Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby with Sean Kennedy

July 13, 2015



Yeah, yeah.  I said the magic word.


One of the main criticisms levelled at the Tigers books, besides Simon’s unlikeability (which KILLS me, especially as I’ve now admitted my family think I’m him) is that there is very little sex on the page.


I don’t know why that should be a criticism, or why it should be expected that every m/m book must have steamy engorged-cock sex scenes every so often.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it.  My book with Catt Ford, Dash and Dingo, has much of the sexiness that occurs between two men.  Because it seemed suited to that style of story, which was in every way rooted in classic gay pulp tropes and adventure action tropes.


tumblr_nqgvn5tGv01su49fgo1_500.gifBut when I started writing Tigers, I thought Simon – despite wearing his heart on his sleeve – is also a pretty private person.  You just have to watch his interactions with his family.  Of course that improves with each book, but I guess Simon thinks some things are his business, and his business alone.  Okay, he might admit to Declan having a pretty cock in Book #3, but that was more to mortify him than anything else.


So let the curtains rustle in the windows and watch the fade to black occur whenever these boys retreat to the bedroom.  It’s their circus, and their circus alone.

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  1. Allison says:

    I didn’t realize there was nothing on page until I started reading those criticisms. I was baffled and actually went back to read certain scenes over because I thought they must have missed something. I’ll never understand the insistence that there has to be on page sex, the tension of the lead up is often so much more exciting. Especially when it’s done well and you wrote it amazingly well.

    What is appropriate for one story isn’t for every story and trying to cram something in that doesn’t fit ruins the book.

    As for the Simon criticisms? Simon reminds me of many good friends so I was bound to love him.

  2. Melly R says:

    Somethings are better left to the imagination of the readers – I think if readers were after sordid sex stuff then there are other books out there to satisfy… that said, there is sexiness in the way Simon looks at Dec and the way Dec responds to Simon – I think that sexiness is the relationship these two characters have carved out – so courageously, so fully and so wonderfully. Sexiness is watching your partner put a shirt on as much as taking it off -

  3. kennsea says:

    Allison, so true about the tone of a story. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Sometimes it works beautifully. If there had been a lot of spring bound cocks breaking free from denim prisons I think Simon would have been howling with laughter.

  4. kennsea says:

    Melly R, your last sentence. So true, so true. And sometimes sexiness is your partner remembering how you take your coffee and making it for you without asking.

  5. Paul says:

    This is exactly what I love about this series ! In 90% of the M/M books it seems to me like the sex is there to get some more pages to the book … And often it doesn’t even help the story-line at all … I get it when they put one sex scene in a book but 4 , 5 6 ? Really ?
    Dec and Simon and all the other characters are interesting enough on their own , that we don’t need to read about their sex life :)

  6. Denise dechene says:

    Sexy is great in a book if benefits the storyline. Also it has to be in te characters personally. I have also read books with sex every other page and it can get monotonous. I have read some good books with little or no sex page and have enjoyed them immensely.

  7. Paul says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better :) I completely agree

  8. Allison says:


    Thanks! :D


    I can imagine Simon’s face now. *snort*

  9. kennsea says:

    Paul, thanks! That is a fantastic comment. I hope the characters are always interesting enough so that they don’t have to be padded out in other ways.

  10. kennsea says:

    Exactly, Denise! If every book was the same, it would make reading boring!

  11. George says:

    People don’t like Simon? I love him! He is so refreshing to read and I didn’t realise how much I missed him / you until I read the first page of the new book.

    As for sex scenes, I like them and I don’t. When done well they are great but i also like reading about people’s lives, not how they do it in the bedroom. I liked the first bedroom scene in this book too because it was so subtle but spoke of love, not sex, which is what I am looking for in my book :)

  12. Mark says:

    Simon unlikable? I suppose everyone has their own tastes, but I find him charming and hilarious–and a great narrator.

  13. kennsea says:

    Hi, George! So glad to hear you say that! Simon can be melodramatic at times, but his heart is always in the right place even if he can bear a grudge ;)

  14. kennsea says:

    Hi, Mark! It warms the cockles of my cold cold heart to hear people like Simon!

  15. Paul says:

    I love Simon’s clumsiness ! It makes him so real and likable . I had to laugh out loud a couple of times , especially during the reading of Tigerland and now I’m 15% into the 3rd book and I had to laugh already :D it’s so nice to see them grow as individuals and as a couple but they are still the same at the same time :)

  16. Helena Just says:

    I’ve only just come across this thread so I’m late to the party, but just want to join the chorus of people saying (a) Simon is lovely, and (b) we don’t need any more sex on page than there is. To be honest I wouldn’t have been able to say how much sex that was, without checking. So you must do a good job of conveying the important aspects of their relationship and that their sex life is good. As you say, you have to be true to the POV narrator.

  17. Judy says:

    Just downloaded and finished Tigers on the Run. I find the relationship between Simon and Declan really loving, sexy and believable. Thanks Sean you have made my Friday night!

  18. Tamara says:

    What??? Simon is unlikable??? *What you talkin’ bout Willis?*

  19. Tamara says:

    Ok so after I calmed down, because I LOVE Simon and can’t believe someone didn’t like him, and read the blog I must admit that my first comment after reading Tigers and Devils was the fade-to-black scenes and how excellent the book was without the smexy times. Agreed that it suits Simon just fine.

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