Character Interview Cyrus Abrams with Remmy Duchene & BLMorticia

July 17, 2015





Character Interview with Cyrus Abrams


*audience applause*


Michael Mandrake: Hello, good people. Welcome to sitting down with the muses, hosted by Michael Mandrake. I haven’t done a character interview in quite a while and instead of interviewing one of my own, I’m talking with one of my sister, BLMorticia’s saucy characters, the very interesting and blunt, Cyrus Abrams from Wounded Hearts.


*audience applause*


Cyrus Abrams: *strokes beard, waves to the crowd, and removes Stetson*  Thank ya’ll. Man, that was quite an ovation. I feel like a rock star. Hiya there, Michael.


Michael Mandrake: Hello again, Cyrus. So, tell us more about the book you star in.


Cyrus Abrams: Well, it’s called Wounded Hearts. It’s starring me and a hot New York Policeman named Zane Ashford. You could say it’s a romance with some angst, and we butt heads a couple of times, okay well, *laughs* more than a couple, but in the end. I get the best of that fine ass cop. *nods overconfidently and tugs on crotch*


*crowd whistles*


Michael Mandrake: Wow, well, don’t tell us the whole story, Cyrus. We do want to pick up the book. Let’s move on. Tell us more about Cyrus Abrams.


Cyrus Abrams: Well, what can I say, Michael, I’m an old bastard who didn’t want anything to do with relationships. I lost the love of my life years ago and I spent a few years in the slammer. I love country music, especially Conway Twitty and Kenny Rogers, my dog, Woofer, and my horse, Minnie. I run a ranch/farm in Great Falls Montana, graining cereal and selling my best cows and hogs to local butchers. I run an honest business … well, now anyway.


*crowd oohs*


Cyrus Abrams: Like I said, I was all about the five finger shuffle with a side of porn. Then, the city slicker heads my way and things changed. I was only looking to tap that gorgeous ass, and instead, I got a lot more.


*crowd whistles and claps*


Michael Mandrake: *Michael blushes* Well, we can’t wait to see how that turns out. One last question before we do a speed round. If there is any lesson we could learn from this book, what would it be?


Cyrus Abrams: Mike, I’d say to give love a chance ‘cause you never know what joy it’ll bring ya. Hell, who knows if it’ll pass or fail, but dammit, don’t let it pass you by, regardless of how much of an old geezer you are.


*crowd whistles and claps*


Michael Mandrake: That’s a great lesson to learn. Now, how about a short speed round for fun? I’m sorry, your author put me up to this.


Cyrus Abrams: *laughs* Go on ahead. I’m on top of the world right now. *turns to the left and winks*


Michael Mandrake: Ah, the other star is here right now. Zane, don’t be shy, please come out and sit with him. Don’t be shy.


*Zane comes out and waves at the crowd, take the seat right next to Cyrus*


Zane Ashford: Hello there, Michael. *plants kiss on Cyrus’s cheek* I can answer too for fun.


Michael Mandrake: Wonderful. Alright, let’s start. Chocolate or Vanilla.


Cyrus Abrams: Well, hell, chocolate is always the best. *waggles eyebrows*


Zane Ashford:  Good answer….




Michael Mandrake: Why am I not surprised you answered that?


*Cyrus shrugs*


Michael Mandrake: Lights on or off?


Cyrus Abrams: On. I wanna see everything!


*crowd laughs*


Zane Ashford:  *palms forehead* Oi.


Michael Mandrake: Of course you do, Cyrus. Next, glass half empty or half full?


Cyrus Abrams: Well, it’s full now. *Cyrus grins*


Michael Mandrake: *shakes head* Cyrus, that wasn’t the question. How about, generally?


Cyrus Abrams: Alright, Mr. Stuffy. I’ll say half full.


Zane Ashford: *laughs and covers his eyes*


Michael Mandrake: Last two. Leather or lace?


Cyrus Abrams: Who the hell came up with these? I’d say neither ‘cause I may be gay, but I ain’t no fruit cake.


Michael Mandrake: *laughs* No, you aren’t, just answer for the audience.


Cyrus Abrams: I’ll go for leather then, especially if they’re the assless chaps I gave Ash for his birthday.


*crowd laughs*


Zane Ashford:  *puts finger to lips*


Michael Mandrake: Last one, favorite color?


Cyrus Abrams: Anything black, especially for a Stetson. *places it on his head*


Zane Ashford:  One of these days I’m going to get him to wear pink…


Michael Mandrake: Well, this has been very enjoyable. Cyrus, Zane, thanks so much for stopping by my show today. Good luck to the both of you.


Zane Ashford: Thanks, Michael.


Cyrus Abrams; Yes, thanks Mike. And all ya’ll rush out and get Wounded Hearts. It’s hot, angsty, and dammit, it’s fun too. Enjoy!


*crowd applauds*


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