Friendships Old and New with Nic Starr – Giveaway + Post

October 7, 2015

Hi. Nic Starr here. I’m joining you today to talk a little about my upcoming release, More Than a Friend. I wanted to talk a little about the book, and the topic of friends.

I had an interesting discussion this week with an old friend of mine, someone I’ve known since high school. Actually, she’s my one and only good friend from those days. You see I’m one of those people who are happy to socialize but I don’t collect a huge group of friends. I have my best girlfriend from school, my best friend from my first long term job, and a best friend from mother’s group. I am extraordinarily close with my sister who lives only two street away, and I have my ‘new’ best friend. Our social circle includes my husband’s best mates and their families, but it is a relatively small group.

So back to the conversation. My friend and I were talking about quality of friendships versus quantity of friendships (of course quality won), and what we expected out of relationships. The discussion drifted to online friends, and the value of relationships via social media. She was quite surprised to find I communicate MORE OFTEN with people I’ve met online and haven’t even met in ‘real-life’. She was amazed to find that something as simple as a shared love of a reading genre, and passion to support same love, could bring a group of people together in such a personal way.

The conversation reminded me how lucky I am to have good people in all areas of my life. I know people who would drop everything if I asked for help, friends to take me in their arms for big hugs, and friends to have fun with and share special moments. But I also have a great group of online friends who are available all hours of the day and night, to provide laughter or comfort or just help me feel like I’m not alone.

This month, October, feels like a special month for friends.

Firstly, I’ll be spending a week with my ‘new’ bestie. We met online a couple of years ago, through our love of m/m romance, and a lasting friendship has formed. We message and talk on the phone every day, and we’ve spent a few weekends together (she lives on the other side of the country to me), but this trip is the two of us going on a BIG adventure so is extra special. You see, we are travelling from Australia to the USA! Yay!

The trip is for GRL, where I am looking forward to meeting and spending times with readers and authors alike. I’m looking forward to putting faces to names, and maybe sharing a hug or two with the people I only know online. It will be a special time.

Finally, the 7th October sees the release of More Than a Friend. This is a friends-to-lovers story. If you’ve read More Than a Superstar, you would have sensed the tension between Tim and Scott. In More Than a Friend, I was able to give these guys their happy ever after. Of course, they need to overcome a number of obstacles once they admit their attraction to one another, including the fact that Tim is best friends with Scott’s brother, so an interesting look at the family/friend dynamic.☺

I’m leaving in a week for San Diego. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet many of you while I’m there.

How about I leave you with a giveaway?


If you’d like to win an eBook copy of one of my backlist titles, leave a comment on this blog post. All you need to do is share a story about where you met your best friend. Good luck. ☺

Have a great day!

Nic xx

And for those of you interested, here are the details of my latest release.

More Than a Friend – The Blurb

Tim Walker is a free man. He’s broken up with his girlfriend and is ready to move on to a new relationship. But the relationship he wants to pursue is fraught with challenges. Firstly, Scott Richardson is a man, and only Tim’s closest friends know Tim’s bisexual. Secondly, everyone knows Scott relishes the single life. And then there’s the big one: Scott is the younger brother of Tim’s best friend, Paul.

Scott can’t deny an attraction to his brother’s friend Tim. Lean, dark-blond, and blue-eyed, Tim is hot and hard not to notice—especially since Scott and Tim work together. Too bad the man is straight, and too bad Scott worries how Paul will react if Scott hooks up with his best friend.

Tim and Scott want to see if there’s a chance for more than friendship between them, but neither of them wants to lose Paul. Together, they must find the courage to follow their hearts and find a way to have it all.

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Nic Starr lives in Australia where she tries to squeeze as much into her busy life as possible. Balancing the demands of a corporate career with raising a family and writing can be challenging but she wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Always a reader, the lure of m/m romance was strong and she devoured hundreds of wonderful m/m romance books before eventually realising she had some stories of her own that needed to be told!

When not writing or reading, she loves to spend time with her family—an understanding husband and two beautiful daughters—and is often found indulging in her love of cooking and planning her dream home in the country.

