Day Jobs and Day Dreams with Pat Henshaw

October 28, 2015

Day Jobs and Day Dreams

Hi, I’m Pat Henshaw, and I’ve had an incredible year. In fact, I couldn’t write a fictional account of the year I’ve had and have any editor believe me.

I retired three years ago after having had a full career of jobs I’ve loved. I started after college as a costumer at the Alley Theatre in Houston. While fun, costuming—especially working with outsized egos—wasn’t me.

I went from the Alley to the Houston Post as a librarian before newspapers became digitalized. At the Post I wrote an art review column covering art galleries around Houston. When I met my husband who was a reporter at the Post, I quit and went to work for the Houston Chronicle where I edited the op-ed page and wrote book reviews.

Since I was a teen, I’ve been writing books, and this continued while we lived in Houston, then moved to Colorado, then to Northern Virginia, and finally here to Northern California. At every stop I had a great job: theatre and book reviewer in Colorado, public radio and TV publicist and mystery book columnist in Northern Virginia, and English composition instructor at a community college and book reviewer in California.

At each stop and all through my career years, I kept writing novels and telling myself that when I retired I’d become an author.

But when I retired I had to have major surgery which took me two years of recovery.

In 2014, I was reviewing for one print and two online sites and saw a call for submissions from Dreamspinner for a story based on a fairytale. Immediately Guy and Jimmy of What’s in a Name? came into focus, and I sat down and wrote the story. My wonderful husband proofread it for me, and I got ready to send it in to Dreamspinner.

Imagine my chagrin when I went back to read the submission details and realized two important things had escaped me: the submission date and the maximum number of words in the story. Not only was the story too long—by thousands of words!—but I’d missed the submission date by a week.

What to do? Well, what would an author do?

Yup, I sent the story to Dreamspinner as a stand-alone novella.

I was shocked when they accepted it. Voila! The Foothills Pride series began.

Today, the third in the series, Behr Facts, is being born in the world. I’m an author. No getting around it now.

As I said at the beginning of this blog piece, this has been an incredible year. I stopped writing reviews, having instead published three novellas and a short story at Dreamspinner. Dreamspinner’s motto is Where Dreams Come True. And I’m living proof of that.

What dreams do you have? And what are you doing to make those dreams come true? Tell me what you want to do and win a copy of What’s in a Name? or Redesigning Max. Step into the Foothills Pride series.


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    Congrats on your latest release Behr Facts :)

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