Jana Denardo: The Inner Workings of a Demon Hunting Team

August 16, 2015

Probably the best way to get to know the boys is to let them tell you what it’s like to be part of a Soldiers of the Sun team, especially one waiting to be assigned a new member so I’ll let them take it away.

Caleb – I’m the leader of the group and it’s something I take seriously out there. I expect all the members to be their best but ultimately I’m the one who has to make the toughest choices. It’s good though because I can trust Agni and Temple to do what they do best. They have never disappointed me.

Agni – Good to know. Sometimes the hardest part is remembering a team only works when we work together. I don’t have the ego that says I can’t take orders. I’ve seen teams like that and they are usually quick to lose a member. I worried a little about that when I first met Temple since he’s so loud and always in motion. I worried about nothing. The hardest part of dealing with Temple is getting him to exercise. He’d rather just depend on his big gun to get him out of trouble.

Temple –You’re such a wet smack, Agni. It is tough working in a team sometimes because your teammates pick on you until you think about feeding them to the demons.

Caleb – Temple, Agni, must you?

Temple – Of course we must. To be fair, the teasing isn’t out there in the field. I know I can trust them. My biggest fear there is accidentally plugging my partners. That chopper of mine puts out so many bullets, it’s a real danger. And I’m really worried about our new partner. We know nothing about him.

Caleb – General Taglioferro hasn’t even told me yet what to expect. I think our new partner will be another long range fighter like Temple as Agni and I do better close up. It always helps to have a balance in styles.

Temple – I’m also worried about the new partner finding out about us pitching woo. That could kill the team instantly.

Agni – Always so positive but you make a good point.

Caleb – We’re careful. I don’t think we have much to worry about there. Temple might just have to put the kibosh on his flirting for a while.

Temple – With you two, yes of course. But does that mean I can’t flirt with the muffins?

Agni – Could we stop you?

Temple – Absolutely not!

Caleb – We knew that.


Jana: With that, I’ll leave these three to get back to work. Let’s do the novel giveaway now to top off the night. We all have our favorite character tropes and group dynamics. Temple allowed me to combine characters of two like working with, the sarcastic wit and someone trying to cope with a rough childhood. I also love working with diverse groups which is what I could do with this team. So what are your favorite sorts of characters? I’ll leave the giveaway open til morning. And sorry for not sharing pictures of them. Half way through the pictures stopped showing even though they were fine earlier even if I had to use more than one method. Ah technology.

Thanks for being here with me tonight!

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6 Responses to “Jana Denardo: The Inner Workings of a Demon Hunting Team”

  1. Reb Kreyling says:

    I love characters that are strong and sarcastic. I enjoy characters that speak for themselves and fight for what they believe in. Characters that have a belief in what they are doing and what they are fighting for, I am willing to cheer for; as long as they are on the “right” side. I also like the underdogs who fight their way up. The characters who claw and fight their way from the bottom and show they’re better. Or who stand by their friends, family, and lovers are the ones I root for.

    These characters look like just the kind I love.

  2. Jana_Denardo says:

    Thanks for dropping by. From your description of the kinds of characters you love, you and I are on the same page. Yes, I think you would enjoy these guys.

  3. Reb, these characters are amazing. And I love how you intro’ed them, Jana,

    I like characters that come across as real people. I am so tired of the deeply flawed or eccentric police detective trope – which is one of t
    he reasons that I love Midsomer Murders so danged much. And yes, I really love the characters of Sam and Dean in Supernatural, which is why I continued watching past season 5. Ummm, in books? P. N. Elrod’s The Vampire Files series always gets me to reread them. I loved the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Mysteries, until True Blood kinda killed it for me. And I truly enjoy the characters that you write, Jana.

  4. Trix says:

    I tend to like the unassuming guys who surprise everybody in the end!

  5. Jana_Denardo says:

    Thanks Laurel! You know how I feel about Midsomer Murders and I’ve loved P.N.Elrod’s stuff for years! I’m so glad to hear that.

    And thanks Trix, that is definitely an interesting sort of character to read about.

  6. Jana_Denardo says:

    Reb, congrats you won Soldiers of the Sun. You can contact me at https://www.facebook.com/jana.denardo or janadenardoat yahoo.com

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