Wouldn’t Dream Of Love with Lex Chase

October 22, 2015


As I say on my blog, Hello, Internet! I’m Lex Chase and welcome to the latest installment of this month’s Dreamer column! This month’s theme is Wouldn’t Dream of It, and this one was a toughie for me!

I was thinking…hmmm…I could do something Halloween themed? Something scary? But this time, I decided to tone it back to something possibly even scarrier. I’m talking about love. For old dogs that thought that they would never meet that one person, they wouldn’t dream of love. That would be something that would never happen to them. Love is something that happens to other people.

AmericanaFairyTaleFS BayouFairyTaleFS


In my latest release the long awaited Bayou Fairy Tale the sequel to Americana Fairy Tale, we find the our heroes Taylor and Corentin living their Happily Ever After. Things have more or less worked out for them, but Corentin, being the old huntsman and 22 years older than his beloved princess, he’s still in awe that such a thing could happen.

When we met Corentin in Americana, he had lost his way, lost his faith, and was resigned to the fact that all his life was meant for was to be at the beck and call of wicked queens and evil stepmothers. Love wasn’t something on his agenda. Love was something he had completely written out of his vocabulary.

His idea of physical affection, minus the actual affection was renting a boy for the evening for some entertainment and moving on.

And then Taylor waltzed into his life like a Kamikaze pilot smashing into the side of an aircraft carrier. Taylor is not known for subtlety. He is also not known for poise, grace, and sure as hell doesn’t have any kind of manners. He is also of the mind that love was never in the cards for him either. Who would love a guy so flawed? His life a mess? His baggage? His method was to cover himself in a shell of anger to keep anyone from finding him anywhere attractive.

Corentin on the surface was nothing but heartlessness. But try to scratch off his surface and there’s only more surface underneath. It made things easier if he never formed attachments to anyone. Especially if they were one of his targets and he had to assassinate them.

They mutually found each other in the lowest points of their lives. And while on their absolutely insane adventure, they internalized that what was happening between them, wasn’t. They are the absolutely slowest of slow burns. And it makes my toes curl with delight. Because the anticipation I think makes it that much more worth it.

They were terrified to make that step. To place their trust in each other to not only survive the entire ordeal, but for Corentin to believe once it was over Taylor would just be off again.

In Bayou, Corentin still struggles with that. He struggles with making peace that Taylor is in it for the long haul. When Taylor says Corentin is his true love, it isn’t lip service. That’s something no one says lightly. Especially not Enchants. But Corentin is terrified that Taylor says that now but when difficulties arise, or if things get serious, or too real. Or Taylor realizes that being with Corentin has it’s own long line of responsibilities, he’s going to bolt.

Corentin never thought he would ever be in love, feel love, and want to do everything in his power to keep it. But for a middle-aged gruff old wolf, can love be real?

Can he let himself accept and believe Happily Ever After can be true?

Find out more about Corentin’s journey to love an acceptance with Taylor and with himself in Bayou Fairy Tale. On sale now!

My question to you! What is your wildest dream? What is the one thing on your bucket list you dream of doing? Nothing to big or small! Me? I once dreamed of being an astronaut! Could happen!

One lucky commenter will snag themselves a $5 USD DSP Gift Certificate!

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