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19 Responses to “Friendships Old and New with Nic Starr – Giveaway + Post”

  1. Sara says:

    Congratulations to your newest release! And thanks for sharing your experience of making friends. I don’t have a lot of friends, but when I got seriously ill a couple of years ago I realized I have more friends than I though and what truly wonderful people they are.

    Your post made me think about how people make friends, especially as adults, and I came to realize that I have made two new friends due to my commute to work (one of them no longer commutes). I’ve been taking the train for many years and at two separate occasions I have ended up talking to people at the railway platform (train traffic here usually means a lot of waiting since more often than not the trains are delayed for some reason or other).One conversation has turned into another, and another, and then we both realized that yes, we did indeed have children in the same class, and yes, they were indeed new good friends. We still talk while waiting for the train, but we see each other at other times and places as well.

    I guess there are many more ways to start a friendship than you first think when considering the subject.

  2. Susan says:

    My current best friend is someone I did not like on first introduction. I initially judged her negatively for her appearance and gossip I had heard. But we wound up working on a volunteer project together and discovered lots of common interests. She has helped me deal with the death of my mother more than anyone else. I’m so glad she came into my life!

  3. Trix says:

    I met my best friend in line for an a cappella concert on campus during my first year of college. I thought “Who’s that cool girl in the flowered dress?,” and then she said she thought she’d seen me around the dorm. (She lived one floor above me.) We’re still close, though she doesn’t remember this specific meeting anymore…

  4. H.B. says:

    I don’t have a best friend. I guess I just haven’t met someone who I felt got me in my life. My sister is the closest to me and she was born before me so I suppose she could be considered my best friend.

  5. Nic Starr says:

    It can take a crisis to realise who our true friends are, Sara. I’m so glad you had friends to take care of you during such a tough time as your illness. <3

  6. Nic Starr says:

    Sounds like you hit the jackpot with your friend, Susan. I’m sorry about your mother but so glad you had someone to help you through the experience.

  7. Nic Starr says:

    She must have been memorable, Trix. :)

  8. Nic Starr says:

    H.B. My sister and I are extremely close. She lives around the corner, and we see each other a couple of times a week. If your sister is anything like mine, you are truly blessed. <3

  9. Meg Bawden says:

    Have fun at GRL! and Congrats on More Than a Friend :D

    Funnily enough, I met my best friend through my mum. Mum helps people find jobs and my best friend walked into her workplace, looking for a job. But because she wasn’t on centrelink, Mum couldn’t help her. Anyway, she was telling Mum how she was into writing and Mum told her I was too, that I went to a writing club. She gave my now best friend my number and Alex rang me the next day. We went out to the movies and we’ve been close ever since. Honestly, we argue like sisters and we went through one bad argument that left us not talking to each other for months. But after a breakup with a boyfriend, she messaged me, needing to talk to someone. I called her immediately, even though we hadn’t talked for months.

    She’s moved to the other side of the country now though and I feel like a piece of me is missing. We skype, but it’s not the same as hugging her and sitting at a table for hours while we talked about everything in our life.

  10. DM says:

    I am like H.B., I don’t have a best friend either. I have always been shy and introverted and basically like the person who sits in the corner and is ignored.

    However, I had a big happening in my life last year, and I had a FB friend who helped me through it, and we message each other every single day and both of us feel weird if we don’t chat at some stage during the day (Time difference is a bitch! lol). What may be strange about my FB friend, is that it is a he, but perhaps as it is chatting online, I can and have told him my deepest secrets – things I have never told my family

    I am now also not currently working, so I do wish that I had someone that I could call and talk to, have coffee with – just silly little things. The only good thing is that I have more time to do book reviews now!

  11. Nic Starr says:

    Mums are the best, aren’t they, Meg? Hopefully one day you’ll be able to travel to see your friend more often. Shame our cross-country airfares are so hideously expensive!

  12. Nic Starr says:

    I’m glad you found someone to chat with DM. I do the same with my bestie across the country. We message all the time and it feels strange if a day goes by without pinging each other.

  13. Liz says:

    Your post on Facebook got me thinking about friendship and, that at the moment, I have very few ‘physical’ people in my life that I’d call a true friend. Acquaintances, yup, a penny a pound, they’re that cheap and plentiful. People who are only there for what you can give them.

