For the Love of Sports with Teegan Loy – Post + Giveaway

March 4, 2016

For the Love of Sports

Hello! I’m Teegan Loy and today my fifth novel with Dreamspinner has been released. Love Simplified is the follow-up story to Love Complicated.


Blurb: Life is about making choices. For nineteen-year-old Jalen Marten, the choices he makes will not only affect his life, but the life and career of his superstar tennis player boyfriend, Austin Suter. Jalen spends the summer following Austin around the pro tennis circuit playing the supportive friend as Austin adjusts to life on tour.

Keeping secrets from people is hard enough, but when the media, a horde of new fans, and staff and family who all think they know what’s best for Austin are involved, it’s even worse. Coming out to the world is not an option, so Jalen is forced to hide in the shadows. It doesn’t always work, and Jalen begins to wonder if they should stay together. The next choice could make or break them as a couple, and both men wonder why love has to be so complicated.


These two stories were born while sitting in a tennis center watching my daughter compete and practice for countless hours, something she has been doing since she was four years old.

Listening to the sound of the tennis ball popping off the strings was the soundtrack for both books. Occasionally I would listen to actual music while writing, but most of the time I’d let the sounds of practice or matches fill my ears.

Sports have always been important to me. I grew up playing softball and volleyball, running track, curling and figure skating. I’m lucky enough to still count several of my teammates from days long ago as good friends. And now I’m enjoying watching my daughter become, not only a wonderful athlete, but also a strong, confident young woman.

I’ve had people tell me sports aren’t important in the grand scheme of life, but for me, they shaped who I am today, and I will forever be grateful to my family and my coaches who taught me how to compete and how to handle defeat and success with grace.

Most of my stories involve sports and the Game, Set, and Match Series is no exception. The main character, Jalen, is a total sports klutz, but falls for the golden boy of his high school, who is headed for life on the professional tennis circuit.

Love Complicated follows Jalen and Austin as they fall in love and navigate through high school. In Love Simplified we find out what happens after high school graduation. Austin begins playing pro tennis and Jalen wonders if he fits in Austin’s world. Choices must be made, good or terrible.

I’m giving away an e-book copy of Love Complicated or any book from my back list. I want to hear what sports are your favorites. It can be from your old glory years of competing or maybe you found a new sport you adore to play or watch. I know I still love watching the games I grew up playing.

I’ve been a faithful hockey fan since childhood. Going to high school and college games became a thing we did as a family on the weekend. To this day I watch the NHL, college, and an occasional high school game. I have season tickets to my college team.

Maybe you’ve met a sports figure, secured an autograph, or went all fangirl or fanboy over an athlete. I’ve met a few athletes and attended a few special sporting events. If you want to hear my fan stories, ask and I’ll tell.

And obviously I love to watch my daughter compete in tennis, volleyball, and fast pitch.

Tell me your special sports stories in the comment section below and in three days I will choose a winner to receive either Love Complicated or any other book from my back list.


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Check out Love Simplified today!



12 Responses to “For the Love of Sports with Teegan Loy – Post + Giveaway”

  1. Angela says:

    Congrats on the release of Love Simplified and a happy release day :)
    I never really played sports growing up but i love to watch Football (some people call it soccer) it is the number 1 sport in Europe.

    My favorite memory of football happend in 1988 this was the year my country won the European championship. I remember watching every game, cheering for the payers and just feeling awesome because it was a big deal for such a small country ;)

  2. Jen CW says:

    Congratulations on the new book! I love hockey. I wanted to play, but starting to play when I was 12 was not a good time; especially since there was not any girls hockey teams around. I love watching college hockey and I catch the occasional NHL game as well.

  3. Teegan Loy says:

    Angela, although I am not a soccer(football) fan, I have a friend who’s an absolute fanatic. He follows the US team around the world.

  4. Teegan Loy says:

    Jen: Hockey is huge in my part of the country, but alas, girls’ hockey wasn’t around when I was in school. I was a figure skater.

  5. H.B. says:

    Congrats on your new release!

    I’m not really into sports. My brother likes all types though. The three he really follows and go to games for are football, basketball and baseball (the last two he still plays when invited by friends).

  6. Anthony Taylor says:

    Congrats on the new release, great cover, added to my to buy list

  7. Teegan Loy says:

    H.B.: Jalen isn’t much of a sports fan either. He’s more of an Austin fan :)

  8. Teegan Loy says:

    Thanks, Anthony. I love the cover! It combines two of my favorite things, Paris and Tennis

  9. Mary Grzesik says:

    I already bought LS. Congrats on the new release. I’ve been a tomboy all my life. Tried everything but stuck with basketball, volleyball and baseball which was my first love till tennis came along. Tennis is special because it’s one of the few sports we can play as a family. Now my son has surpassed our level of tennis but there are leagues both he and his dad play in. I’m just a bit biased about tennis ;)

  10. Teegan Loy says:

    MARY: <3 my daughter hits the tennis ball way too hard for me to keep up with her.

  11. Trix says:

    THE MAGIC BROOM is still one of my very favorites, so I’m psyched for this one! I’m pretty unathletic, but I do love hockey. I’ve met a few San Jose Sharks over the years (especially during the era where former forward Mark Smith performed with his band during the offseasons…believe it or not, they were quite good), and they’ve always been very gracious (even though I can always hear myself sounding like a Muppet when I talk to them). I also literally bumped into Ryan Lochte while I was trying to find a seat at a swim meet a few years ago (he was cute, but rather sunburned, I was worried).

  12. Teegan Loy says:

    Trix: Oh, that’s awesome. I met Keith Tkachuk (PHX Coyotes captain) and couldn’t really speak. HAHA.

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