There You Are Release Party #4 – Funky Music + Excerpt

December 24, 2015


Who Got Da Funk?

Those who have read my stories know I love music and musicians. I’m especially partial to funk and soul music, so I had fun putting Cody into a funk band.

The band Cody travels to Portland to join in There You Are is called Da Funk. I modeled the band after a real-life funk band with the cool name of Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme. My husband and I caught their act in Portland a few years ago and were blown away by the sheer size of the band and the joyous music that we all danced to for three hours straight. Here they are below:



The excerpt below shows Cody’s first rehearsal with the band. Sandy, Phineas’s nephew, has dragged Phineas to the rehearsal, and Phineas sits in the back with a book while Sandy joins the band on bongos. What Cody doesn’t know until this rehearsal is that Phineas is a wonderful singer and performer in his own right.


“Okay,” Blaine said. “Let’s do ‘Funk Train’ next.”

“Who got da funk? We got da funk,” chanted Boze, the bassist.

“Um-hmm.” Creswell raised his horn while Jamie fingered the keys on her saxophone and said, “Let’s do it!”

Dude-Man, the organist, raised his head slightly. An enormous black man with shades and a bandana, he kept his own counsel. Cody hadn’t heard a peep out of him the whole rehearsal, but he was genius on the keys.

“Bueno.” Oscar grinned and started in on a Latin beat.

They swung into “Funk Train,” an original written by Oscar, and soon the garage walls reverberated with sound. Phineas appeared to be engrossed in his book, but Cody spied him tapping his toe and counted it as a win.

At the end, Blaine clapped his hands. “Pretty good. Need the horns to be tighter with the drums. One more time. I wish Clarice and Deena could’ve been here.”

“Who’re they?” Sandy asked, still beating softly on the bongos.

“Our backup singers.”

“Wow, this is a big band.”

“Yep. Okay, let’s—”

“Phineas can do.”

Everyone riveted their attention on Dude-Man, who remained impassive, the epitome of cool.

“Say what, hermano?” Oscar asked, a twinkle in his eye, while Phineas stiffened and lowered his book to stare at Dude-Man.

Dude-Man shifted, his massive hands on the keyboard. “I said, Phineas can do. Backup.” With that proclamation, he sat back on his stool and stared off into space, seemingly done with talking. Maybe he’d used up his daily word allotment, Cody mused.

Phineas had turned a becoming shade of pink. “Oh hell.” He tossed his book aside and, with one graceful movement, was on his feet and heading to the second mic set up next to Blaine, who grinned but didn’t say anything.

Oscar counted off the beat and they launched into the song, Boze laying down a funky bass line and the horns providing punctuation. Cody came in over them with a catchy riff, and Dude-Man filled in the spaces on the keys, while Oscar and Sandy provided a steady rhythm.

Once the vocals began, Phineas opened his mouth and a gorgeous tenor voice rang through the room, blending perfectly with Blaine’s baritone. The band members smiled, nodding their heads and riding the groove. Even Dude-Man was swaying.


This is the beginning of Phineas being drawn back into life after his mourning period of 4 years since Allen’s death. Cody soon discovers Phineas used to perform drag under the name Phanny Hill. We’ll get into that in the next post!

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Question: What kind of music do you love the best? Any favorite group or song you’d like to share?

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