    It used to be that I made friends through my kids, prior to that, through my own work place which was actually secondary to my husband’s workplace. He was in the military so I went where ever he was posted so this uprooted me quite a few times and left me with no friends for a while.

    But, your comment about on-line friends struck a real cord with me. Once computers became an every day part of our lives, (yes, I am that old… ..*sigh*…) I found some of the friendships I made on-line the longest lasting; where ever I was, so were they. In fact I met one of these the other day for the first time after meeting her in a Yahoo group for scrapbookers 15 odd years ago.

    Living now in an isolated lil’ group of expats on an island off Malaysia, my online friends are the world to me. Literally and figuratively. I have reconnected with a cousin I last met in 1984 and I have a better relationship with her than I do with most of my sisters. (Long long story there) I have friends from all over the world on Facebook from friend requests made by guests who booked to stay with me through AirBnB. I have friends I have met through my love of books and also, like Nic, through a genre and the desire for equality for everyone in love….oh, and the love for a football team…(YE-E-E-E-ESSSSsssss, they WON!!!)

    What I do find sad is the lack of understanding that some people have regarding the quality of the friends I have online. These people are so very real, and so very important, to me. I laugh and enjoy anecdotal stories; they share their lives with me, as I share mine and,for the most part this is all positive. Conversely, when it isn’t positive, we know it is real, real pain which needs sensitive comments and a virtual shoulder. (This is what got me through the night I lost Trixie 2 years ago.)

    I have friends all over the world, in different time zones, of different ages and the gap is sometimes vast and one of the best of all these, is Ryan. He is a gay friend of my daughters and he lives in Texas. I met him online through my daughter’s timeline when she came back to Australia at the end of Year 13 in an American high-school. This was in 2002/3. Ryan is the person who makes me snort coffee through my nose before I’m fully awake on a morning. (Yup, that wakes me up) He is the guy to whom I post clown and spider stories or memes and he then threatens me with retaliation. He really is one of the most amazing friends I’ve ever had.

  14. Lisa Harris says:

    I have friends from all over the world online, and one close friend in real life by the name of Cheryl who unfortunately lives several hours drive away. We’ve known one another since we were babies (our mums were besties) and have experienced quite a few firsts together. Concerts, pub bands, meeting my first boyfriend, and even skinny dipping for the first time – were all thanks to Cheryl. We went through our teen years together, and I will never forget her friendship. We don’t see much of one another nowadays, but when we catch up, it’s like a day hasn’t gone by since we’ve spoken.

  15. Nic Starr says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Liz. And yes, I’m ignoring your comment about the Cowboys ;)

  16. Nic Starr says:

    LOL, Lisa. I wish I’d been a fly on the wall when you and Cheryl experienced all those firsts :)

  17. Jen CW says:

    I met my best friend in college. She was two years ahead of me. Her friends were all going to graduate in a few months, but she was staying for another year to get a double major. She started talking to me and we decided to take a spring break trip to South Dakota. The week long drive and sightseeing cemented our friendship when it could have been a disaster (we really didn’t know each other that well beforehand). We are going on 20 years of friendship at this point.

  18. Corey Clancy says:

    I met my best friend when we were little girls, playing in the streets and yards of our neighborhood. We lost contact from the ages of 7 until 16 and then we were almost inseparable. She is my shoulder to lean on. Our daughters were born only a month apart. She has always been there for me and I for her. We now live hundreds of miles away from eachother but will drop anything to just talk.

  19. Laetitia Bianchi says:

    Hello! I’m french then sorry for syntax errors… :(
    I met my bf when we where babies. In our neighborhood, mothers helped eachother to baby-sit the children, bring them to the school… Coralie (my bf’s name) was the only one who, like me, went to the swimmingpool after school. We were always competing about who was the best. But when her father built a swimming pool in his garden, She invited me to train there. And their house became my second home. I past mostly of my time with her, she was the sister i never had. The adolescence was almost finish of our friendship but we left to find itself better. She seems to be a constant in my life, 22 years of friendship… It’s so good to be sure in our heart that this person, will never never let you down.

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