Hard Work and a Dollop of Luck with Jaime Samms

April 14, 2016

Hard Work and a Dollop of Luck

Sometimes, life seems like a constant barrage of things not done. An endless parade of deadlines passing by unfulfilled, only to be followed by more obligations and things to do. The next book is due in this week. Edits for the book currently in production are due the week after that. Cover discussions for the entire series are ongoing. A release day requires blog tours and social media interaction. Really, writing the book, some days, feels like the easy part!


When I was writing this series, it really was easier than some. I connected with the dancers in a different way than I connect with my other characters, because I have spent a lifetime (my daughter’s, to be precise) watching young dancers face these same struggles of identity, injury and the possibility that the thing they love most in the world is a thing they can’t have.

Along every step, as some of her good friends had to stop dancing for health reasons, as some dropped out because they found other interests, and as a few went on to try and succeed or fail in the wider dance world, I’ve felt very lucky that my kid seems to be the charmed one so far. She’s talented and driven and knows what she wants, and moreover, looks like there is every chance she is going to succeed in achieving her goals. Because as creative and excitable as she is, she’s grounded and practical and knows what she can and can’t do.

So she has set her goals and is moving in that direction at a steady, measured and hopefully, sustainable pace. Plus, luck. Never underestimate the power of luck. She has it, and it reminds me of many of the stages of my own career. Being in the right place at the right time is one part planning, one part talent, immeasurable infusions of hard, hard work, and a large dollop of luck.

So when it came about, through chance, that this book is being released on my own dancer’s birthday, I felt the indelible hand of serendipity at work. I dedicated the book to her and sat back to watch the world unfold.

Then reality.

Not only is this time of year her birthday, it’s tech week for the biggest commitment of her dance year. Which means rehearsals, production meetings, rehearsals, front of house organization, rehearsals, sleep if you can, eat constantly, because did I mention rehearsals?

So really, who the blazes planned a release date in the middle of one of the busiest times of the year in this household? Because deadlines and rehearsals and promotion! Oh my!

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. I hate to say it, but when I’m swamped, I simply get more done. Now if only that was a sustainable way of life. Thank goodness it only really happens twice a year or so around here. What about you guys?  Do you get more done when have less time? Or are you one of those rare birds who plan your days and get things finished in a timely manner? Do people like that even exist?



To dance is to put one’s heart and soul on display for the world to see and judge. Conrad, Peridot, and Cobalt always knew this. For years, this small group of men has danced in and out of the spotlight and one another’s lives. Now, settling in one place, one studio, they all have to find a place on the stage—or behind the scenes—and find the even greater strength to once more dance like no one is watching. To love like they’ve never been hurt before. But most of all, to live their lives like they have found their heaven, both in the music and in the eyes of those who love them.


Blurb: About to lose the only thing he ever loved, Adam Pittaluga is at a crossroads in a dancing career that has hardly begun. He has always wanted to be a ballet dancer, but now that it’s impossible, he turns to Peridot for comfort. Peridot has been rebuilding his life after losing his ability to dance professionally, his marriage, and very nearly his daughter. He has a lot of reasons to be leery of starting something new, especially with a man as young as Adam.

Adam and Peridot have to believe that starting again can lead to love and success and that sometimes, the strength needed to love like you’ve never been hurt can be borrowed from unexpected places for a while. But ultimately, they must find it inside themselves to be each other’s happy ending.

Check out Like You’ve Never Been Hurt today!

About Jaime

Jaime has been writing for various publishers since the fall of 2008, although she’s been writing for herself far longer. Often asked why men—what’s so fascinating about writing stories about men falling in love—she’s never come up with a clear answer. Just that these are the stories that she loves to read, so it seemed to make sense if she was going to write, they would also be the stories she wrote.

These days, you can find plenty of free reading on her website. She also writes for Freya’s Bower, Dreamspinner Press, Totally Bound, and now, Riptide Publishing.

Spare time, when it can be found rolled into a ball at the back of the dryer or cavorting with the dust bunnies in the corners, is spent crocheting, drawing, gardening (weather permitting, of course, since she is Canadian!), or watching movies. She has a day job, as well, which she loves, and two kids, but thankfully, also a wonderful husband who shoulders more than his fair share of household and child-care responsibilities.

She graduated some time ago from college with a fine arts diploma, and a major in textile arts, which basically qualifies her to draw pictures and create things with string and fabric. One always needs an official slip of paper to fall back on after all . . .

Find Jaime

Website: http://jaime-samms.net/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000982219151&ref=tn_tnmn
Deviantart: http://dontkickmycane.deviantart.com/
Amazon Author page: amazon.com/author/jaimesamms


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