Jana Denardo – Soldiers of the Sun Demons!

August 16, 2015

Paul Richmond also did the cover for Soldiers. It’s also pretty amazing. Have a look at one of the battles.



I thought you might like a look at the villain of the piece, so here’s a drawing of him from an actual demonic lexicon. Hint: he’s a prince of hell and he is so much more powerful and dangerous than the lower level demons, Caleb, Agni and Temple are used to fighting. He is not really a looker.





So not only do they have to deal with having a new, untried partner and Temple’s past coming back to haunt him, the trio has to face this guy. He is most definitely not a looker but his ability to grant knowledge and wishes, at a high price that is leaving dead bodies all over Pittsburgh makes up for that.


The trick with this prince is that stopping a devil of this magnitude might be impossible. That leaves the team struggling to do the detective work to figure out who is summoning him and put an end to it before they end up soul-devoured and dead out in the cold.
As I said earlier, the action-adventure aspects of this series are every bit as fun for me to write as the romance, which is a bit atypical to say the least. And he’s just one of the demons that plague Caleb, Agni and Temple. What a way to begin a new year and a new partnership.


For a final picture, unemployment lines like this play a pivotal role in keeping the demon happy.


So what have been your favorite demon stories as villains (or otherwise), in any genre?



7 Responses to “Jana Denardo – Soldiers of the Sun Demons!”

  1. Kate MacArthur says:

    My favorite demons are from the Robert Lynn Asprin comedic Myth Adventures series. I tend to the light-hearted, even in my bad guys.

  2. Karen Dillon says:

    I’m going to answer this question sideways and say that my favorite demon is one I have NOT seen used, at least in Western literature, but always wished someone would write into a story. That’s the Japanese demon called a rokurokubi, a woman whose head comes off and flies around all by itself drinking other people’s blood. An interesting, albeit disturbing, take on the classic European vampire. Imagine poor Temple waking up with a disembodied head hanging over him, getting ready to take a bite!

  3. Jana_Denardo says:

    Kate, I adored Myth Adventures! I still have my copies somewhere. Probably among the stuff I just got back from Grandma’s

    Karen – I have used that demon back in the 90s. I love the idea of it. I couldn’t sell it then. Almost put it in a certain shared world you know well. I should revisit that! Temple would probably freak out. (Though I DID use the head-removing Dullahan in my novel Kept Tears. Aaron was pretty freaked)

  4. Katie, I also love the Myth Adventures demons! And honestly, my favorite demon stories right now involved the first 5 seasons of Supernatural. Sorry, but Azazel and Alastair are so deliciously scary and fun to hate on.

  5. Jana_Denardo says:

    It’s hard to argue that Laurel!

  6. I also have the beginning of a story sitting here in a binder that has demons in it that I’m rather fond of…if I ever finish it. (Yes, I’m referring to the neverending sex scene that you guys still tease me about.)

  7. Jana_Denardo says:

    hahahaha do finish that!

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