Jana Denardo: Soldiers of the Sun: Let’s have a little music.

August 16, 2015

I’m very much a listen to music type of writer. I love having a sound track to write to. Part of the inspiration for this story had to be the swing band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I listened to a lot of their songs as I worked on both Snowbound and Soldiers of the Sun. As I researched music from the actual time period the series is set in, I found some pretty surprising offerings. For example, one of the songs Temple takes a stab at in the novel is far older than I expected. Who knew Just a Gigolo was originally sung by Bing Crosby?



Not only did I find a plenty of really interesting music, I also came across electro-swing. It seems the swing revival of the 90s morphed into something that has a lot of high energy music. There is even a revival of a Charleston-like dance.


That fact led to Temple’s enjoyment of dance, seen in Snowbound and getting more depth in Soldiers of the Sun. Temple is the dancer of the group. He absolutely loves it. He’s tried to teach Agni and Caleb how to dance but they are a couple of dead hoofers. Temple is hoping his new partner can cut a rug.

Music is threaded through the story. There are a few dances, some of which even allow for some relaxation and fun time for the team. Others have demons.

What’s your current ear worm? Have a good song to share? It doesn’t have to be of the 1930s era. I’m always on the look out for something good to listen to, so share!

4 Responses to “Jana Denardo: Soldiers of the Sun: Let’s have a little music.”

  1. Shazza says:

    Oddly enough, Cotton-Eye Joe has been running through my head lately, as well as that new song that reminds me of it:

  2. Jana_Denardo says:

    I know that song. Love it actually though was puzzled why they were using Cotton-Eye Joe

  3. The Delta Rae station on Pandora is high on my listening list right now. I’ve also created a couple of playlists from the music in Supernatural – you’ll have to ask Katie how she likes them when we get back from Zoni’s wedding. ;-)

  4. Jana_Denardo says:

    Have fun at the wedding! I do like Delta Rae

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