Bowerbirds (Nested Hearts: Book Two) by Ada Maria Soto – Release Party!

August 26, 2015

Hello, Ada Maria Soto here ready to chat with all of you wonderful people. My latest novel, Bowerbirds, was released today. It’s the sequel to Empty Nests and follows the continuing romance of Gabriel Juarez and James Maron.

Here’s the official Blurb

Two very different men have a chance at happiness, but only if they can let go of their painful pasts and allow love to take precedence.

BowerbirdsFSAfter spending his teens and twenties raising his son, James Maron is now dating Gabriel Juarez, the wealthy and sophisticated CFO of the TechPrim technology empire. But after a life of proudly holding his head above the poverty line with the ethos of work, priorities, responsibility, and thrift, he is not looking for a Sugar Daddy, he does not need to be rescued, and Gabe’s wealth is as terrifying as feeling love for the first time.

Gabe has never been good at balancing his high-pressure job with his relationships. Money usually clears most of the bumps, and when a boyfriend walks away, Gabe figures it’s for a good reason. But James isn’t like other boyfriends. He doesn’t want Gabe’s money for one, and if Gabe wants to keep his relationship together, he will have to finally face the ghosts of his own past and reconsider his priorities.



Preparing for this and the Empty Nests release one of the standard questions I got asked by various blogs is “Where did the idea for this book come from?”.

The simple and honest answer to this is I have not the slightest idea. Seriously, no clue. I know I started writing ln late 2010. I tried to use NaNoWriMo to finish it. I sent it to a friend to look over in 2011. She was not entirely kind about parts of it but always accurate. I got a bit depressed about it and put it aside getting distracted by other writing projects. I got pregnant in 2012 and had the worst case of baby brain ever. I could barely write and got exceedingly emotional about criticism. If someone corrected my spelling I broke into tears. It was embarrassing since I was determined to be one of those women who carried on with their job as if nothing was different until go time. Then there was post baby, no sleep brain melt and I didn’t come back to Empty Nests until 2014.

Somewhere in all that the genesis of this story was forgotten. I do remember one of the first things I wrote was James ranting at Dave about parenting. This is funny because in 2010 I was still swearing up, down, and sideways that I would never have kids. I think the second thing I wrote was James and Gabe having bathtub sex. Two completely different scenes on opposite ends of the book. It was only after that that I wrote out a rough outline of the plot, but again I don’t remember how or why.

In truth this blank is quite frustrating. There was something creative going on in my head at that moment, also something epic since these two books put together is the longest thing I’ve ever written. There must have been a spark or trigger that I would love to get back but it feels like it has vanished into the mist. It’s like I ‘put it somewhere safe’ and can’t for the life of me remember where.

Does anyone else do that? Put things ‘Somewhere Safe’ where you’re sure you’ll remember it, only to find it years later long after it’s been replaced?

Tell us about it and you’ll be in to win a free copy of Bowerbirds. I’ll give each comment a number then roll my dice tomorrow.

13 Responses to “Bowerbirds (Nested Hearts: Book Two) by Ada Maria Soto – Release Party!”

  1. Waxapplelover says:

    I’ve done he same with various endeavors, like trying to learn how to knit or learning Korean. :) Congrats on the release!

  2. adamariasoto says:

    Thank you. I haven’t tried to learn Korean but my knitting is still hobbling along.

  3. Amanda says:

    Yes! I absolutely have done that. Although the story isn’t terribly exciting.. Haha. I had broken a necklace I had worn since I was a child, and intending to get it fixed put it in a “safe” place. That safe being a tiny box that somehow got put in a filing cabinet in the garage. Weeks later when I couldn’t find it I was convinced that my husband had thrown it out.. Oops.Fast forward 5 years and we decided to donate the cabinet. As we were emptying the paperwork out pops the box I was SURE my husband had thrown away. Many apologies later and I once again had my necklace.

  4. adamariasoto says:

    Glad you found it. Things do always end up in the weirdest places. My parents once found missing car keys in the freezer.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I admit I haven’t read the first book yet. I am confused from the excerpt though. Who is Dylan?

  6. adamariasoto says:

    Dylan is James’ teenaged son. I like to think he’s pretty cool as far as teenagers go.

  7. susana says:

    Congratulations on the new release, Ada! As for putting things in a safe place and completely forgetting where as sooon as I need them, I do it all the time. One of the clearest examples are my sunglasses. Every Autum I carefully tuck them somewhere “safe”, so especial I will remember for sure… By next spring, I remember having put them in an especial place, but never where they actually are. It is so exasperating. Besides, it is normally when I’ve already bought a new pair when I suddenly find the old ones, hidden somewhere… ;)

  8. adamariasoto says:

    I’m like that with tweezers. When we moved I found about ten pairs in the bathroom but I swear I could never find any when I needed one.

  9. Laura says:

    When my mother was young, my grandmother hid a book from her because it was supposed to be a gift. Fast forward almost forty years and we still haven’t been able to find it. Must be somewhere really safe.

  10. H.B. says:

    I do that all the time I think I say “do you know where I put —? Or did you see my –?” everyday at least once.

  11. H.B. says:

    Woah, I kind of think Waxapplelover’s prompt is a bit extreme, lol, but it has its appeal at the same time.

    I was thinking more a long the line of things switching up for the two. With James coming into money via a inheritance or even lottery winning and Gabe having trouble at work via the form of a a crush or business issue.

  12. adamariasoto says:

    Every Christmas in our house at least one gift gets lost that way.

  13. adamariasoto says:

    Me to. I can never seem to find my shoes.

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