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November 11, 2015


Hi, all. I’m here to talk about my new release, Like No One Is Watching, which is the first book in a new series titled Dance, Love, Live. The series is about a group of friends, most of them dancers, but also instructors, former dancers, or those whose lives have been overrun by the passion most dancers have for their art. Oddly enough, the series came about because I thought I had lost my own passion there for a minute.


There was a day, a while back, when I was going about my routine, trying to come up with a new story idea to get myself out of a rut. I wanted something that would write itself. Something I didn’t have to think too hard about. Something I wouldn’t have to spend hours researching. But my life, I thought, as I looked around my daughter’s dance studio (I was cleaning it at the time) was so devoid of anything, lately, other than sitting at my computer writing stories…or trying to write stories…that I just didn’t have anything interesting to bring to the table.


As I stood there, gazing through the mirror at the rest of the room, a spider flitted across the floor about ten feet behind me. It was big enough for me to see it in the mirror ten feet away. Knowing the studio’s Director as I do, I hunted that sucker down and evicted its ass before she got back, thereby avoiding any awkward moments when a grown woman in charge of a gaggle of tutued young ladies had to try not to freak out over it.


I was still standing there, writing the spider scene of this story in my head when my fellow cleaner (aka: Husband) came along and asked me what the ever loving heck I was doing leaning on my broom staring into space.


For weeks before that day, I hadn’t felt much like a writer at all. I’d spent many an hour doing just about anything I could find to do other than write. I felt like I was losing it. But when he asked me that, and I answered “writing” without even missing a beat, I realized there are some things, once they are in your system, in your blood and under your skin, they never go away completely.


And there it was. The opening scene of book one, the theme for the series, the setting and characterization for the first book. I had the landscape. The rest was details. I hope you like the first act, because it rekindled that need to do what I do, even when I should be doing something else.


So what is it in your life that drags you away from the everyday and burrows into your soul so that you can’t let it go or walk away, or finish folding the laundry and washing the dishes? For me, it’s writing.



If you want to read the book, you can find it here:

If you’d like a copy of something else from my back list, talk to me about your passion in the comments, and let me know what you’d like to read, and I will chose one winner at 9:00 AM Eastern November 12.

Happy reading!


11 Responses to “Passions with Jaime Samms – Post + Giveaway”

  1. Samantha Rozyczko says:

    For me it’s cooking and baking. I’m a stay at home wife and mother and unfortunately people that you have to feed everyday don’t always appreciate it. I love to try new things but when you spend hours in the kitchen and your meal comes out perfect (to you at least) and you don’t even get a this is good from them it kind of puts you off. Then I find the next recipe or come up with something amazing and I’m back at it with a smile on your face.

  2. Jaime Samms says:

    Appreciation is such a big thing, and a small thing at the same time, isn’t it, Samantha? Not getting it can sting, but at the same time, the joy of creating something new can so often overshadow all the rest. It reminds me to be grateful for my husband who is forever making sure I eat, since I tend to forget for long stretches.

  3. H.B. says:

    I don’t think I’ve found to be so passionate about. I think I just flit through different things since I lose interest so easily in hobbies I pick up. I do love reading, it’s almost yhe dirst thing I do when I wake up and really is the last thing I do before sleep.

  4. Samantha Rozyczko says:

    Yea it really is. Something as simple as a happy noise while eating would do it for me. Lol

  5. Jaime Samms says:

    That sounds like a passion to me, H.B.!

  6. Angela says:

    Congrats on the release of Like No One Is Watching :)

    For me reading is the thing that can keep me from doing things like folding laundry, doing dishes etc. I love to sit on the couch and just read. It is so much fun to let a book/author take over my mind for a while ;)

  7. tkj says:

    If anything, my passion would be photography. Unfortunately, that has in recent times been in theory only. Must be all those books stealing my time away from other things :)

  8. Doris L says:

    Reading Reading Reading, that takes me away from everything. I get cranky if I don’t have at least 6-7 hours sleep so staying up late is not an option, so I take days off from work just to catch up on my reading. You know the new release that you’ve been waiting for and you can’t wait till the weekend, you have to read now, it can’t wait. Yeah I’d say Reading is my passion. LOL

  9. Jaime Samms says:

    Hmmm…I’m sensing a theme here! lol! Doris, that is commitment. I think businesses should create “reading leave” Like “Sick leave” but waaaay better.

  10. Jaime Samms says:

    tky, I wish I had any skill at photography. And yeah. Books do tend to do that, don’t they?

  11. Jaime Samms says:

    Thanks, Angela! Since I really took up audio books, I at least can do some of those household tasks while I “read” It’s handy :)

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