All-American #Dreamer with Lex Chase

July 16, 2015

Hello Internet! It’s time to play ball as we celebrate this month’s #Dreamer Theme the American Dream!

Today, I’m joined by the red-blooded all American Dream Boy, aisa King Sevon Maraté. It’ll be our secret the gender-fluid king totally shirked his monarch duties to “research human culture” at a baseball game.

Of course, one must have appropriate human attire! Wearing elaborate gowns look terribly out of place.

With careful consideration (and prodding by this fan), Sevon elected to wear Red Sox attire in homage to a god called “The Bambino.” Come on now. Of course Babe Ruth is a god!

Sevon "blends" in.

Well… he kind of blends in right? Sevon, this is not a runway. You’re trying to be an ordinary guy at a baseball game. You’re just… um…way prettier than all the other guys. As much as I tried, Sevon couldn’t grasp the difference between being a “proper gentleman” and being a “dude-bro.”

Humans are delightful!

He’s clearly winning hearts and minds. Doesn’t look out of place at all.


Play ball! Sevon wondered if it was some kind of war game. Perhaps a spectacle? Does this Babe Ruth god require ritual sacrifice by beating in the skulls of his enemies with a bat?

You can see it’s going to be a very long day. *sigh*

Sevon's Friends

Sevon sought council with the players to further educate himself on the concept of “baseball.” They were more than willing to chat. More than willing, if you know what I mean. Sevon might have found himself a new suitor. Or three.

He does have that affect on gentlemen overcome by his beauty!

As the night wore on, and Sevon was certain no one was getting sacrificed to this Babe Ruth, he decided baseball was delightful! All aisa must learn how to play! Sevon will be ready and waiting in the outfield for the first pitch.


Thank you for joining Sevon and I on this little field trip. On behalf of the human hospitality, he’s offering a token of appreciation.

Sevon wants to know what is your favorite summer past time? Tell him all about it! The most educating comment will win a $10 USD Dreamspinner Gift Certificate!

Till then, follow Sevon’s journey in Chasing Sunrise as he struggles to break free from lies and betrayal to rise through the chaos of war.

Chasing Sunrise by Lex Chase

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Join me next month as we’re going on a cruise. Bon voyage!

Special Thanks to the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Pensacola Maritime Park.

Photography and Styling: Lex Chase | Sevon Cosplay: Mae Wynn Talley

8 Responses to “All-American #Dreamer with Lex Chase”

  1. H.B. says:

    Thanks for the interesting post and pictures. I don’t really have a favorite summer past time. I don’t do anything special I couldn’t do in the other seasons. I mean I won’t say no to some outdoor bbq but that doesn’t happen very often since it takes a lot of work to setup.

  2. Trix says:

    I usually go to a lot of concerts, but I haven’t so far this summer. Day trips will do in a pinch!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Summertime for me is for swimming and get-togethers with family and friends. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a summer baseball game in my life, so Sevon is definitely one up on me! (And if we get him into some swim attire, I think even with my polka dot swimsuit, he’ll be up on me there, too!)

  4. Sara says:

    Each year before summer vacation starts I think about all the reading I’m going to do, imagining myself in a chair in the shadow in the garden – but it never works out that way. Summer is when I have the least time for reading.

    Instead I spend it travelling – this year I went to Iceland, which was very interesting – and together with my husband we’re doing some easier work on the house, like new wall paper, new paint, fixing the worn window frames. And if there’s time left we spend it catching up on friends and relatives. So I guess my summer past time is catching up; catching up on work that needs to be done, people I haven’t had the time to see and/or talk to for a long time and places I have never been to but wanted to see for along time.

  5. Lex Chase says:

    @H.B. Thanks! Man I love some good BBQ. I’m very snobby about it. We have a place two hours from me that’s a total shack on the side of the road but is one of the best BBQ places in the country. It’s some good stuff. <3

  6. Lex Chase says:

    @Trix I’ve done a couple concerts this summer. Like Post Modern Jukebox. OMG. But I’ve been doing a CRAPTON of movies. Jurassic World remains a favorite. Caught Ant-Man last night. It was unbelievably amazing. I want Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt to be my BFFs. <3

  7. Lex Chase says:

    @Carolyn Oh man. I love baseball. Red Sox are my bros. My brand new camera caught a foul ball once. You could say it didn’t survive the experience. There was talk of wrangling Sevon into a swimsuit. But he wasn’t so down with it. There was a lot of blinking and “where’s the rest of it? D:” questions. LOL He’s such a dainty thing. <3

  8. Lex Chase says:

    @Sara One of my dreams is to travel outside the US! I’ve been to Mexico on a cruise. But still not enough for the immersion into the culture! I’ve met a few folks from Iceland and they’re very proud of their country. It sounds beautiful there. :D

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