this trip was meant to be.

Sylvester Thomas has always fought a secret desire, and done it successfully. But when geeky Brian offers him a smoke and a light, a simple brush of hands has Sylvester’s hidden passions burning deep. Did he make a mistake letting Brian walk away?

Buy links:

The Rodeo Knight (Dreamspinner)

The Rodeo Knight (Amazon)

Sam’s Cafe Romances books 1-3, print only
The Chess Master Chronicles (Dreamspinner)

12 Responses to “Seeing in Color with Ashavan Doyon + Giveaway”

  1. Susan says:

    I always wanted to be an archaeologist and even worked in the Egyptian Department of the Brooklyn Museum for a while. However, I had a summer job doing field research, living in a tent and eating whatever the site cook felt like fixing. It taught me that is not an environment in which I flourish! But I still love reading about archaeology, just not doing it.

  2. Susan: Thanks so much for stopping by. I think Indiana Jones really made Archaeology seem exciting for a lot of young people when I was a kid. It’s funny, I was all for thinking the whip was cool, the archaeology I could take or leave. But it made for good movies. There’s a m/m author who wrote some archaeology mystery type stories that I picked up a while ago that are still on my reading list. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Good luck on the prize drawing!

  3. Trix says:

    I’ve always considered being a pastry chef, but I wonder (given how stressed I get at last-minute requests for party desserts) if I’d resent baking eventually if I had to do it for a living. Soundtrack coordinator would be cool, but I’ve never heard definitive advice on how…

  4. H.B. says:

    I like working with my hands so any job in which I can make something or a job you need to have nimble fingers at. I do like baking and even though I’m still a novice at it I do like to crochet. Although I wouldn’t mind spending my day doing some sort of research or sorting too.

  5. My crazy dream job would be to read books all day, specifically, books I really like (putting it in the crazy category, since not even people who do get to read books all day get to enjoy every single one of them). I know I know, “crazy dream job” should be more exciting/exotic/dreamy. But this really is my ultimate, crazy dream job.
    Reason why I haven’t pursued it? No one wants to pay me to do it, duh. Life is not fair sometimes.

  6. I just had an epiphany. If I worked at Dreamspinners Press, I’ll be reading books I love all day! Do you think they’ll consider me for the “person who reads gay romance books all day” position? Would you put in a kind word for me please? I’d do it for free, if it would help ;)

  7. Debra Guyette says:

    This sounds really good. I like the above post. Working there sounds like me.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  8. Trix: Pastry chef sounds cool, but then I remember that fateful day that I attempted blini and pelmeni on the same day and ended up covered from head to toe in flour. Good Luck!

  9. HB: You know I cross stitched in my youth but I struggled to master crochet. Something just never clicked right with it.

  10. Elmi: The problem with reading as a job is they always expect you to do something. edit. proof. etc. you never just get to enjoy, even when you’re reviewing, which is done when the book is a more finished product. As an author I don’t really have that much clout. I don’t know how often they advertise for proof readers at Dreamspinner but if you asked at the Dreamreaders page on Facebook Naomi might know what they look for.

    Good luck on the drawing!

  11. Debra: It seems like a fun group, though I’ve only met them in person once.

  12. Elmi: You were randomly selected as the winner of this giveaway! Yay! Congratulations! You’ve won a copy of an ebook from my backlist. Note that only ebooks are eligible and that the new releases cannot be selected. That leaves the following titles: I Almost Let You, The Colors of Romance, The Byte of Betrayal, A Wounded Promise, and Gerry’s Lion.
    please contact me at: ashavandoyon [at] gmail [dot] com to let me know which title you’d like. I’ll also need to know what email you use at the Dreamspinner Press store.

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