More Than Friends? with J.R. Loveless – Giveaway + Excerpt

November 9, 2016

More Than Friends with J.R. Loveless

Release day is always exciting! Today is November 9th and the release of my newest novella You Belong With Me. There are some of you who may know me from my first novel from Dreamspinner Press, Touch Me Gently, but for those who don’t, I’m J.R. Loveless, and I have been writing gay romance for a little over ten years now. Dreamspinner gave me a chance in 2010 and I have been publishing with them ever since. My long term dream is to be able to spend my days writing, but until then, I work in an office as a manager of a System Support department while dreaming up countless stories I hope to bring to you all someday.

Many of us have experienced, or are experiencing right now, the most painful of all type of loves – unrequited. There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching from afar as the person we want to be with showers their affection and attention on someone else. Except when they’re your best friend and they don’t even realize you’re in love with them. Because then it’s an up close and personal view that you wish you never had to witness.

In You Belong With Me, Scott is in love with his best friend Craig and has been for some time. He’s been there to experience the heartache of Craig falling for someone for the first time and then having to listen as Craig tells him everything about the relationship, including the night Craig lost his virginity. The story is told from the POVs of Scott, Craig, and Scott’s twin sister Karen, giving you the perspective of an outsider who cares very deeply for Scott and would love nothing more than to knock some sense into Craig. Maybe some will be able to relate with Scott and some may even be able to relate with Craig, but hopefully by the end of the story you’ll be cheering for them both. Just don’t hate on either too much because without communication misunderstandings happen and yes, Craig does do something which some may find unforgivable, but you’ll have to read the story to find out!

Keep reading for an excerpt to whet your taste buds and give you a glimpse of what is to come in You Belong With Me.

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You Belong With Me by J.R. Loveless

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Scott has been in love with his best friend Craig for years, but watching Craig with his manipulative boyfriend has worn Scott down, and he knows he needs a break from the pain and maybe a change of scenery and perspective. His twin sister, Karen, convinces him to spend a summer in Paris.

Karen is sick and tired of seeing Scott suffer, and she’s not going to stand for it anymore. She confronts Craig and tells him what he’s been missing by spurning Scott’s affection in favor of a jerk who mistreats him.

When Craig unknowingly breaks Scott’s heart, Craig opens his eyes—and his own heart—to the possibility of a future with Scott. He plans to use the time while Scott’s abroad to orchestrate a romantic surprise that will show Scott they belong together. But when he sees Scott with another man at the airport, Craig fears he’s too late.



Anger and hurt simmered beneath the surface as Scott slammed the door behind him. He was glad the house was empty, because he didn’t want to talk to anyone. The fact that for the first time in four years Craig wasn’t there at lunch and didn’t even text him made him so angry, but the anger paled in comparison to the pain he felt. As the lunch hour had ticked by and he came to the realization Craig wasn’t coming, it had felt like a sharp knife in his stomach. A hollow feeling had swamped him on his way home. His best friend had forgotten him.

Scott’s eyes stung but he gritted his teeth and refused to let the tears fall. He wouldn’t allow Derek to do this to him. He wouldn’t cry. He tossed himself across his bed and buried his face in the pillow. Somehow Derek had guessed his feelings toward Craig and, whenever he could, went out of his way to make Craig hurt Scott without realizing it. The bastard was so coldhearted he made the devil seem nice.

Scott had gotten each and every one of Craig’s texts, but he knew if he responded, Craig would get the brunt of his pain and anger. Before he spoke to him, he needed to get control of his emotions. If he didn’t, he’d wind up blurting out something he shouldn’t. More than likely it would be about Derek being an asshole, and it might cause a rift between them too wide to repair. He’d lose Craig for sure.

Scott allowed his mind to drift as he lay there. The internship to France being offered by Emerson was starting to look better and better every day. Maybe some time away would be a good thing. If he could get over the way he felt about Craig, his emotions could even out and he wouldn’t constantly have to worry about destroying their friendship. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on breathing in and out slowly. Eventually he started to fall asleep. Only there was no peace, even in his dreams. Immediately he started dreaming of Craig.

Craig kissed his way down Scott’s spine, lips traveling over each vertebrae slowly. He smoothed his calloused hands over Scott’s arms and shoulders with calculating accuracy. Scott moaned when he felt Craig’s hot breath on his lower back, just above his pale rear end. The moan grew louder as Craig slid the tip of his wet tongue along the beginning of the crease leading to Scott’s tight entrance. Sweat built along his skin in a fine sheen at the roar of pleasure that rushed through him. Craig tenderly spread Scott’s cheeks open with his strong hands, baring the puckered channel dying to feel him inside. A small cry rattled in Scott’s throat when his tongue came into contact with Scott’s hole. Quick lapping motions against him made Scott’s cock throb painfully against the sheets. But when Craig probed into his body, Scott heard himself shamelessly begging, “Please.”

