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August 20, 2015


Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Aloha everyone! Lex Chase here, and today we’re talking about Dream Boats this month. Now, now. I know what you’re saying. DSP is all about the sexy, dreamy men. You know, those dream boats.

Credit: Hommes Magazine

Credit: Hommes Magazine

♥♥♥ ~Le siiiiiigghhhh~ ♥♥♥

Not those dream boats. But these dream boats.

Credit: Lex Chase

Credit: Lex Chase

That’s a big boat….

My parents are avid cruisers. And the Carnival Sunshine was one of their recent voyages. They’ve sailed around the Bahamas and the Yucatan Peninsula a few dozen times now, and always come back with stories of the sights, the entertainment, and the food. Always the food. Always.

Dad was pretty pumped about the Sunshine because it had a Guy Fieri burger joint. He’s a bit of a Fieri fanboy.

For those of you that have never been on a cruise before, the common opinion is you are out in the ocean in a confined space, and it’s either going to be terrifying (and turn into a floating petri dish), or boring as all get out.

I’m here to tell you it isn’t. While you’re out in the big blue (where there are things in the water that can eat you) they keep the activities pretty jam-packed. Broadway shows, games, gambling, shopping, shopping, all the shopping ever. And it’s Duty-Free. So go on, get yourself that two liter bottle of Patron.

But let’s not forget the ports of call!

Credit: Lex Chase

  My Dad’s faaavorite channel.

You do have a TV and satellite cable, so you can find all of your favorite shows from the Good Ol’ US of A. But my Dad is addicted to this one. It’s a live update of where you are in the great big ocean (where there are things in the water that can eat you) and where you’re headed. He loves this channel so much he even takes pictures of it. I know. I know. Ours is not to ask why.

Credit: Lex Chase

Credit: Lex Chase

BUT GASP! I told you there are things in the water that can eat you!

This is worse than my feels that time Steve and Bucky in that Meet The Family AU in Victorian London!*

Credit: Tumblr

 (*Steve/Bucky Victorian London Meet The Family AU is not a thing. But someone write it plz.)

No, no. I promise my parents didn’t die in a crazy Carnival shipwreck. Who else would I watch Netflix with? None the less, after much insisting whatever you do don’t get off the boat in Honduras. Just don’t. At the time Honduras was having some…issues. Well…

Credit: Lex Chase

….They got off the boat in Honduras. Dammit. Okay.

But you know, for all of the potential calamity excitement of the sights, food, and endless entertainment. Sometimes it’s good too kick back and relax.

Credit: Lex Chase

Because where else can you catch sunsets like this…

Credit: Lex Chase

In the middle of the ocean where there are things in the water that can eat you.

And now all of you landlubbers and fearless travelers, how about a giveaway!

If you’ve never been on a cruise, tell me what destination you’d like to see some day.

If you have been on a cruise tell me about your favorite destination.

One lucky super awesome winner will score themselves a $10 DSP Gift Certificate!

Don’t forget about next month guys, join me as we talk about Dream Jobs!

9 Responses to “Dream Cruising with Lex Chase”

  1. Trix says:

    Boats make me nervous (seasickness! Norovirus!), but one of those trips up and down the Rhine would be cool. I’d love to visit the Canadian Maritimes, too…

  2. Lex Chase says:

    LOL! I actually went on a cruise with my family, and OMG I got soooo sea sick. Thankfully, once I got it, it passed and I was just fine. Like oddly just fine and didn’t even feel it anymore. They also screen you beforehand if you’ve been sick in the last ten days before you board. My Mom basically sneaked on as she was just getting over a sinus infection. Which she gave to my Dad. THANKS MOM.

  3. Susan says:

    I’ve cruised twice, once to the Bahamas and once to Cozumel. First time I got seasickness so bad I wanted to die, so it was pretty much a wasted trip. Second time I had a room with a window and no seasickness. So it wasn’t so much the sea as violent claustrophobia!

  4. Sara says:

    All the pictures look just lovely, and I wish at some far-fetched level that I would want to go on a cruise, but nothing in the world could make me go on a cruise ship. I am afraid of water, and the mere thought of drowning, trapped on a ship just … simply … no, no, absolutely no. I’ll get on a plane instead (at least if you go down, you will go down hard and fast, still I don’t like to fly across water either, but logically I know hitting water wouldn’t be much different than hitting land, at east not impact wise).

  5. H.B. says:

    I’ve never been on a cruise before and I’m not sure if there’s any that travel to a bunch of different places but if there is one I’ll like to be on it. I haven’t left the country or even travel really traveled much in the U.S. so it’ll be fun if I could just jump on a ship and visit a bunch of destinations.

  6. Lex Chase says:

    @Susan OMG. I am with you on the seasickness. I get motion sick just on roller coasters alone! I’ve been to Cozumel once. It’s a lovely place. Definitely different. One of my fave things to do is try the local treats. Also Starbucks flavors in different countries are always fun!

  7. Lex Chase says:

    @Sara A good friend of mine is also terrified of water. Like so bad even bathtubs creep her out a bit. One of my favorite films is Master and Commander or as I like to call it Gladiator On A Boat. It’s about the Age of Sail during the Neapolitan Wars, and let me tell you…oh yeah. That will make you terrified of water for life. D:

  8. Lex Chase says:

    @HB One day I’d like to do a European cruise. Sailing the Rhine, so romantic and awesome. One day I’ll win the lottery and we can all go together! <3

  9. Rose says:

    I hope I’m not too late…

    My first choice would be Norwegian coast. I’d love to see the fjords and Northern Lights on the north of the country. From what I’ve seen on the pictures it’s beautiful.

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