Serena Yates: Sexy Book Covers, Favorite Genres, and More!

July 7, 2015

Serena Yates chats with blog readers today!

Tell us how you choose those sexy book covers for your Workplace Encounters series!

They all start with the main character in each book, who initially only exists in my brain. Then I complete a cover spec questionnaire which goes to the Dreamspinner Press art department. And that is where the “magic” starts. Honestly—I can’t take all the credit, simply because L/C. Chase, the brilliant cover artist who has been working with me on this series, must be a mind reader. She takes the questionnaire, comes up with some wonderful alternatives for me to choose from, and most of the time the first model she picks is exactly the man I was looking for. Magic, I tell you!

Baker[The]SM                        ElevatorMechanic[The]SM                          Bricklayer[The]SM                         Carpenter[The]SM                        Chauffeur[The]SM                          ShipEngineer[The]SM                                                                                                                                                         
Your new novella in the Workplace Encounters series, The Baker, features a Scottish baker donning a kilt. What inspired you to write his character?

I’ve been wanting to write another book with a main character in a kilt for quite a while. So I started with “I need a man of Scottish descent” who is also a baker. Ian Wallace “popped” into my head (yes, he was wearing a kilt!) and I started asking him questions. What do you like baking? Where do you live and work? What is your family like? Who is your ideal man? As usual, one thing led to another and “The Baker” was born.

Do you have a favorite couple in your Workplace Encounters series?

I don’t think I do – I like them all. I think Joe and Bill from The Elevator Mechanic will always be special because they were the first… But each new couple is special in their own way. I’d love to hear from readers if they have a favorite and who that might be!

What are five of your favorite gay romance reads and briefly share why.

I don’t think I can narrow it down to only five. I LOVE reading gay romance, and it depends on my mood which type of book I go for. One of my favorites is definitely the sweet contemporary romance, but dark and angsty has its place in my TBR too. I could never write like that, but occasionally I like to read the tortured characters some authors do so well. Then there is BDSM. Another genre I don’t think I will write (but you never know), but I definitely enjoy reading all types of stories involving power exchange. Then there are the shifters, vampires, aliens, magic wielders of all descriptions…The list is endless and it never seems as if I have enough time to read everything I want to.

 What is one thing you waste time on when you should be writing?

This is embarrassing…. I love to play computer games. My biggest weakness (and longest-standing addiction) is Civilization. I am currently exploring Civilization V and don’t think I’ll get bored anytime soon. But I have to admit I love playing Minecraft too – it’s all my thirteen-year-old niece’s fault that one!

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  1. Su says:

    My favourite is The Chauffeur, partly as I missed it the first time around and was waiting for it to be republished. Would love a sequel :)

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