He felt Craig smile. “Please what?” Craig asked huskily.

“Craig,” Scott whimpered.

“Tell me.”

“I want you inside of me,” he growled in frustration.

Craig laughed softly and rose up to press the full length of his body over Scott’s. Scott could feel Craig’s hard prick rubbing into the crease of his ass. “Do you, Scott?”

“God yes,” he hissed.

The blunt tip of Craig’s dick nudged the entrance to his hole. Scott reached back with one hand to grip at his hip to try to pull him inside. He shuddered when he felt Craig drop a kiss on the nape of his neck. His firm lips grazed Scott’s ear as he whispered, “I love you, Scott.”

Just when he started to enter him, Scott heard his name again from a distance. Then someone was shaking him. “Scott, wake up.”

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  1. Jen says:

    I wanted a child more than anything and tried for years. And, yes, I did get her and also a him. :-)


  2. Trix says:

    True love…not quite yet. :~)

  3. waxapplelover says:

    I’m not trying to get mired in a battle about politics, but I really would have loved to see the first woman President of the United States. I watched videos of women who were born before the 19th Amendment, as well as many mothers bringing their daughters to polling places, vote with such hope.

    waxapplelover (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Ami says:

    I want to finally able to say to ANYONE (not just few people who understands about it) that I’m an asexual, and that it is okay, that there won’t be people questioning it, or asking whether it’s true, or it’s possible… just accept it as a sexuality that exists in this world …. amie_07(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. AHPG says:

    Congrats on the release of You Belong With Me and a happy release day :) I love the blurb and i enjoyed the excerpt, thank you for sharing.
    I remember that when i was about 10 years old i really wanted a toy tree house to play with, but my parents wouldn’t buy it for me so i then had a “sort of” summer job to pick beans so i could buy the toy tree house myself. I will never forget how i felt when i made enough money to buy the tree house, i was so proud!

  6. Carly says:

    I decided I wanted to be a nurse when I was 14 years old, after my baby brother had open heart surgery, and it wasn’t an easy road but I graduated with my nursing degree when my son was 2 and I was 25. It was the second most amazing moment in my life, because nothing tops being a mom. =’)


  7. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Jen – That is wonderful that you were able to accomplish that dream! :) I am so happy for you! <3

  8. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Trix – I am in the same boat with you there, sweetie. I am still waiting for my own true love to happen as well. Someday, right?! :)

  9. J.R. Loveless says:

    @waxapplelover – I don’t really want to get into the whole political debate or anything, but it will happen one day. Rumor has it they’re still trying to get Mrs. Obama to run, perhaps 2020? *hugs*

  10. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Ami – It WILL happen. I know it will. Just continue to have faith and hope. We all have to have hope and just keep looking forward into the future. Just know in your heart it will happen. *hugs* Thank you for sharing that with me.

  11. J.R. Loveless says:

    @AHPG – There’s nothing more gratifying than being able to earn something for yourself, knowing that you put in the hard work and did what you had to in order to get what you wanted. <3 It's a very rewarding feeling.

  12. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Carly – Congratulations on earning your nursing degree! I have much respect for nurses. It is not an easy job. You put up with a lot and don’t get paid enough in my honest opinion. I am a squeamish person and cannot imagine dealing with even an ounce of what nurses have to handle. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience. <3 :)

  13. Debra Guyette says:

    I wanted to become a teacher and I did in my late thirties.

  14. jodi marinich says:

    i wanted to graduate college and finally did

  15. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Debra Guyette – That’s a great profession and honorable goal to strive for and it’s wonderful that you achieved it! Teachers are also another profession I have much respect for and they do not receive enough recognition for what they put up with. Congratulations on achieving what you set out to achieve. :)

  16. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Jodi Marinich – Congratulations! :D That’s awesome! What did you major in?

  17. Mari says:

    What I wanted more in this life was being a mom, especially after I lost my first pregnancy. I was blessed with twin girls three years later, though. <3

  18. J.R. Loveless says:

    @Mari – I am very sorry to hear about your first pregnancy. :( That’s an awful experience to go through. Though congratulations on the twin girls!

  19. susana says:

    I wanted to get a job as a civil servant, which is very difficult in my country because it implies a lot of benefits, like a stable position and excellent health insurance, and I did it. I’ve been working for 11 years and still feel grateful for it!

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