How Far We’ve Come with Aisling Mancy – Post + Giveaway

November 6, 2015

Celebrating the Release of A Solitary Man by Shira Anthony and Aisling Mancy!


A very special thank you to Elizabeth North, Lynn West, and all the folks at Dreamspinner Press for hosting Shira Anthony and me for the release of A Solitary Man! It’s great to be here!

My name is Aisling “Ash” Mancy and my name may be new to you. But my writing may not be. I write young adult works for Dreamspinner’s Harmony Ink Press label under C. Kennedy.

I have a unique writing background in a number of ways, not the least of which is that I was raised by a prolific author. I have also written in multiple mainstream venues for years, and spent way too much time on movie sets watching films come to life for the silver screen. Though I write for Harmony Ink Press and have spent the past four years concentrating on young adult works, I write primarily for adults—surprise!

Shira and I love to write romance but when we sat down to write A Solitary Man, we wanted to write more than a love story. We wanted to write a story to raise awareness about two very important issues: youth placed in solitary confinement and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Both have devastating effects on our youth of today and leave everlasting invisible scars. In A Solitary Man, assistant district attorney, Chance Fairchild, and deputy sheriff, Xavier Constantine, are hot on the trail of a trafficking cartel whose interest isn’t only drugs, but also that of trafficking children. The story rocks some seriously hot sex and romance, but it also rocks a great mystery, spine-tingling suspense, and a lot of action—centered on these two serious issues.

While I have written GLBT content in the past, I’ve only written for the M/M romance community for a couple of years—and young adult works at that. When I peruse Dreamspinner’s wonderful library of works, it is readily apparent how much we, as authors, and you as readers, have accomplished to advance the rights of the LGBT community.

I’m old. I remember when no child protection laws existed, I remember segregation, and I remember when it was illegal to be gay in most states. Hell, I remember witchcraft was still illegal. While there have been qualified advances in the law over the past sixty years—most in respect to discrimination and hate crimes—progress in the recognition of rights and acceptance of the GLBTQIAP community has been slow. Very slow. In fact, most of the advancement has occurred in the past ten years. By way of example, intersex people were only granted negligible rights in 2006. We’re only now beginning to recognize the rights of transgender and transsexual individuals. And all of the aforementioned, from children’s rights to the rights of GLBTQIAP individuals is because we and our allies have come together to protect human beings.

The Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage is a historic event, to be sure. But it’s more than that. It ensures that every generation alive today lives in a time of profound change—not only one of change in perspective, but also one of behavior and the law. Now, more than ever before. As authors and readers, we bring awareness to the world. That makes me proud and I hope to bring you works that inspire you, give you strength and, above all, give you hope. Read more books! As tough as it may be, talk to people. Engage them in meaningful conversation. We’re changing the world one book at a time!

Comment below and let us know how else you think we’re changing the world for the better and don’t forget to enter for a chance to win! Thank you for celebrating the release of A Solitary Man with us! Go buy the book, read it, and become involved!

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13 Responses to “How Far We’ve Come with Aisling Mancy – Post + Giveaway”

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for the great post! I think another way the world is changing for the better is in general people, especially young people, are more open and not as judgmental about diversity. The other day my husband and I had an interesting,open and accepting conversation about what it means to be transgender, spurred on by the terrible vote that went down on The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. He started the conversation. Fifteen years ago that conversation would not have happened. However, what happened in Houston and some of the fear-mongering rhetoric that accompanied it, shows that we still have a ways to go.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful comments, Jen! You are absolutely correct. The world is less judgmental than in the past but we do still have a ways to go. Nonetheless, it’s important that we celebrate even the smallest of successes in the world to give us hope and happiness for the future. Thank you for dropping by and commenting! It’s great to see you here!

  3. Trix says:

    I think it’s a lot better that we’re hearing lots of people’s stories now–seeing each other more often as people, not as labels or an “other.”

  4. You are so right, Trix! It’s a terrific change, indeed! Thank you for dropping by and commenting! And good luck with the win!

  5. A very special thank you to all the folks at Dreamspinner Press for hosting us today! It’s great to be here!

  6. Jinai says:

    The books that you write and share with readers really do make a difference! As a reader, I always want to share those books that I really appreciate-with friends and family. Sharing these same ideas with those that I know and love. Thank you so much!

  7. Angela says:

    Congrats on the release of A Solitary Man.

    I think we chance things for the better if we keep talking, exchange experiences and especially keep educating young children.

  8. Shira says:

    Such a great post! I agree – GET INVOLVED and make a difference! As Xav in “A Solitary Man” would say: It’s worth it if you can help just one person! A very Zen way of looking at the universe.

  9. Jinai, thank you so much for your lovely comments and for reading our books!

  10. Thank you for dropping by and commenting, Angela! Communication and educating our children are key!

  11. Thanks, Shira! GET INVOLVED is perfect!

  12. Fantastic blog.Really looking forward to read more.

  13. Charlessorge says:

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